#755 – Otter Loves Halloween by Sam Garton

Otter Loves Halloween lg cover
Otter Loves Halloween!

Written and Illustrated by Sam Garton
Balzer + Bray     7/21/2015
32 pages    Age 4—8

.               .           .            .“Hi! I am Otter.
“Halloween is the best holiday ever! It is also a very bury time for me and Teddy; we have to pick pumpkins, decorate the house, and make scary costumes. With so much to do, it’s a good thing I’m a Halloween expert!” [back cover]

Saying Otter loves Halloween is an understatement. Otter is crazy about Halloween. She counts down the days, and she recruits all of her friends to help with the preparations. Halloween night, Otter dresses as a witch (which I thought was a wizard), and helps Teddy transform into a mummy. Giraffe, well, he disappoints Otter with his not-so-scary costume. Otter decides to help Giraffe increase his scare factor by adding scary teeth to the long-necked animal’s costume. Otter wants everyone to be oh so scary!

Untitled Extract PagesHalloween night arrives. The costumes are scary—on the children. Otter hid under her bed. The Otter Keeper talks to Otter and Pig, who Otter took with her into hiding. He He creatively adjusts Otter and her friends costumes—cardboard box monster masks. Now the children no longer scare Otter . . . or Pig. As Otter opens the door to pass out Halloween treats, she states,

“These trick-or-treaters sounded even scarier than the ones before. But things are much less scary when you can’t really see them,”

Otter Loves Halloween is full of heart and charm. Otter is so excited about Halloween she counts down the months and then the days. All of Otter’s friends are of the stuffed variety and perfectly compliment Otter. The illustrations are terrific with lots of little details to delight this reviewer. I love Otter’s enthusiasm, confidence, and fearless. She wants to be scary and nothing else will do.

Untitled Extract PagesOtter reflects the pre-Halloween attitude and candy-fueled excitement of many young children. But for some children, the costumes they see outside or greet them at the door scare them. The Otter Keeper—a young boy with glasses and green boots—has an interesting solution to keep Otter from the night’s scary creatures. Otter, a good friend, makes similar costumes for her friends. In the end, everyone has a terrific Halloween and no one is scared, no matter how scary the costume. Otter Loves Halloween will be loved by young children.

OTTER LOVES HALLOWEEN. Text and illustrations copyright © 2015 by Sam Garton. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Balzer + Bray, New York, NY.

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