#761 – Goodnight Hockey by Michael Dahl and Christina Forshay

Goodnight Hockey
Goodnight Hockey (Sports Illustrated Kids)
Written by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by Christina E. Forshay
Capstone Young Readers     8/01/2015
32 pages     age 4—8

“From the first puck drop to the final buzzer, Goodnight Hockey will have every hockey fan cheering. Rhyming text and energetic art perfectly capture the excitement and thrill of a hockey game. Goodnight Hockey is the perfect bedtime story for your young sports fan.” [publisher website ]

As the warm summer air turns to cold winter fare, it is near time to think about snow and ice, particularly ice. With ice comes hockey. Skates are polished and sticks are freshly wrapped. This kind of night is a great time for a new bedtime story. Tonight the story is Goodnight Hockey! A young family heads out for a night of hockey and cheering on their favorite team. The arena is cold, but hot chocolate and a blanket keeps everyone warm. The first puck drops and the excitement begins. Back and forth both teams glide, pushing and hitting the puck toward their opponent’s goal. The net light glows red—SCORE! Before the night is over, a net light will glow red four more times. The game ends 3 to 2.


After the game, it is time to say goodnight. The young boy bids goodnight to the ref, the departing fans, the lone player outside, and exiting cars. Once home, it is time to say goodnight once more. The parents tuck in their boy and say good night. He snuggles under the covers, says goodnight to his parents, and again to his team, and then falls asleep anticipating his own hockey dreams.


The Sports Illustrated Kids Goodnight books always have exciting action on the field, in the arena, or on the diamond. Goodnight Hockey is no exception. The rhyming is crisp, fun to read, and infused with hockey-speak. The illustrations add more to the action with images that sometimes, as in the case of a puck, look as if it will fly out of the pages and smack you on your nose. The winning goal hits the net and the victors raise their sticks high. The opposing goalie lies face down on the ice, presumably in utter defeat.


Between the text and the illustrations—check out the end pages for the perfect hockey arena layout—young kids will feel the excitement of the game as if seeing it in person. The goodnights at home are simple yet sweet. There are no complaints or begs to stay up just one more minute, or two, or maybe three? The young boy says his goodnights, including to a team picture on his wall, and then closes his eyes and waits for his dreams to begin. Goodnight Hockey gives parents an ending that is the perfect segue into saying good night to their child. Both boys and girls will love the story, but I bet Goodnight Hockey will find its way into more boy’s hands.

GOODNIGHT HOCKEY (SPORTS ILLUSTRATED KIDS). Text copyright © by Michael Dahl. Illustrations copyright © 2105 by Christina E. Forshay. Reproduced by permission of Capstone Young Reader, North Mankato, MN.

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GOODNIGHT HOCKEY by Michael Dahl. Illustrations © 2015 by Christina Forshay. Used by permission of Capstone Young Readers.


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