#788 – Stay! by Alex Latimer

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Stay! A Top Dog Story
Written & Illustrated by Alex Latimer
Peachtree Publishers     9/01/2015
32 pages     Ages 4—8

“Looking after Ben’s dog, Buster, is no walk in the park—Buster is messy, he is rowdy, he is EXHAUSTING! But Ben loves him more than anything. When Ben goes away he tells Grampa exactly how to look after Buster. But has Ben remembered the most IMPORTANT thing?”  [inside jacket]

I knew Stay! A Top Dog Story would be a winner without even opening the book and I was right. How did I know this? I have yet to see or read anything by Alex Latimer that was not gorgeous and well-written. Stay is a wonderfully funny book. Any kid, no, anyone with a dog, will understand Ben’s hesitation and worry. Ben wants Buster to go on vacation with the family, but mom wants a vacation to get away from Buster. The answer is no. So Buster spends this time with an unsuspecting Grampa.

spread 1 likes and dislikes

Ben writes down everything he can think of that Grampa will need to know. He lists the things Buster likes: belly tickles, peanut butter smeared dog biscuits, and sleeping on dad’s pillow; and the things Buster doesn’t like: thunder, cat farts, and sad movies. But Ben keeps thinking of more and more he needs to tell Grampa. By the time vacation rolls around, Ben has written a stack of notes for Grampa. But,

“I feel like I’ve forgotten something important,” Ben said.
“Well, you can always send it to me on a postcard,” replied Grampa.

Ben does forget a few things, like why Buster might bark at night, where he gets drinks of water, and what Buster might be dreaming, but Ben still thinks he is forgetting something really important. He writes more postcards to Grampa. Then he finally remembers THE most important piece of information. Unfortunately, Grampa doesn’t get this postcard in time. After what happens, Grampa decides Buster needs  a dog bark collar and some proper training.

In every story the main character must change. Latimer makes sure Buster’s training helps, but there is always a twist. Latimer’s twists have never failed to gain a laugh. Stay! A Top Dog Story will cause loads of knowing smiles and a big laugh at the end, as a good, humorous picture book should. Smartly written, beautifully illustrated, Stay! A Top Dog Story is a wonderful new addition to Latimer’s growing list of winning picture books. Stay! A Top Dog Story is the perfect book for any dog lover.

STAY! A TOP DOG STORY. Text and illustrations copyright © 2015 by Alex Latimer. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Peachtree Publishers, Atlanta, GA.

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STAY! A TOP DOG STORY. Text and illustrations copyright © 2015 by Alex Latimer. Used by permission of Peachtree Publishers.

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