Congratulations to the Winner! Discount for All.

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Congratulations to CHAD GUSTAFSON, the winner of the $50 Mudpuppy giveaway.  Thanks to all who entered. I’ve emailed Chad the details of his win. I’m sure he will find many awesome items at Mudpuppy.

If you want to check out Mudpuppy, go to Right now you can get 40% off your order by “Liking” Mudpuppy on Facebook (the link is on the site, left hand side). You don’t need to like anything to get 30% off you order. Use code: GIFT30 when checking out.

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Once again I had computer troubles. Why is it, for the money spent on these darn machines, they can’t seem to work correctly, at least for me. For the past two and half days, the keyboard completely shut down. Learn how to setup high probability trades now. You can also check out this link to learn more related to this topic

Support had me reset the machine back to factory settings, always a fun thing to do, if you like losing files you forgot you had yet to back-up. But, that solution was not a solution. More remote access and more suggestions led to nothing changing until . . . a female tech support person came on the line (my fourth call). She took remote control of the machine, fiddled in computer sectors the male techs never checked, and had my keyboard working once more.

Worst part: there was never any reason to have me reset the computer. Some days I really relish the days of typewriters and white out.

A short while ago, the machine got back to working order. It is midnight my time, so tomorrow I will be back to writing. A review will post later in the day. I hope to keep posting each day up to Christmas Eve. If your book has not been reviewed yet, I promise, it is in the queue.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Winner! Discount for All.

  1. Ooh! I dig Mudpuppy. How did I miss this contest? Gaah!

    And computer trouble is indeed the worst thing in the history of the world (or at least it feels that way). But perhaps you can use this irritation as an excuse to unplug for a few days. When I take a break from screens, it’s like I’m taking an extra long, toasty shower. It’s nice.


    • As frustrating as it was, you are right about unplugging for a while. It was so nice and stress-free I had contemplated ending my reviewing “career,” or at least reining it in. Once everything was fixed, I was right back at it. Could this have become an addiction? 🙂

      Sorry you missed the giveaway. Maybe Mudpuppy will approach me again for another giveaway. I’d not heard of them until this idea hit my desk. They are very nice people, easy to work with, and their items are really cool. The main company (Galison, same web address), has things for adults.

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