#795 – The Reindeer Dance by Christianne C. Jones & Emma Randall

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The Reindeer Dance
Series: Holiday Jingles
Written by Christianne C. Jones
Illustrated by Emma Randall
Picture Window Books     8/01/2015
20 pages     Ages 0—3

“Move like Santa’s reindeer,
Hop in a graceful prance.
Then twirl and spin and shake
To do the reindeer dance!”
[back cover]

“Move those hooves and dance and prance like a reindeer in this interactive holiday board book. Fresh art and rhyming text will inspire both children and adults to get up and move during the cold winter days!” [publisher]


The Holiday Spirit; if Santa’s reindeer do not have it, it cannot be Christmas time. But fear not, the reindeer are overflowing with North Pole jingles and Holiday Spirit. Want proof? Take a look at their board book, new this year, titled The Reindeer Dance.


Santa’s reindeer are ready to dance with you. To get started, simply “shake your body all around.” Now follow the reindeer, copying his hoof-prints. Lift your feet and gracefully prance. Do the twist, give a bend, and then stretch to your maximum height. That is the warm-up, now you are ready to begin?

“Shake your caboose.” Clap your gloved hands three times. “Clap! Clap! Clap!” Now do the same with your feet, which should be snug inside a warm pair of boots. Ready, “Tap! Tap! Tap!” your foot. Put your hands up and make antlers atop your head. Don’t worry, there is no mention of making your nose red like Rudolph’s, but don’t be surprised either. If you live north of Kentucky, your nose will turn red. It may not glow, but red, definitely.

The Reindeer DanceBack to The Reindeer Dance. Twirl, spin, and shimmy into a hop. Jump up on you left foot and then your right. Jump one last time and try to reach Santa, as he flies by in his sleigh—no wait, you should be in bed. Go to bed. Now. Santa is on his way.

The Reindeer Dance is a cute, very merry Christmas board book . It will have little ones and mom dancing away the days before Christmas. I like getting kids up on their feet, moving around, jumping and twisting, all without a video game controller in their hands. The Reindeer Dance will do just that for you and your little ones, for bigger kids, you can actually get video games for them, as Overwatch, so they can learn this is how you become grandmaster in OW. Grab your favorite stuffed animal pal and teach it the reindeer dance. Pass along the merry-ness.

The illustrations are bright, happy images of a young girl, wrapped in a warm coat and mittens dancing with one of Santa’s reindeer. (He must have this Christmas off. Santa leaves to deliver gifts while the reindeer and the girl are still dancing).

Move those hooves and dance and prance like a reindeer in this interactive holiday board book. Fresh art and rhyming text will inspire both children and adults to get up and move during the cold winter days!

The Reindeer Dance will light up young children. They will love the cartoon-ish illustrations. What young child doesn’t like jumping around and dancing. Now they can dance with one of Santa’s reindeer—their imagination will go to work.

Go ahead, Mom, join in. Shake and shimmy off the inevitable holiday weight gain. Enjoy the time with your child, dancing The Reindeer Dance. (Reindeer not included.)

THE REINDEER DANCE. Text copyright © 2015 by Christianne C. Jones. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Emma Randall. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Picture Window Books, North Mankato, MN.

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THE REINDEER DANCE by Christianne C. Jones. Illustrations © 2015 by Emma Randall. Used by permission of Picture Window Books.

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  1. You do such a wonderful job of reviewing books. Thank you for all the time you put in to posting text, photos, author info, illustrator info and where to buy the book. You set the bar high for other book reviewers, and I like that. 🙂


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