#803 – The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids by Kim & Jon Chamberlin

5 minute brain workout for kidds
The Five-Minute Brain Workout for Kids: 365 Amazing, Fabulous, and Fun Word Puzzles
Written by Kim Chamberlin
Illustrated by Jon Chamberlin
Sky Pony Press 11/17/2015
416 pages Ages 7+


“Get ready to give your brain a full workout each day . . . you’ll find 365 word puzzles and games to keep your mid active and in great shape! Have fun with your family and friends as you learn about acronyms, anagrams, definitions, parts of speech, rhyming words, syllables, word structure, and more with these fun puzzles. With ten levels of puzzles—ranging from easiest to most challenging—and an answer key at the end to check your work, this book is sure to help keep your brain active and will increase your understanding of all kinds of words!” [back cover]

The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids is just the thing to keep kids’ brains happy and alert, while they have fun and learn along the way. This book is word oriented, not math. Kids can start at a young age and progress with the book day-by-day. Middle grade kids might start closer to Level 5 and continue, yet even the lower level puzzles are fun.

Play is the main key to The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids and to learning. Each chapter is more difficult than the last; challenging kids but not frustrating them. As kids progress through the pages—and to levels— their confidence and their language skills will improve. There are bonus puzzles at book’s end.

The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids can be a summer activity, yet the idea is to work on one puzzle per day through the entire year—365 days. This is very doable for kids of any age, even during the school year, as the puzzles are fun not didactic. Puzzles include: word searches, anagrams, mini-Sudoku’s, gridwords, speed words, concentration, compound words, rhyming, acronyms, vowel swaps, and crosswords. The puzzles range from easy to difficult.

The pages are colorful. The images can be part of the puzzles or added illustrations to spice up the page. The colorful images make the page inviting, pulling in kids to check out the puzzle. The Levels give a visible sign of accomplishment. I worked out several puzzles in each Level. They were fun and engaging. If you have more than one school-age child, I suggest getting one book per child, or photocopying the pages each child wants to work out.

I think The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids is perfect for kids who like to work out puzzles; homeschoolers looking for extra, yet fun, resources; and teachers, who can use The 5 Minute Brain Workout as a resource or a reward.

Luminosity (luminosity.com) and the Nintendo DS game “Brain Age” serve the same purpose—to improve cognitive functioning, including memory. The advantage of The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids is the lack of technology. Kids need to take pencil to paper, the old–fashioned way, without distractions and easy tangential Internet journeys. The puzzles will stretch kids’ brains and keep their minds alert and possibly faster.

The brain is one organ that needs used or you’ll lose it. Tell kids to go study and they’ll balk. Hand them The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids, saying you think they’ll enjoy the puzzles, and your child will most likely dig right in. The puzzles are accessible and inviting. Best of all, The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids is 416 pages of puzzle fun.

THE 5 MINUTE BRAIN WORKOUT: 365 AMAZING, FABULOUS, AND FUN WORD PUZZLES. Text copyright © 2015 by AUTHOR. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by ILLUSTRATOR. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Sky Pony Press, New York, NY.

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Example Puzzles are HERE. (downloadable)

Meet the author, Kim Chamberlin, at her website:  http://www.kimchamberlain.com/
Meet the illustrator, Jon Chamberlin, at his website:
Find more books at the Sky Pony Press website:  http://www.skyponypress.com/
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3 thoughts on “#803 – The 5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids by Kim & Jon Chamberlin

  1. I like that there is a book of brain exercises for kids that are fun for the kid and family. I have used the Posit Science Brain program for adults almost 9 years and love it.


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