How to Put Your Parents to Bed Pajama Contest!

I am not reviewing How to Put Your Parents to Bed for a while, but don’t want you to miss the opportunity to WIN PAJAMAS to celebrate this new release from debut children’s author Mylisa Larsen and Babette Cole (HarperCollins, 978-0-06-232064-3).

Open to US, Canada & Great Britain   

how to put your parents to bed

Mylisa Larsen’s tongue-in-cheek bedtime story about a role reversal between parents and a child pairs perfectly with Babette Cole’s hilarious and bright watercolor illustrations.

No one likes going to bed. And you’re not even tired. You want to stay up and have all sorts of fun adventures! But take a look at your parents. They’re really tired. They’re exhausted. But they just won’t go to bed! Help them put down the cell phones, turn off the TV, stop cleaning the dishes, and go to bed! You might be small, but you can handle this task. Follow the instructions in this book and you’ll have them snoring in no time.

Here is the trailer.


  • Leave a comment below and twitter the post using hashtag #PutParents2Bed.
  • Enter again, anywhere you see this video by leaving a comment.
  • Or, share the video, always using hashtag #PutParents2Bed

(Open to US, Canada & Great Britain)

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contest 2





Pajamas from Lazy One
$75 gift card to

For more information, go to the sponsor’s page – O
Check out Mylisa Larsen’s website:

Good Luck, and remember, use hashtag #PutParents2Bed on all entries.




6 thoughts on “How to Put Your Parents to Bed Pajama Contest!

  1. Oh I would give this to my children, it would be nice to have someone tell me to go to bed once in a while, I’m the crazy parent up late cleaning! #PutParents2bed.


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