#863 – The Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing by Tyler Befus

orviskids The Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing: Easy Tips to Catch Fish Today
Written by Tyler Befus
Forward by Tom Rosenbauer
Sky Pony Press   3/15/2016
96 pages       Ages 8+


“Kids can fly fish, too! Fifteen-year-old Tyler Befus loves to fly fish. He has won awards and traveled all over the world to dish in different places. In this guide, Tyler shows that any kid can learn to fly fish. In this easy-to-read guidebook, you’ll learn about:

  • “Where fish live and what they eat
  • Fly-fishing equipment
  • Casting techniques
  • Fly and knot tying
  • And much more!

Remember: Fly fishing isn’t just for adults!
[back cover]

The Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing explains all the basics of fly fishing. Kids will be able to go out and cast their first line after reading through Tyler’s guide. Fifteen-year-old Tyler Befus began fly fishing at an extremely early age. He caught his first fish at age three, while sitting in a baby backpack carrier worn by his father. Honest, he did. There is a picture for proof. At age seven, Tyler was a presenter at major fly fishing shows offering his fly fishing flies and how demonstrating how to tie them. The kid knows his stuff.

Aquatic Bugs Drawing

Aquatic Bugs Drawing

Tyler explains everything a kid would need to know to fly fish. He explains the equipment needed and how to use it and also how to properly read a baitcast reel review to be a keen purchaser. You’ll learn how to tie a fly and some of the materials used to make flies. Tyler talks about the type of fish to catch, including pictures of each fish. Tyler uses diagrams, and pictures—mostly from his adventures—to make learning easier. He writes confidently, fully understanding his subject.

Throughout the book, Tyler punches up what could be a dry text with stories of his own experiences fly fishing, including a trip to Japan—at Japan’s request—to teach kids how to fly fish. For Tyler, fly fishing has become an early career. He is often a presenter at fly fishing conventions, travels around the world fly fishing along the way, and now has written a book on the subject. Tyler claims fly fishing is more than simply casting a line and catching a fish. He says he has learned about art, the environment, photography, public speaking, and writing.

Northern Pike Drawing

Northern Pike Drawing

Kids who are interesting in fishing, will find The Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing an excellent start. Unlike years ago, fly fishing is gaining in popularity with kids. Fly fishing clubs are opening in schools and tournaments for kids are held each year. Tyler holds a couple of international records for youth. Tyler is alo a member of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team.

The Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing is an interesting book. You might think the book would be loaded down with how-to’s and lists, but you would be wrong. Tyler is conscious of his audience while he writes. He talks about catch and release fishing, explaining why this is an important part of fly fishing. Tyler’s knowledge is extensive and impressive. Kids interested in learning to fly fish won’t find a better beginners book than Tyler’s guide.

Clinch Knot Drawing

Clinch Knot Drawing

THE ORVIS KIDS’ GUIDE TO BEGINNING FLY FISHING: EASY TIPS TO CATCH FISH TODAY. Text copyright © 2016 by Tyler Befus. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Sky Pony Press, New York, NY.

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5 thoughts on “#863 – The Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing by Tyler Befus

  1. I like the idea – I’ve never fly fished (I learned about two-three weeks ago), but I did learn a bit from Cathy Beck, who is (practically) a neighbor of mine, and she’s a world-renowned fly fisher known as the “First Lady of Fly Fishing. I think I’ll get the book! 🙂


  2. It really is an art, so to speak. You really don’t see many kids fly fishing nowadays. This method of fishing can be very frustrating until you get the hang of it and that takes practice. Nice to see a guide for youngsters.


    • According to the foreword, fly fishing is actually becoming more popular with kids who fish. I’ve never tried, though I’d love to. Sounds like you have fly fished. Is it really hard? It doesn’t look that difficult.


    • The author, 15-year-old Tyler, fishes with his sisters, his dad, his mom, and as a family. Sounds like fly fishing has made this kid’s family a tight unit. From his Facebook page, it seems this kids is a true outdoorsman. A lot of father-son memories.


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