#868 – Monster Needs to Go to School by Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb Book Tour

c2 Monster Needs to Go to School
Series: Monster & Me #6
Written by Paul Czajak
Illustrated by Wendy Grieb
Mighty Media Kids   6/28/2016
978-1 -938063-74-9
32 pages    Ages 2—8

“Monster is dreading his first day of school. But his classroom is full of new friends and so many fun things to learn that Monster forgets his fears in no time . . . until he catches his friends bullying. What will Monster do?” [back cover]

The Story
While at the library, Monster happily builds a tall tower using books as blocks. Boy tells him it is time he went to school, but Monster is not so sure. Boy tells Monster he needs to learn to read . . . it is important and needed to succeed.

“I can read already! That’s an adverb. That’s a noun.”

Boy is not convince. Monster is “reading” the book upside down. The real problem for Monster is a fear of the unknown. He confesses to Boy he is scared he’ll be bullied. He is quite different from the other students. With Boy’s encouragement, Monster does go to school. It’s not long before he masters the ABC’s and learns classroom etiquette. Monster appears to love his classes, especially art and music.

Then recess arrives. Monster’s fear of bullies comes true. Three kids, two girls and one boy, bully another kid. Does Monster help the young boy, betraying his new friends? Does he join in, not wanting to lose those friends? Or does Monster look the other way, pretending not to notice?


Monster Needs to Go to School is the sixth Monster & Me book. Like the others, Monster learns new skills and new, more appropriate behaviors. I love Czajak using Monster’s best features in the classroom, such as raising his long blue tail, rather than his paw. Parents will commiserate with Monster when he must squeeze his rear into the young student-sized chair. The young girl sitting behind him has “Monster Blue” highlights in her hair. From her bright-eyed expression, she may have a crush on Monster, whose long tail nearly passes her desk. Disappointingly, she is absent from the rest of the spreads.

Monster going off to school for the first time makes for an interesting first day of/back-to-school story. The kids accept Monster, evaporating his fear of bullies. He does not hesitate to stand up for a victim.

“I know we’re friends, but teasing’s wrong.
It’s something I despise.
No one should be ridiculed.
There is no compromise.”

Monster also uses a few words young children won’t understand. Older kids might need to look up a few words—“impressionists, ridiculed, throwing clay, monumental.” I like seeing challenging words in kid’s stories. And though Czajak rhymes are occasionally off kilter, I still love how each verse is a fun read-aloud. Art and music has been slashed in many school systems, so I appreciate Czajak making these two classes part of Monster’s day. Oddly, Monster and his boy leave the classroom earlier than the other students do.


Monster Needs to Go to School continues the series’ themes of reinforcing proper behaviors, relationship skills, friendship, and compassion. Grieb’s digital illustrations once again elevate the Monster & Me series with bright, interesting scenes, punctuated with the small details I love to see. Distinctive facial features best express the emotions and reactions of Grieb’s diverse classroom of kids.

Those lucky enough to have the Monster & Me books will love Monster Needs to Go to School. Kids will want to jump into the book, meet Monster in person, and enjoy all his story offers. For the first time, Czajak’s message is unmistakable. One can argue it’s easy to stand up to bullies when you are a huge, monster; a point well taken. BUT, if you are familiar with Monster, you know how sweet and gentle a creature he is. Confronting a trio of bullies, who are also his newest friends, could not have been easy for Monster. Young children will enjoy Monster and Boy’s latest story and parents will enjoy reading this fun and funny story aloud on a regular basis.


Now, what is Monster and Boy up to next? I’ve been told . . . I can’t be told. Hm, maybe he’ll be an international spy, hence all the secrecy. Until we find out, enjoy Monster Needs to Go to School.

MONSTER NEEDS TO GO TO SCHOOL. Text copyright © 2016 by Paul Czajak. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Wendy Grieb. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Mighty Media Kids, New York, NY.

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2015 Silver Moonbeam Children’s Book Award winner for Best Picture Book Series

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Reprinted with permission from MONSTER NEEDS TO GO TO SCHOOL © 2016 by Paul Czajak, Mighty Media Kids, an imprint of Mighty Media Press, Illustrations © 2016 by Wendy Grieb.

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Monster Needs to Go to School
Written by Paul Czajak
Illustrated by Wendy Grieb
Mighty Media Kids 5/24/2016


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  2. What a fantastic read for kids. It sounds funny, but also shows differences. I love how you use the illustrations to tell a story as you review your books. You are lucky to have so much access to illustrations. I get them sometimes. (Tried putting a box around mine, and it just won’t work. I’m not computer savvy.)


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