#885 – Watch the Birdie by Nancy Cote

watchthebirdiecover Watch the Birdie!
Written and Illustrated by Nancy Cote
Sky Pony Press  4/05/2016
32 pages   Ages 3—6

“Can one brave little mouse
help one small little birdie
get back to her nest?”

[back cover]

Mousey waits for his friend Sam. Suddenly, a baby bird, who had been in its nest, is falling to the ground.

“‘I was trying to fly, but I’m just not ready,’ chirped the bird.”

Mousey knew the birdie needed to get back up in its nest, and quick. Rummaging through a garbage can, but sure to head their way, was a calico cat . . . a hungry calico cat. There was a frog in the pond and Mousey hoped he could help.

“‘Can you jump high?’ he asked.”
“‘I can!’ croaked the frog.”

So the baby bird climbed up on the frog back, but when the frog hopped, birdie slid right off. The calico cat crept closer. Other animals tried to help to no avail. Then the creeping calico cat, with its claws at the ready, pounced. Will the birdie make it back to the safety of its nest, or become an afternoon snack for the calico cat?

Watch the Birdie Spread 1Sam, Mousey and the cat, are back from their original adventure, Watch the Cookie. Watch the Birdie brings several unlikely creatures together with Mousey to save the baby bird’s life. Instantly, a friendship blossoms between Mousey and the bird. Helping a stranger out of danger is noble and Mousey is exceedingly noble. Mousey is willing to give his life to protect the baby bird.

Nancy Cote (Dixie Wants an Allergy by Tori Corn, Watch the Cookie), delivers brightly colored illustrations, which will catch the reader’s eye. The animals have big, bright, expressive eyes, even the slow little snail. But watch out for that cat. He sneaks closer with nearly every spread. Calico cat is menacing, ready for a meal, and not willing to go unfed. Once he arrives, he towers over Mousey and the baby bird. Friendship, helping others, self-sacrifice, and working together make Watch the Birdie a satisfying read and one parents won’t mind repeatedly reading.

Watch the Birdie Spread 2Just when the story seems to have found its end, Cote throws in a humorous, yet scary twist. She finishes Watch the Birdie with one last, unexpected, yet satisfying, twist. Kids will love reading Watch the Birdie. All of Cote’s characters shine. The brave, cooperative creatures are willing to help one little birdie avoid the belly of one hungry, ferocious cat. Watch the Birdie will show kids it’s okay to ask for help and it’s important to be a good friend.

Next Up:  Leonard’s Beard (November, 2016; Sky Pony Press)

WATCH THE BIRDIE! Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Nancy Cote. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Sky Pony Press, New York, NY.

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Reprinted with permission from WATCH THE BIRDIE! © 2016 by Nancy Cote, Sky Pony Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, Illustrations © 2016 by Nancy Cote.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

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Watch the Birdie!
Written and Illustrated by Nancy Cote
Sky Pony Press 4/05/2016


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    • Cats usually don’t like dogs–especially BIG-little dogs, like chihuahuas (except my cat, who keeps smacking Jonathan for no reason I can see). Cupcake, growl a little and show some teeth (just make sure your momma doesn’t catch you. They don’t like this for some reason).


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