#898 – Lazy Crafternoon by Stella Fields

Today us Meteor Watch Day, so keep an eye to the sky in case of falling rock!


Lazy Crafternoon
Series: Craft it Yourself
Written by Stella Fields
Photographs by Karon Dubke
Capstone Young Readers   8/01/2016
128 pages    Ages 9—13

“Invite your friends over and get crafting! Spend a lazy Crafternoon creating simple projects that anyone can complete. Full of recipes, easy ideas, and inspiration, Lazy Crafternoon is here to start you out on your journey of creativity.” [back cover]

Lazy Crafternoon is a celebration of do-it-yourself. Divided into five categories (accessories, decorate, study, celebrate, and food), Lazy Crafternoon offers entry-level crafts beginners can accomplish and experienced crafters can enhance. Most items are things most of us use daily, such as phone cases, pillows, headbands, totes, and food items. Other crafts are more for fun than necessity. Fabric covered boxes are beautiful and the painted rocks unique.

Each project begins with a list of supplies (most under $10, per the author), followed by easy steps. Beautiful photographs of each finished project will encourage crafters to take it on for themselves. The author suggests Lazy Crafternoon be about friends and family creating together, though a single person can complete each project. This is in line with the celebratory theme of Lazy Crafternoon.

9781623707514_intFrom the crafts, it seems girls are the target audience for Lazy Crafternoon (clothes, shoes, bracelets, etc.). This is apparent in the not only the type of crafts, but also in the photographs, which never include boys. There is nothing wrong with this; I would simply prefer something more inclusive. The projects are bright, colorful, and useful. Each will bring joy to those that make or receive them. If you, your teen or tween enjoy crafts and do-it-yourself projects, you are sure to enjoy Lazy Crafternoon, which is not at all lazy.

Lazy Crafternoon is Stella Fields debut children’s book.

LAZY CRAFTERNOON. Text copyright © 2016 by Stella Fields. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Capstone Young Readers, North Mankato, MN.

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Capstone25-anniversarylogo-shape_200Capstone Young Readers is an imprint of Capstone

Reprinted with permission from LAZY CRAFTERNOON © 2016 by Stella Fields, Capstone Young Readers, an imprint of Capstone, Photographs © 2016 by Karon Dubke.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Lazy Crafternoon
Written by Stella Fields
Photographs by Karon Dubke
Capstone Young Readers 8/01/2016

More information and photographs on meteors and the skies, click here.


2 thoughts on “#898 – Lazy Crafternoon by Stella Fields

  1. It’s interesting that there are no boys in any of the photos at all – I know for a young boy that that is a turnoff (even no people in the pictures, or just the author would be “fine”). Anyway, the book sounds like a nice craft book.


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