#909 – I‘m a Hungry Dinosaur by Janeen Brian and Ann James

This is the perfect day to figure out a safety plan for your pets. Why? To keep your pets safe and because it is National Pet Fire Safety Day. I thought this would never happen to my pets. What are the odds, right? Yet, it did happen. Oddly enough, I had just been thinking about what I would do if a tornado or some other summer event happened.

Then one day, right around midnight, a neighbor started a fire that ended with several apartments gutted, mine included. So don’t put this one off. Figure out today, what to do if danger strikes. How are you going to ensure your pets safety if you are home and if you are away? Keep your animal friends safe.

imahungrydinosaurcover I’m a Hungry Dinosaur
Written by Janeen Brian
Illustrated by Ann James
Kane Miller   6/21/2016
20 pages   Ages 2—5

MIX, BAKE . . .

“This little dinosaur just loves
[back cover].

I‘m a Hungry Dinosaur is about a very hungry dinosaur who also loves to bake cake. With rhyming text that is fun to read, but tends to change the meter mid rhyme, tells the story of how the dinosaur bakes his cakes. He will “shake and stir and mix and beat . . .” Each verse has its onomatopoeic words repeated in vibrant colors. For the first verse, we will,


With each new verse, the hungry dinosaur reminds readers just how hungry he is and then continues to make his cake. Finally, all that is left is for the hungry dinosaur to do is “chomps and chews” his cake.

1 5-6

I love the look of the magic pencil, chocolate frosting, sprinkles, flour, cocoa, and watercolor illustrations. The simple, minimalistic images draw all your attention to the dinosaur’s cake baking and the mess he makes. He is the perfect toddler, doing what he likes, and doing it his way, without parental intervention. Kids will like this dinosaur. The repetition of the onomatopoeic words will help build confidence and reading skills.

Toddlers will find much joy in repeating these action words. The only thing better than the story, for toddlers, will be the ending. What does a perpetually hungry dinosaur do once he’s devoured his cake? He bakes another cake, of course.

1 7-8

I‘m a Hungry Dinosaur’s slightly thicker than normal pages are perfect for the younger reader to turn on his own and not mess up beyond repair. This is the right book for the child getting too old for board books, but not quite at the on-his-own picture book stage. I’m a Hungry Dinosaur makes transitioning from the smaller board books to the picture book much easier. And who does not like cake?

1 11-12

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur is the perfect companion book to I’m a Hungry Dinosaur, also by Janeen Brian and Ann James

I’M A HUNGRY DINOSAUR. Text copyright © 2015 by Janeen Brian. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Ann James. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Kane Miller, Tulsa, OK.

Originally published by Penguin Group (Australia) in 2015

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Kane Miller is a division of EDC Publishing.

Reprinted with permission from I’M A HUNGRY DINOSAUR © 2016 by Janeen Brian, Kane Miller, an imprint of COMPANY, Illustrations © 2016 by Ann James.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

I‘m a Hungry Dinosaur
Written by Janeen Brian
Illustrated by Ann James
Kane Miller 6/21/2016


7 thoughts on “#909 – I‘m a Hungry Dinosaur by Janeen Brian and Ann James

  1. Glad your fire experience had a happy ending. Love, love this book. Such a great story with wonderful word repetitions for young kids. Wish I could add it to the pyle I’m taking to a great grandson’s birthday party tomorrow. I’ve picked all animal theme books.


  2. That fire business does not sound like fun AT ALL. I hope you’re OK. A beagle in my neighborhood was in a fire and we saw him getting oxygen when the firefighters carried him out. Then he went to the vet for a long time! He’s fine now, but it was scary. Dinosaurs sound a lot like doggies. Dirty and hungry. And cute.

    Love and licks,


    • Dirty, hungry . . . and cute does describe most all of the dogs I know. We had a terrible fight at the dog rescue over a ball. One of my favorite pit/chow mixes got the worst end of it and it was her ball. Now that was scary.

      The fire was in an apartment in my building–I lost mine to water damage–lots of water damage. It was around midnight. No dogs at the time, just cats and I got them both in their carriage and out the door we went. They were scared until I threw a blanket over the carriage and then they settled down. We lived in a very nice hotel for nearly 4 months. Never, ever thought that would happen to me, but had insurance just in case.


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