#943 – Drawing Fantasy Creatures by A. J. Sautter

cover Drawing Fantasy Creatures
Series: Drawing Fantasy Creatures, Books 1-4
Written by A. J. Sautter
Illustrated by Martin Bustamante, etal.
Capstone Press / Edge Books  8/01/2016
112 pages    Ages 9—12

“Little grabs people’s imaginations more than fire-breathing dragons, magical elves, and other fantastic creatures. Now fantasy fans can learn to draw their favorite creatures and learn more about them at the same time. Simple, step-by-step instructions team up with lively creature descriptions to teach young artists how to draw dragons, orcs, dwarves, and many other fantastical creatures.” [publisher]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw unicorns, dragons, and fairies? How about ogres, dwarves, and elves? Or maybe griffins, trolls, orcs, and goblins? Maybe even a troglodyte? If you said, “Yes!” to any of those rather fantastical creatures, Drawing Fantasy Creatures (the complete set) is definitely for you.

Simple, step-by-step instructions teach readers how to draw dragons, trolls, and several other dangerous fantasy monsters.These creatures are not easy. The finished creatures look finished in Photoshop or Illustrator, not completely by hand. I could be wrong, yet given the creatures “final piece” is always in color, a little instruction in that area would have been nice, though probably impractical.

Each creature has at least four steps you need to follow to complete the image, sans color. A few have extra steps. Each new line to draw is shown as a dark line, with previous lines drawn become lighter. I really wish I could have done with my sketch, instead line had the same weight, and it got a little difficult to see my way at times.


In the end, I found these creatures were not as difficult as they seem—at least until the final additions and color in whatever medium the illustrators used. By following the guidelines, it is possible to draw these fantasy creatures. Young kids will love this series if they love to draw, in particular fantasy and magical creatures that can scare the dickens right out of you. The author gives a little background information on each of the 48 creatures. (I had no idea this many existed—thankfully, in someone’s mind.)

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If your child—or you—like to draw, want to learn or practice drawing with something completely different, Drawing Fantasy Creatures is the book—or books—for you. I highly recommend it. I am a beginner, definitely not an artist, yet I really had fun drawing these odd creatures.

Simple, step-by-step instructions teach readers how to draw a wide variety of fantasy creatures, including background information about each.You can purchase Drawing Fantasy Creatures as one set in paperback, with all 48 creatures and instructions. Or, you can purchase each original four book separately in hardback. I strongly suggest getting the complete set in one paperback. Once you look at these creepy creatures, you may want to try them all. (A great Christmas present.)

DRAWING FANTASY CREATURES. Text copyright © 2017 by A. J. Sautter. Illustrations copyright © 2017 by Martin Bustamante, Stefano Azzalin, Tom McGrath, Jason Juta, and Colin Howard. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN.

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(How to) Drawing Fantasy Creatures Series
Book 1: How to Draw Dragons, Trolls, and Other Dangerous Monsters [1-4914-8023-6]
Book 2: How to Draw Elves, Dwarves, and Other Magical Folk [1-4914-8027-4]
Book 3: How to Draw Griffins, Unicorns, and Other Mythical Beasts [1-4914-8025-0]
Book 4 : How to Draw Orcs, Goblins, and Other Wicked Creatures [1-4914-8024-3]

Reprinted with permission from DRAWING FANTASY CREATURES © 2017 by A. J. Sautter, Capstone Press, an imprint of Capstone, Illustrations © 2017 by Martin Bustamante, Stefano Azzalin, Tom McGrath, Jason Juta, and Colin Howard.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Drawing Fantasy Creatures, Books 1-4
Written by A. J. Sautter
Illustrated by Martin Bustamante, etal.
Capstone Press / Edge Books 8/01/2016


9 thoughts on “#943 – Drawing Fantasy Creatures by A. J. Sautter

    • Nope, just on how to draw the creature. Not having anything on color was my complaint, too. Especially since the finished creature is always shown in color. Still, the sheer number of different creatures is bizarre and worth the book (the author gives a short description of each creature and they’re interesting). At the front of the book is a list of needed and suggested supplies.


  1. I like this book very much! Snarls made me order it on the spot–says he knows some of those dudes in the drawings, billiards night or something or other. Snarls thought he heard that you did a drawing from this book. Fess up! Where’s your drawing?


    • Middle image – the sketchbook. I liked the Treefolk best, but couldn’t get a good image of the book and the sketch. And only needed one. My cat-dog is in the top left corner. He thinks he’s a dragon now. (He was a cat and then a dog. He may be a few fish short of a meal.) 🙂

      You will love this book. Some of these creatures are, well, thankfully fantasy.


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