#945 – What’s up Chuck?

whats up chuck cover What’s Up, Chuck?
Written and Illustrated by Leo Landry
Charlesbridge  9/13/2016
48 pages    Ages 5—8

“Good Luck, Chuck,” Bear said. “I bet you’ll win first prize.”

“Chuck Wood has won the Best of the Forest art competition three years in a row. He is ready to win again.

“But then Scooter Possum shows up. He makes beautiful art, too. He is also friendly and bakes perfect cookies. Is there anything Scooter Possum can’t do?

“Chuck loves being an artist, and he loves to win. And for the first time, he has to decide which is more important.” [inside jacket]

Chuck Wood is an accomplished wood carver. He expects his art will win the local Best of the Forest art contest once again. But then a stranger comes to town. Scooter Possum, from Swampy Swamp, is also an artist. He paints beautiful pictures and abstract art. Chuck graciously allows Scooter to stay in his burrow and use his art space to create his contest piece. They become friends, but then strange things begin to happen in Chuck’s world.

WhatsUpChuck_sprd2What’s Up Chuck is about friends, competition, and jealousy. Chuck first shows kids how to share when he lets Scooter use his art space and stay in his burrow. The two encourage each other and have a great time. Chuck even throws a dinner so Scooter can meet his friends. This is the first time Chuck’s friends give someone else—and someone else’s desert—more attention. Chuck does not understand his friend Scooter, being new, draws curiosity and life will go back to normal once Scooter returns home. Instead, Chuck becomes jealous.

WhatsUpChuck_sprd1What’s Up Chuck can help young kids understand they will not always be the center of attention and will not always win. Friends can compete and be happy for each other—even when they do not win. Chuck’s story can help kids understand that winning is not the most important thing in life. Being happy and content in what one does is more important. As are friends, near and far. The lively characters, bright and energetic (pencil and watercolor) illustrations, and the upbeat story will entertain even younger children than intended.

WhatsUpChuck_sprd3When Chuck does not win first prize he throws a temper tantrum, destroying the objects he has created. Chuck thinks because he did not get top prize he is not as talented as he had thought. It takes two good friends, Emmy and Fawn, to make Chuck understand the truth. Then it takes one new friend to help Chuck replace what he broke. I really love and recommend What’s Up Chuck?

WHAT’S UP CHUCK? Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Leo Landry. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Charlesbridge, Watertown, MA.

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Reprinted with permission from WHAT’S UP CHUCK? © 2016 by Leo Landry, Charlesbridge, Illustrations © 2016 by Leo Landry.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

What’s up Chuck?
Written and Illustrated by Leo Landry
Charlesbridge Publishing 9/13/2016

4 thoughts on “#945 – What’s up Chuck?

  1. This book looks fun while offering a valuable lesson. Love the illustrations, too. Great review, Sue!


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