#947 – Who What Where? by Olivier Tallec


Who What Where?
Sequel to Who Done It?
Written and Illustrated by Olivier Tallec
Chronicle Books  9/01/2016
32 pages   Ages 2—5

Who stepped in paint? Who forgot shoes? Who got stuck in the tree trunk? In this charming, visually sophisticated book, each page asks the reader a question. Kids will love the hunt for clues in the details of the lineups—sharp eyes, keen observation, and a big imagination will find the right answers!” [back cover]

I love Who What Where? This is a fun book. Atop each situation is a question. Four or five suspects lineup on the lower-adjoining page, clues are at the ready for young children to decipher and find each situation’s solution.

Who What Where Int 1Who chose the rug for a hiding place?”

Well, there is a definite lump, and only three characters have a big lump. This eliminates suspect number four (left to right).

11The character under the rug has blue feet. Number four has blue feet, but is already eliminated. Suspect number one has brown feet, so it can’t be under the rug. By process of elimination, this leaves the two suspects in the middle. Both have a big lump and blue feet. We need another clue.

2What is it about the character under the rug that will help us? Hm, how about how tall they are. Nope, they’re both about the same height. Oh, I see. Look closely at those blue feet. Do you see it? The character under the rug, its feet point up. In the lineup, character number three’s feet point down. It can’t be under the rug. This leaves only character number two. Does its blue feet point up? Yes! This means, the only logical conclusion to be made, and the character under the rug, is . . . suspect number two!

3The pencil and acrylic painted illustrations in Who What Where? are adorable and detailed. I love that you need to closely look at and appreciate the details to understand the book, and to answer the questions.

I really love Who What Where? Okay, I already said this, but it’s true. That said, I did notice one little error. In the illustration below, the character stuck in the tree trunk has its feet pointing outward. Two of the characters in the lineup possess toes pointing outward, but are too small to be stuck in the tree trunk. The most obvious character is number two (and the correct answer), yet his toes point inward in the lineup and outward in the tree trunk. Oops! Being that Who What Where? is all about images and finding differences in them, I think this is a significant booboo.

Who What Where Int 2 Who got stuck in the tree trunk?”

I have always loved logic puzzles and this is similar to those. Young children will learn how to process information logically, using what they can decipher by sight. This will not be as easy as it sounds. Some of the suspects are deliberately similar, with only one minor differences. Those small differences are what young eyes must find. There are no tricks involved. Look at the suspects outfits, their expressions, their body types, and other characteristics. Everything needed is right on the page. Still can’t figure it out? Not to worry, as every answer is on the last page, where you will see the correct character involved in the question.

who done it love From Who Done It?

Who What Where? helps young children observe the world around them (the illustrations) in a much more precise way. They learn to look for logical clues and learn to trust their judgement of a situation.
Who What Where? is the sequel to Who Done It?, which I so wanted to review last year. Thankfully, Who What Where? is here and you can see the value of these two books (Who Done It? works on the same principles as its sequel). This series is perfect for teachers and homeschoolers. What can be better for young children than a book that entertains and teaches?

Who What Where?  Can you figure out the clues?  I dare you to try.

WHO WHAT WHERE? Text and illustrations copyright © 2015 by Olivier Tallec. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2016 Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

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Originally published in France by Actes Sud, Paris © 2015, originally titled Quiquoioù?

Reprinted with permission from WHO WHAT WHERE? © 2016 by Olivier Tallec, Chronicle Books, Illustrations © 2015 by Olivier Tallec.





Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Who What Where?
Sequel to Who Done It?
Written and Illustrated by Olivier Tallec
Chronicle Books 9/01/2016

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    • You’re advanced! You went right for the kill. Do you show your work on math problems or go right to the answer? (That was me, go right to the answer—teachers like the process, not so much the answer, but who needs the process if you can figure out the correct answer without it. right? Teachers can be very confusing.)


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