#951 – Escape from Wolfhaven Castle by Kate Forsyth

c2Escape from Wolfhaven Castle
Series: The Impossible Quest, Book #1
Written by Kate Forsyth
Illustrations by Jeremy Reston, et al.
Kane Miller  3/01/2016
192 pages   Ages 9—13

“Tell your lord to beware,
the wolves smell danger in the wind . . .”

“Wolfhaven Castle has been attacked, and only four escape capture . . . Tom, trained to scrub pots, not fight; Elanor, the lord’s daughter; Sebastian, a knight in training; and Quinn, the witch’s apprentice.
“Somehow, if they are to save their people, these unlikely heroes must find four magical beasts from legend. But first, they have to make it out of the castle alive . . .” [back cover]

Bog-men, creepy, long-legged, seemingly invincible little monsters, and leather-masked men on horses attack Wolfhaven Castle in the middle of the night. No one in the castle is prepared, but a few are awake. Tom and Quinn are keeping watch from the castle battlements. They are heeding the strange warning from a wild man living in the forest.

“Tell your lord,” the wild man repeated, urgency in his voice, “danger comes.”

The dangerous attackers are after Elanor, the lord’s daughter. Along with Sebastian, (an arrogant knight-in-training), Tom, and Quinn, Elanor escapes—the four are the only castle residents to avoid capture. Given talisman by the witch, the four kids head out on a wild adventure to save their home, its people, and themselves.


Escape from Wolfhaven Castle is the first book in a five-book series, originally released in Australia. At 186 pages, the reading is quick, yet the perfect length for a reluctant reader. Forsyth uses foreshadowing, red herrings, and humor to keep readers guessing and entertained. Several twists will keep astute readers in the adventure alongside Tom, Sebastian, Quinn, and Elanor.

Forsyth’s masterful writing never loses its steam. The story flows nicely, making Escape from Wolfhaven Castle an easy read-a-loud. Middle grade kids—and younger advanced readers—will enjoy this medieval tale. Forsyth’s 5-book epic journey will please action-loving readers, including adults who appreciate middle grade novels, guessing and then pleased to be wrong. The characters are easy to root on, as they fight against all odds to find, and then awaken the heroes destined to save Wolfhaven Castle.


I have yet to read Wolves of Witchwood, (The Impossible Quest, Book #2), but you can. Kane Miller has simultaneously released the complete 5-book series.

#1: Escape from Wolfhaven Castle [1-61067-414-0]
#2: Wolves at Witchwood [1-61067-415-7]
#3: The Beast of Blackmoor Bog [1-61067-416-4]
#4: The Drowned Kingdom [1-61067-417-1]
#5: Battle of the Heroes [1-61067-418-8]

ESCAPE FROM WOLFHAVEN CASTLE (THE IMPOSSIBLE QUEST, BOOK #1). Text copyright © 2014 by Kate Forsyth. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Jeremy Reston, et al. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Kane Miller © 2016, Tulsa, OK.

Indie Books—Kane Miller

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The Impossible Quest Book Website is HERE.

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Reprinted with permission from ESCAPE FROM WOLFHAVEN CASTLE (THE IMPOSSIBLE QUEST, BOOK #1) © 2014 by Kate Forsyth, © 2016 by Kane Miller, a division of EDC Publishing, Illustrations © 2014 by Jeremy Reston, et al.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Escape from Wolfhaven Castle
Series: The Impossible Quest, Book #1
Written by Kate Forsyth
Kane Miller 3/01/2016


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