#963 – First Snow by Bomi Park

firstsnowcover First Snow
Written and illustrated by Bomi Park
Chronicle Books  9/06/2016
40 pages   Ages 3—5

“Shhhh, listen . . . do you hear something? Pit, pit, pit against the window. First snow! Debut artist Bomi Park has captured a seemingly small moment and created some big magic that takes readers out into the first snow and beyond.” [inside jacket]

A young girl hears the soft patter of snowflakes against her windowpanes. It  is the First Snow of winter.Quietly, she puts on her snow gear and tip toes outside. There, she and her small pure white dog pat together a snowball; she then begins rolling it into a larger base for a snowman. Out her yard, the toddler rolls her snowball into a farm under the moon, faster now next to the train, and then into the woods—where a bear cub rolls a snowball of his own.

a6As the snowball gets bigger, the girl, still followed by her dog, rolls on through a cave—light appears ahead. She and her little dog finally enter the light of a meadow. Joining up with another little girl, our young girl builds a huge snowman in a magnificent field where multitudes of children are taking advantage of the First Snow to build their own snowmen. Gently floating down from the sky are more snowmen and children all bundled up for the first snow.

a5 Now alone once more, the young girl celebrates the First Snow by catching the snowfall upon her tongue, where it immediately melts. Back in her own yard, there stands a small snowman and, in the doghouse, a sleeping dog lying next to a white wolf. This scene makes readers wonder if what they just witnessed was real, or all in the child’s imagination. Did the young girl quietly rolled out her snowman, never leaving her own yard, or did she join other children beyond the forest. But what of the wolf?

a3All this activity is in celebration of and for the first snow of the year. It will have you anxiously awaiting the first snowfall and your first snowman of the year. The illustrations are soft as falling snow. With sparse text, the illustrations roll out the scenes, letting the reader soak in the first snow. Real or imagined make little difference to your enjoyment of this First Snow celebration.

FIRST SNOW. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Bomi Park. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

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Reprinted with permission from FIRST SNOW © 2016 by Bomi Park, Chronicle Books, Illustrations © 2016 by Bomi Park.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

First Snow
by Bomi Park
Chronicle Books 9/06/2016


5 thoughts on “#963 – First Snow by Bomi Park

  1. Oh, that wintry landscape has me wanting to skip a few months ahead to December! I absolutely love the snow, and those illustrations remind me of the wonder that accompanies the first snowfall of the season. After a summer like this, I cannot wait.


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