#979 – Fuddles and Puddles by Frans Vischer

cover Fuddles and Puddles
Series: Fuddles the Cat
Written and Illustrated by Frans Vischer
Aladdin   9/27/2016
32 pages    Ages 4—8

THE PERFECTLY PAMPERED world of Fuddles comes screeching to a halt when a new puppy—Puddles—joins the family. Puddles howls all night, clobbers all day, and even puddles on the kitchen floor!

“There must be some way Fuddles can get rid of Puddles, before this out-of-control canine forever ruins Fuddles’s charmed life.

“The fur truly flies in Frans Vischer’s story about frenemies who may just become lifelong friends . . .” [INSIDE JACKET]

Anyone who knows Fuddles the Cat knows she enjoys bubble baths, fancy pillows, gourmet food, and a carefree life with devoted humans ready to please and fulfill her every wish. Fuddles has come to not only enjoy, but to expect pampering. How is it that Fuddles could have a nightmare living in such fine conditions? It’s an omen, but Fuddles only cares about her stomach. It’s time to eat. But wait. What is this by her bowl? Is this . . . a puddle . . . a puddle of . . . DOG!
9781481438391-in02The dog is actually a puppy named Puddles. Puddles like Fuddles. He likes to follow Fuddles everywhere she goes and generally infuriates, though not on purpose, the now irritable cat. Fuddles tries to continue her former life, but Puddles makes this a difficult task. Fuddles has no choice—all cats would agree—but to have a talk with the puppy. She gently says,


Puddles yips and then runs away. From then on, he keeps his distance. He also grows, as puppies tend to do. Will Fuddles ever accept Puddles?

Fuddles and Puddles is a perfectly delightful story of cat-canine relations. Vischer has always understood cats and it is apparent he also understands dogs. The reason is simple. He based the story on the real life struggles between his pampered cat and new puppy. Kids will love this story. Those with a younger sibling will relate to Fuddles.
9781481438391-in01The illustrations are as adorable as they always have been in the Fuddles the Cat series. Vischer has caught the playfulness of the loyal Puddles. Against Fuddles, this activity seems even more rambunctious. Vischer still gets the adorableness out of Fuddles, whether she is lounging in a tub or splat on the ground. Even the “bully” is perfect.
9781481438391-in04Those who have a cat and dog will understand and appreciate Fuddles and Puddles. Puddles is an adorably cute puppy, rambunctious and in need of a playmate. Fuddles refuses to be his playmate. Still, Fuddle and Puddles must get that “and” between their names. Kids will giggle throughout Fuddles and Puddles. The ending is satisfying and how it happens is pure Fuddles. This series gets better with each new story. Now that Fuddles has Puddles, the series is twice the fun.

FUDDLES AND PUDDLES. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Frans Vischer. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Aladdin, New York, NY.

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Reprinted with permission from FUDDLES AND PUDDLES © 2016 by Frans Vischer, Aladdin, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, Illustrations © 2016 by Frans Vischer.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Fuddles and Puddles
Series: Fuddles the Cat
Written and Illustrated by Frans Vischer
Aladdin 9/27/2016


6 thoughts on “#979 – Fuddles and Puddles by Frans Vischer

  1. What a fun book with great illustrations. What a fun book many kids will enjoy! My dog chases cats at a distance — but one day that stray is going to scare him…! Could identify with the cover and the footprints. Just cleaned the carpet and my dog left his prints all over the carpet.


  2. I hope Puddles and Fuddles grow into friends. I am afraid of cats, but some dogs can be friends with them. I only know outdoor cats in my neighborhood, and I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill me.

    Love and licks,


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