#1007 – Crash of Rhinos by Greg Danylyshyn and Stephan Lomp

a-crash-of-rhinos-9781481431507_hr A Crash of Rhinos: and other wild animal groups
Written by Greg Danylyshyn
Illustrated by Stephan Lomp
Little Simon 01/05/2016
40 pages   Ages 4—8

“A school of fish.
A flock of birds.

“Clever wordplay
introduces kids to the
surprising names for
each animal group
as they
through the pages
of this vibrant
picture book.”

What do the words sleuth, cry, run, tower, flock, parade, zeal, gaze, pride, team, committee, band, gang, school, and crash have in common? If you read the description of Crash of Rhinos (above) you might have a very good idea what they all represent, but do you know which animals each of those words represent and when? Here is a hint:

schoolfishedit“Some animal groups have names you have heard,
like a school of fish or a flock of birds.

But there are other names
that are mostly unknown.
These creatures have fun
when they’re not alone.”

Lomp’s “hogball” teams hunch and ready to start a play. Observant readers will notice the hogs use a pigskin (football) for their game of hogball. Is this a case of deliberate or accidental irony? Wordplay adds to the humor (notice the team names: “Hamilton Hams,” and the team logos: a hoof and a hog.) A group of vultures is a committee, but a committee member is not necessarily a vulture; a good note to make to kids with parents on the PTA.
a-crash-of-rhinos-9781481431507-in02The digital spreads in Crash of Rhinos are funny and do a good job visualizing the collective noun for kids. These concrete images should make the animal group name easier for kids to recall. Such as a group of buffalo known as a gang. Lomp placed the not-so-rough gang of buffalo on motorcycles of various styles. One of my favorite group, the lions, gathers in a salon, getting gussied-up, curling, and blowing their mane. This could be why we call them a pride. And did you know raccoons are a gaze. Yep, behind those black bandanas are eyes that will stare you down, keeping your gaze until you break.
a-crash-of-rhinos-9781481431507-in04Each collective noun is described in rhyming text, most of which easily rolls off the tongue. Danylyshyn entertains as he educates. Kids will enjoy Crash of Rhinos thanks to his descriptions, including a band of gorillas, “Jumping and jiving like rock ‘n’ roll kings, / in trees or onstage, they know how to swing.” I also love the tower of giraffes, “Always on watch with heads near the clouds, / they’re never too hard to spot in large crowds.”
crashrhinoscorrectA crash is but one of fifteen animals groups in Crash of Rhinos, a humorously educational picture book. Some of these collective nouns will surprise kids. Lomp’s concretely drawn illustrations of anthropomorphized animals will make kids laugh. Crash of Rhinos is a fun book and a nice read-aloud for a group of, uh, schoolchildren, students . . . kids, children.

CRASH OF RHINOS. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Greg Danylyshyn. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Stephan Lomp. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Little Simon, New York, NY.

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Reprinted with permission from CRASH OF RHINOS © 2016 by Greg Danylyshyn, Little Simon, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, Illustrations © 2016 by Stephan Lomp.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Crash of Rhinos
Written by Greg Danylyshyn
Illustrated by Stephan Lomp
Little Simon 01/05/2016

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