#1011 – All the Dirt: History of Getting Clean by Katherine Ashenburg


All the Dirt: A History of Getting Clean
Written by Katherine Ashenburg
Illustrated by Capucine Mazille
Annick Press  10/11/2016
108 pages   Ages 9—12

“A real “stinker” of a book!

“Find the answers in All the Dirt, a fascinating, light-hearted look at the history of personal cleanliness.

“Discover why eleventh century Europeans used boiled animal fat and ashes to wash, even though soap was available; how the English learned about shampoo; why it became illegal for Native Americans to clean themselves in sweat lodges, and what Listerine was before it became a mouthwash.

“Surprising facts, funny illustrations, and just enough of a gross factor to keep readers interested and make this book as entertaining as it is enlightening.” [INSIDE JACKET]

All the Dirt is full of fascinating facts about the art of cleanliness throughout the history of humanity. Beginning with eight “cleanliness” myths, (clean and being clean have universal definitions, technology made cleanliness possible, and doctors and scientists are the go-to authorities on clean), All the Dirt contains an interesting and fascinating history on cleaning behind your ears (and other places).
6Written in nine chapters, All the Dirt delves into the history of dirt and cleanliness starting with Ancient Greece (3000 BCE to 306 CE) and a brief overview of The Odyssey. The chapters then progress to the perceived future. The text contains fun facts about advertising and other influences on cleanliness. Kids will think this is a gross book—a terrific declaration from middle age kids.
ch1Vignettes and short factual stories about life and the art of cleaning ourselves is the standard format and this will keep readers picking the book back up and continuing their read. Ashenburg looks at dirt and cleaning from the perspectives of class, religion, wealth, and family and peer pressure. All the Dirt is mesmerizing in its ability to hold readers attention from cover to cover.

Visually, All the Dirt has eye appeal. Readers can flip through the yellow and purple pages and, randomly stop anywhere, find some new and interesting facet regarding dirt and cleaning the body and soul. The illustrations add to the physical appeal and the informational snippets. Kids will find so much to like in All the Dirt that this informational book will keep them reading and talking about dirt, making for interesting classroom discussions where used.
14Reluctant readers will have an easy time with All the Dirt thanks to its small sections, interesting asides, curious topics, and its “ew, that’s gross” factor. Teachers can find many adjunct uses for All the Dirt in many subjects. Discussion topics arise from every topic and era of time. Anyone interested in the idea of remaining clean for personal, societal, and religious reasons throughout history will find All the Dirt an interesting introductory read. A keen selection of topics will keep kids reading, though advanced readers may find All the Dirt lacking in depth.

ALL THE DIRT: A HISTORY OF GETTING CLEAN. Text and copyright © 2016 by Katherine Ashenburg. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Capucine Mazille. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Annick Press, Toronto, ON.

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Reprinted with permission from ALL THE DIRT: A HISTORY OF GETTING CLEAN © 2016 by Katherine Ashenburg, Annick Press, Illustrations © 2016 by Capucine Mazille.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

All the Dirt: History of Getting Clean
Written by Katherine Ashenburg
Illustrated by Capucine Mazille
Annick Press 10/11/2016


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