#1019 – My Superhero Grandpa by Michele McAvoy and Mike Motz

myspuerherograndpacover My Superhero Grandpa
Written by Michele McAvoy
Illustrated by Mike Motz
The Little Press  2/10/2016
28 pages   Ages 3—5

“2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner! A beautiful story of a boy and his beloved grandpa, who watches over him with super powers, even though grandpa is in Heaven. This sweet, sentimental story will help little one’s understand and cope with the loss of a grandparent. My Superhero Grandpa is cheerfully illustrated and uplifting.” [PUBLISHER]

A young boy is convinced his grandpa is a superhero, but not one he can actually see. This superhero grandpa left the family, died at a time not specified. To help the young boy cope with the loss of his grandpa and help him understand where he went, he is told grandpa is now a superhero, living in heaven. Superhero grandpa constantly watches over the family every moment of every day.

Whenever the boy feels lonely, scared, or sad, he knows his superhero grandpa, dressed similar to Superman, is always there for company, comfort, and aide. The boy cannot see grandpa, except in his dreams, which is fine with the boy. Having a superhero grandpa gives him confidence and security.
shg-15-16Some may say Heaven and an afterlife is bunk; a bad thing to teach children; only fooling them into a false comfort. My Superhero Grandpa is not for those people. But for others struggling with a loss, My Superhero Grandpa can help a child understand where their loved one now is and what their loved one may now be doing. In this way, the story is comforting.

The illustrations are okay. I’m not fond of them. The young boy’s facial features and physical size varies between pages. Still, the message is clear. Most picture books tend to hit the 32-page traditional size. That number flies all over the place nowadays from 10 to 64. My Superhero Grandpa is a respectable 28-page book, but only uses 18 pages for the story. This makes for a lot of wasted space, which includes two title pages and a blank page at the end. The formatting of the book and the design of the book need work.
shg-11-12My Superhero Grandpa can go a long way toward helping a young child understand death. Most humans believe there is more than this life on Earth. For those people, My Superhero Grandpa can help them explain where and what a love one is doing once they die. I was always sure my grandmother became my guardian angel—the closest one can be to superhero status. My Superhero Grandpa would work well in hospitals and counseling centers, and in Christian homes where grandpa would love being a superhero to their family, especially for the kids.

MY SUPERHERO GRANDPA. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Michele McAvoy. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Mike Motz. Reproduced by permission of the publisher,The Little Press.

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2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – in Religion and Spirituality

Reprinted with permission from MY SUPERHERO GRANDPA © 2016 by Michele McAvoy, The Little Press, Illustrations © 2016 by Mike Motz.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

My Superhero Grandpa
Written by Michele McAvoy
Illustrated by Mike Motz
The Little Press 2/10/2016


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