#ArtistsForLove: We Stand With You

Here is a movement I think we can all get behind. Please add your name. Much can be accomplished if we all join forces. Kelly Rae Roberts began this and many have followed. On her sight are posters you can use to express this movement of all for each other in the name of love. Or, if you are artistic, make your own to add to the group. Use hashtag #ArtistsForLove

The Creative Daddy

When Kelly Rae Roberts posted her #artistsforlove piece, along with a blog loaded with gorgeous pieces sending the same message, I felt the call to create my own.

I talk to my students about this all the time.

I stand for kindness, respect, love, hope, and kindness. Above all else – above math concepts and spelling, above scores on standardized testing – I stand for these things.

I stand with all indigenous people, muslims, LGBTQ, immigrants, alter-abled, women, the disenfranchised, refugees, all people of colour, veterans, survivors, and anyone feeling alone and scared.

If you would like to join in, then create your own and share it for free with the hashtag #artistsforlove. You don’t even need to be an artist. You can just be someone who feels called to stand with the world, and all of the people who live within it.



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