#1029 – The Magic Hat Shop by Sonja Wimmer

magichatshopcover The Magic Hat Shop
Written and Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer
Cuento de Luz  11/15/2016
32 pages  Ages 5+

“One day, a hat shop mysteriously appears in the main square of a little town. The townspeople are surprised by this new arrival, but then something happens that nobody expects: the first customers put on their hats, and make an amazing discovery.

“This is a delightful tale about magic hats and bonnets, but above all about the importance of being yourself and the hidden treasures we carry within us.” [INSIDE JACKET]

The Story
Without notice, a small hat shop turns up in the middle of towns square. The people are miffed. They do not need a hat shop, they are say. Others think it is rude for a shop to open without some kind of notice. Everyone ignores the hat shop until . . . Timid Tim enters the shop and then exits with a lovely red bowler. Now Tim is a shy guy but once that red hat joined the top of his head, Tim became gregarious. Others begin buying hats and to each, a mysterious change occurs. The townspeople love these changes. They are better people, happier and welcoming. Then a terrible storm blows through town, lifting the hats right off everyone’s head. By morning, all the hats are gone and so is the mysterious hat shop. Will the town return to its previous standoffish personality?

The Magic Hat Shop becomes the impetus for change in a small, rather colorless town. With hats on their heads, the people transform, as if the hats released their true identities, allowing them to act freely. People become better. They become pleasant, helpful people no longer concerned with images. Kids will notice this change in personality. Being more receptive to the idea of magic, kids will believe the hats helped these people act true to themselves.
the-magic-hat-shop-interior-2The illustrations remind me of another, earlier time; almost like a circus with the free flowing lines. The magical hats come in all shapes and sizes. Many become homes for wild birds. Observant readers will notice Timid Tim in the first spread, looking over the small town square as if waiting for something to happen—or arrive. He and a strange tomcat sit on a hat-shaped building ledge. Actually, all of the base structures in this spread look like hats, including the brownish-orange bowler the town is built upon. What more hides in the details?
the-magic-hat-shop-interior-1Young children will love the fantasy story and the imaginative, free moving images. Young children are very receptive to play and learning at a young age. Teachers can use magic hats first as a story and then, with real magic hats in hand, as a lesson in the power of positive personalities. The Magic Hat Shop gives their patrons a spirit of spontaneity, the freedom to express themselves, and the ability to be their true selves. Mainly, The Magic Hat Shop is a fun, whimsical tale about being nice to yourself and others, of being your true self, and living positively within the community.

THE MAGIC HAT SHOP. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Sonja Wimmer. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Cuento de Luz, USA / Spain.

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Reprinted with permission from THE MAGIC HAT SHOP © 2016 by Sonja Wimmer, Cuento de Luz SL. Illustrations © 2016 by Sonja Wimmer.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

The Magic Hat Shop
Written and Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer
Cuento de Luz 11/15/2016

4 thoughts on “#1029 – The Magic Hat Shop by Sonja Wimmer

    • Wow, those are some wild hats. Who needs to eat breakfast when you can carry it atop your head all say long? There are so many I love: “Fish head” is one, though I’d not be caught in a net wearing it. Thanks for the morning laugh.


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