#1035 – Astronaut Academy by Steve Martin and Jennifer Farley

full-out-coveredit Astronaut Academy
Written by Steve Martin
Illustrated by Jennifer Farley
Kane Miller  9/01/2016
64 pages   Ages 7+

“Do you dream of blasting off into space and exploring Mars?

“If the answer is yes, then enroll at the Astronaut Academy to learn skills used by real-life astronauts. You’ll discover how astronauts fly spacecraft, walk in space and carry out space experiments. Fun activities include how to grow your own space food and space walk (sic).

“So strap on your moon boots and prepare or the adventure of a lifetime!” [BACK COVER]

So you want to be an astronaut and go to Mars. Well, before you can get there you’ve got some studying to do first. Whoa, get back here! “Studying” includes fun, yes that’s right, FUN activities, challenges, tasks, obstacle courses, eye-hand coordination exercises, and such “not boring” activities like building a rocket and learning first aid skills—Mars style. Everything you learn will mimic real-life astronaut training. Get your cadet ID around your neck, suit-up for work, and get training. Mars is not going to wait for—okay, maybe it will wait forever, but will you?
dressingforworkLearn what happens during blast-off. Your countdown begins in 43 HOURS. Learn when to fill your fuel tank, start the main engine, activate the flight recorders, and when to close and lock your visor. Once you understand the blast-off it’s time to learn how to dock your spaceship with a real-life challenge.
blast-offOther challenges include growing your own space food, eye-hand coordination exercises, space walking practice, weightlessness training and so much more. You will walk away from your training smarter, stronger, healthier, and ready to set off to Mars (via your Mission to Mars Game, until NASA hires you for the next real mission).
1Kids with an interest in outer space, Mars in particular, will enjoy learning about and then ranking as a space pilot, space engineer, and a space scientist. The space goodies that are included will thrill your child. These include stickers for the mission, patches, and badges; a Mission to Mars poster; and a complete, ready to play Mission to Mars game. Astronaut Academy is full of information and activities perfect for the budding astronaut. While it looks like a book, the amount of creative activities kids will find themselves enjoying is amazing. Astronaut Academy is perfect for space-minded kids who want to having fun—not knowing they are also learning—while, bby book’s end, completing their own mission.
gravity-patload-certifivcateAstronaut Academy is part of a new series which includes Architect Academy. Coming soon, for those not interested in going to Mars, is Vet Academy. I have not seen it, but based on Astronaut Academy, I would recommend any new edition to this inventive series.

ASTRONAUT ACADEMY. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Steve Martin. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Jennifer Farley. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Kane Miller, Tulsa, OK.

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Reprinted with permission from ASTRONAUT ACADEMY © 2016 by Steve Martin, Kane Miller, an imprint of EDC Publishing. Illustrations © 2016 by Jennifer Farley.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Astronaut Academy
Written by Steve Martin
Illustrated by Jennifer Farley
Kane Miller 9/01/2016


9 thoughts on “#1035 – Astronaut Academy by Steve Martin and Jennifer Farley

    • Erik, at your young age I am afraid to tell you this: You are as confused as I . . . me. .

      This Steve Martin is not the Steve Martin. But if you ask this Steve Martin, I’m sure he thinks he is the Steve Martin, just like you think you are the Erik the Great, but this Steve Martin is not the Steve Martin. Sorry. But chances are great, this Steve Martin wrote a better Astronaut Academy than the Steve Martin would have if he did, but he didn’t, The Jerk. 😆

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    • Or those who want to build things, like skyscrapers; or those who want to become a vet. The first is out now, while Vet Academy will release soon. I wonder if the Vet Academy takes you through four years of vet school, or even just one would interest me.


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