#1037 – Mother Fox and Her Cubs by Amandine Momenceau

Mother Fox and Her Cubs
Written and Illustrated by Amandine Momenceau
Thames & Hudson  11/15/2016
48 pages   Ages 3+

“At the edge of the forest, Mother Fox looks out at her babies frolicking in the snow. Suddenly, the little ones stray too far away and in an instant Mother Fox loses sight of them. She embarks on a search for the missing cubs through the dense trees and the deep snow. Can the young reader help her find them?

“Mother Fox and Her Cubs is a classic hide-and-seek story told through creative and beautifully designed paper cutouts and engaging illustrations. Young readers will enjoy finding the little foxes on the page as much as flipping through the large format, die cut pages.” [PUBLISHER]

Four cubs run and play in the sunshine and snow. Mother Fox closely watches her rambunctious cubs. With all the snow, bushes, and trees it becomes difficult to keep all four in her sight and in an instant, the playful cubs, quick in step, are out of her sight. Mother Fox looks all around but cannot see her cubs, though one stands right behind her. With three more missing cubs to find, will Mother Fox be able to gather up her cubs and get them into their den before nightfall?
spread-3_mother-foxIn Mother Fox and Her Cubs, narrated by Mother Fox, young children can join the four cub’s hide-and-seek fun. Each spread holds surprises for parents and children alike. Turn the split pages (sometimes with two or three per spread) and try to guess what might be behind each panel. The die-cuts provide one more level of interest for children. The pages are thicker than a normal picture book page, making even the inner partial pages and split-pages easy for little fingers to turn without fear of a tear.
spread-4_-mother-foxYoung children can identify with the playing cubs and learn a little about their parents. Who has not heard their mother calling out their name while she tries to keep track of their wandering? Mother Fox looks here and there, and back and forth, with the help of the cut page design. Kids will enjoy turning the pages and the inner pages and looking into the die-cut holes. These hands-on experiences with the spreads can only encourage children to read and read often. Why? Because Mother Fox and Her Cubs’s design is fun.
spread-5_mother-foxMother Fox and Her Cubs is the perfect ending for a day of play. With enough participation to calmly engage children, Mother Fox and Her Cubs works great as a nap or bedtime story, ending on a quiet restful note.

MOTHER FOX AND HER CUBS. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Amandine Momenceau. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Thames & Hudson, Ltd. London.

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Reprinted with permission from MOTHER FOX AND HER CUBS © 2016 by Amandine Momenceau, Thames & Hudson, Ltd., London. Illustrations © 2016 by Amandine Momenceau.

Book Cover:  Courtesy Thames & Hudson
Spreads:  © 2016 Thames & Hudson Ltd, London

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Mother Fox and Her Cubs
Written and Illustrated by Amandine Momenceau
Thames & Hudson 11/15/2016


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