#1045 – The Highest Mountain of Books in the World by Rocio Bonilla

highestmountsin-of-books-in-world-cover The Highest Mountain of Books in the World
Written and Illustrated by Rocio Bonilla
Peter Piper Press  8/01/2016
42 pages   Ages 4—8

“Lucas was convinced he was born to fly. He spent hours watching birds and airplanes in flight and tried to design his own sets of wings—many times. But each time they failed. He wrote letters to Santa, pleading for help, but was disappointed with the toy wings and capes he received. Then one day something magical happened, without him even knowing it. His mother put a book in his hands—and Lucas began to fly. And fly. And fly. But how can a book make you fly?” [INSIDE JACKET]

Lucas loves watching birds and planes soar high above him, convinced he, too, is destined to fly. Over the years, Lucas tries to invent wings in which to soar, but he fails repeatedly. He tries asking Santa for help, but instead of real wings he receives toys. Lucas’s birthday wishes equally fail him. Then on his seventh birthday, Lucas receives not wings but sage advice. Mom tells him, “There are other ways to fly, Lucas.” She then hands him a book. Reluctantly, he cracks that first spine and begins reading. In this moment, readers will understand the gist of The Highest Mountain of Books in the World, but Lucas needs more time. The illustrations that follow make waiting for Lucas to catch up worth our time.

hmbw1His Eureka! moment finally arrives—hundreds of books later—and Lucas gets it. Imagination and creativity, combined in stories, can make you soar high above the clouds. Finally, ready to climb down the tall stack of accumulated books, Lucas has but one thought: how will he once again place his feet on solid?

Books certainly can take you places you may never visit, on vacations you’ll never actually achieve, and soar you to heights seemingly impossible to gain. I love how Lucas figures this out, stubbornly refusing to stop reading until he understands his mother’s statement. Though not all four-year-olds will catch on so quickly, it is a shame so many readers and listeners will figure out the ending, especially so soon into the story. A surprise twist would have been more pleasing.

soaring-homeBonilla’s softly hued illustrations are both quirky and picturesque, beautifully capturing the whimsy of Lucas’s story and the movement of flight. Lucas jumps on the bed, wearing wings, but only takes flight long enough to hear his mother yell out his name. He’s a disappointed Superman at Christmas disgustingly holding baby-sized wings. Once Lucas opens a book, his lush garden morphs into outer space and a fierce jungle. A gorilla joins him, hanging onto the tall stack of books like King Kong might if the Red Barron was not but half a spread away. Lucas’s imagination soars with each book, yet it takes him a tall, tall stack to understand—or maybe he was simply not ready to take a break from all the adventures and quests his stories take him on.

hmbw1Teachers will love The Highest Mountain of Books in the World, despite its needlessly long title. Never does Bonilla “shove” the idea of reading onto readers or little listeners. Instead, Lucas’s story tells of the powers of reading and the places it can take you. Bonilla’s illustrations are first rate, showing first a rather loud, spoilt boy. While Lucas becomes engrossed in reading, we become engrossed in Lucas and his journey. The Highest Mountain of Books in the World might inspire a young child to begin reading or to read seriously.

THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN OF BOOKS IN THE WORLD. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Rocio Bonilla. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Peter Piper Press, White Plains, NY.

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Originally published as La muntanya de libres més alta del món © 2015 by Edicions Bromera, Spain.


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Reprinted with permission from THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN OF BOOKS IN THE WORLD © 2016 by Rocio Bonilla, Peter Piper Press. Illustrations © 2016 by Rocio Bonilla.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

The Highest Mountain of Books in the World
Written and Illustrated by Rocio Bonilla
Peter Piper Press 8/01/2016


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