#1050 – Baby Brains by Simon James

cover Baby Brains: Even a Genius Needs His Mommy!, 2nd ed.
Written and Illustrated by Simon James
Candlewick Press  12/13/2016
32 pages   Ages 4—8

A Junior Library Guild Selection

“Mr. and Mrs. Brains are proud of their son, who is surely the smartest baby in the world! Baby Brains reads the paper, fixes the family car, and works as a doctor in the local hospital, he is the exception of all the doctors, because the rest are always in trouble with experts from the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk, now even the space program is calling on him. Is there anything Baby Brains, the smartest baby in the whole world, can’t do?

“A fiendishly funny story just right for sharing with precocious children (and their doting parents) everywhere. And a lighthearted reminder that babies—no matter how clever they may be—need time and space to be, well . . . babies!” [INSIDE JACKET]

Babies seem smarter each year always checked by their pocket fetal, so it’s no surprise when a genius is born. A real, out-of-the-womb ready-to-show-its-smarts kind of genius. Mr. and Mrs. Brains son, Baby Brains, is the real deal. His first day home, he reads the newspaper—before age 1-week! Later that day, Baby Brains shocks his daddy when he fixes dad’s clunker of a car. And, by evening Baby Brains speaks his first words. A genius? You bet.
BABY BRAINS_HI_UK_007-1Mr. and Mrs. Brains are a little shocked by their baby’s first words, but shouldn’t be. Like good parents-to-be they talked to their growing baby, played music for him, and read to him every night. Carrying the last name Brains, they might have felt compelled to help their baby succeed and exceed. So, when Baby Brains speaks to his parents, on his second day of life, like good parents they oblige.

Baby Brain’s first words—a request—leads to . . . well, a lot of things, all ahead of normal growth schedules. Then one day, in the middle of an important task, for an important government agency, Baby Brains says the most baby-ish words of his life. Those words, his tone, and the look on his face, all set his mommy into rescue motion.
9780763681777_il_1_664afBaby Brains is hysterical for new parents and a great gift. For kids, maybe not so much. Kids who are smarter than the average bear, or who tend to be clever and say clever things, Baby Brains will seem familiar. The big takeaway, for both kids and parents is a simple one, yet often forgotten: Kids of all ages, no matter how smart or ahead of the class, need time to act their actual age—to play and be a kid—and need time with their parents, if for nothing more than a soothing hug. In this regard, Baby Brains is, indeed, a smart story (and perfect for anyone who deals with children).

Baby Brains originally debuted in the US in 2004. Now returning, thanks to Candlewick Press, Baby Brains is a series. In each story, Baby Brains hilariously acts above his age. The next two books are (no idea the order): Baby Brains Superstar and Baby Brains and RoboMom.

BABY BRAINS: EVEN A GENIUS NEEDS HIS MOMMY! Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Simon James. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

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Winner of the Red House Children’s Book Award

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Reprinted with permission from BABY BRAINS: EVEN A GENIUS NEEDS HIS MOMMY! © 2016 by Simon James, PUBLISHER, an imprint of COMPANY. Illustrations © 2016 by Simon James.

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Baby Brains:  Even a Genius Needs His Mommy!, 2nd ed.
Written and Illustrated by Simon James
Candlewick Press 12/01/2016


2 thoughts on “#1050 – Baby Brains by Simon James

  1. Sue, I’m always surprised when I find out about a book I would’ve expected to know about and am SO glad to be aware now! I wonder if the success of BOSS BABY triggered them to want to do a series 🙂 Thanks, Sue!


    • Now I’m the one wondering if there was a book I should have been aware of and requested. I’m going to need to check out Boss Baby. I think there is another “Bab y B rains edition out or on the way, too. (I guess there are since I mentioned them in the review.) 🙂

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