#1053 – When an Elephant Falls in Love by Davide Cali and Alice Lotti

917dy8glfjl When an Elephant Falls in Love
Written by Davide Cali
Illustrated by Alice Lotti
Chronicle Books   2/01/2016
32 pages    Ages 3—5

“When an elephant falls in love, he does many foolish things.

“He hides when the elephant of his affection is around. He writes letters that he will never send. Abnd he leaves flowers at her door, only to run away before she appears.

“Experience affection through an elephant’s eyes in this touching tribute to the sweet (and silly) things creatures do in the name of love.” [INSIDE JACKET]

An elephant in love does many goofy things, all of which seem to go against his wish to meet his adored elephant. He tries to hide when she comes around (though hiding behind a tree, for an elephant, may not be the best strategy). In the same vain, an elephant in love will write her letters, but not send them to her, or leave flowers for his adored, but quickly leave before she can see the flowers are from him. One might logically wonder how elephants in love ever get together.
trteespanishDavide Cali (I Didn’t Do My Homework Because . . ., A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School . . ., The Truth About My Summer Vacation . . .) writes an irreverent guide to understanding the elements of love from an elephant’s perspective. Cali is again frankly humorous and touching. He points out some of the things a male teen in love might find themselves doing, such as taking a bath every day, agonizing over what to wear, and staring at the clouds, thinking for hours on end.
layingonhillLotti’s illustrations fit Cali’s style. The squarish elephant is a block of grey with a “c” for an ear. His black-dot eyes have little ability to show emotion, yet Lotti’s elephants find a way to show how they feel. Most spreads are a background of white, letting the elephant and his constant companion—a little yellow bird—focus the reader’s eye.
I would think the intended age would be the low middle grade, similar to that for Cali’s other work. Young children will think the illustrations and text funny, many giggling from spread-to-spread, but few will really understand the love-sick elephant’s actions. When an Elephant Falls in Love is typical Cali and his many fans will enjoy his latest work.

WHEN ELEPHANTS FALL IN LOVE. Text copyright © 2016 by Davide Cali. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Alice Lotti. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

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Also available in Spanish

Reprinted with permission from WHEN ELEPHANTS FALL IN LOVE © 2016 by Davide Cali, Chronicle Books. Illustrations © 2016 by Alice Lotti.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

When an Elephant Falls in Love
Written by Davide Cali
Illustrated by Alice Lotti
Chronicle Books 2/01/2016

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