#1056-8 – My Nature Sticker Activity Books (3) by Olivia Cosneau

longMy Nature Sticker Activity Books
At the SeashoreButterflies of the WorldIn the Age of Dinosaurs
Written and Illustrated by Olivia Cosneau
Translated by Yolanda Stern Broad
Princeton Architectural Press 4/05/2016
22 pages     Ages 5 +

With snow plastering much of the country, keeping kids home, some until the new year, there are bound to be groans of boredom. Princeton Architectural Press might have the answer. They have brought over three sticker activity books from France which will have kids learning as they play. Each of the My Nature Sticker Activity Books contain 20 pages of colorful illustrations waiting for the correct stickers to complete the image. In the middle of the book is a large spread of colorful stickers from which to choose. These are easy to peel off and place on the appropriate page. When finished, kids will have a nice book of information on each subject they can proudly say they helped create.

Each book contains pages of partial images waiting for stickers, coloring activities, loads of information about the subject at hand, and even a  Kids will learn while they play (just don’t tell them this). Teachers will love the fact-filled books for the information each contains, including the quiz at the end of each book. If you or your child like the beach, butterflies, and/or dinosaurs the following hands-on activity learning books might be perfect for the long winter days and nights ahead.

At the Shore
At the Shore is billed as “the next best thing to roaming the beach.” This book contains partially completed shells, driftwood, and animals to complete on each page. It begins by explaining what to look for on the beach. If there is a hole, chances are very good an animal lives in the sand and each hole is its door. Kids might find a worm, but it could also be a cockle or razor clam. Moving on to rocks, kids will have images of limpets and periwinkles to complete along with facts about each shellfish. Other spreads have kids in the water, looking out on the sea for herring gulls, and even building a sandcastle on the beach.


Butterflies of the World 
A net is not needed to capture the butterflies and moths flitting around on the pages of this book. The first spread begins with eggs and caterpillars then the process of life is competed on the remaining pages. Kids will learn the wings of a butterfly are actually scales and their color lets other animals know if the butterfly is edible. Where there are butterflies there are flowers and the pages contain loads of flowers for kids to complete. When done, this book will overflow with the colorful flowers and animals that live in and around them, including the bird. The final spread has a layout of every type of butterfly and moth presented in the book. It is sort of like your own board of pinned specimens each with the common and scientific name printed next to each specimen.


In the Age of Dinosaurs
What kid does not like dinosaurs. In the Age of Dinosaurs is page anfter page of these “great lizards’ along with enough information and activities to keep a child busy (and learning) for hours. Included are various dinosaurs of each type based on what they eat: herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. These dinos range from the huge Brachiosaurus to tiny rooster-sized Compsognathus. Included with the dinosaurs are other animals alive during the era such as the four footed Quetzalcoatlus which flew with its huge wings. Like the dinosaurs themselves, In the Age of Dinosaurs ends with the volcanos that helped wipe out these animals for ever.


MY NATURE STICKER ACTIVITY BOOKS: AT THE SHORE; BUTTERFLIES OF THE WORLD; IN THE AGE OF DINOSAURS. Text and illustrations copyright © 2011, 2012, 2016 by Olivia Cosneau. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, NY.

#1, At the Shore: AmazonIndie BooksPrinceton Architectural Press
#2, Butterflies of the World: AmazonIndie BooksPrinceton Architectural Press
#3, In the Age of Dinosaurs: AmazonIndie BooksPrinceton Architectural Press

Coming Soon (March 2017)
Birds of the World
In the Vegetable Garden

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Reprinted with permission from My Nature Sticker Activity Books #1: At the Shore © 2016 by Olivia Cosneau, Princeton Architectural Press. Illustrations © 2016 by Olivia Cosneau.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “#1056-8 – My Nature Sticker Activity Books (3) by Olivia Cosneau

  1. You know, I always loved stickers and things to do with them. I think it’s an excellent way to have kids learn in a fun way. I especially loved Colorforms. Do you remember them, Sue?


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