#1062 – Flippin’ Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games by Sarah Doughty

flippin-awesome-covwee Flippin’ Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks and Stunts for Everyone!
Written by Sarah Doughty
Racehorse for Young Readers  11/29/2016
64 pages   Ages 10—14

“JOIN THE WORLDWIDE CRAZE WITH FLIPPIN’ AWESOME, the complete player’s guide to the new sport of water bottle flipping. Here are twelve incredible target games for hours of intense head-to-head competition and fun. Flip your way to a strike-out with the Full Count Flip, master new tricks and techniques like “capping” and the “sailor flip,” and much more. Ready to become a legend? Grab your tricked-out bottles, turn up your victory playlist, and let the games begin!” [INSIDE JACKET]

Have you seen it? A bottle flies, seemingly tossed away, but then it lands standing upright and everyone cheers. You’ve just witnessed water bottle flipping using the best custom bottled water, a new “sport” making waves among middle schoolers. Flippin’ Awesome introduces kids to this low-cost game anyone can play. It will guide you in flipping you first bottle and your first couple of tricks.

Flippin’ Awesome gives kids tips on “how to execute the perfect flip” and then, for those wanting to go the extra mile, sections on advanced moves, stunts, and tips for videoing your flip. If you need motivation, scattered throughout the book are inspirational quotes from such people as Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, and Albert Einstein.

Flipping water bottles sounds like one of those experiments done in a high school physics class. Not missing a beat, the author picks up on the educational aspect of flipping water bottles by offering the physics behind the new game. Kids will learn physics concepts such as torque, centrifugal force, acceleration, and the moment of inertia. Understanding the physics of bottle flipping may interest teachers looking for a new way to interest students with the former concepts.

Flippin’ Awesome may be a trend, or it may last an entire generation. If you like odd games or unusual ways to recycle all those water bottles, Flippin’ Awesome may be for you. Most of the text involves explaining the twelve included games. Along with directions, the author includes score cards and a stunt log. If I were a kid, I would probably love this book. It would keep me busy. The directions are easy to understand and the author makes the games appealing and fun. Kids will love flipping water bottles and the variety of games included in Flippin’ Awesome.

FLIPPIN’ AWESOME: WATER BOTTLE GAMES, TRICKS, AND STUNTS FOR EVERYONE! Text copyright © 2016 by Sarah Doughty. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Racehorse for Young Readers, New York, NY.

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Flipping Blottles has Become Popular with All Ages

Reprinted with permission from FLIPPIN’ AWESOME: WATER BOTTLE GAMES, TRICKS, AND STUNTS FOR EVERYONE! © 2016 by Sarah Doughty, Racehorse for Young Readers, an imprint of Sky Pony Press.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Flippin’ Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks, and Stunts for Everyone!
Written by Sarah Doughty
Racehorse for Young Readers 11/29/2016


2 thoughts on “#1062 – Flippin’ Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games by Sarah Doughty

  1. I am sorry, and I bet the book is fine, but I can’t stand this game. I hate to say it, but bottle-flipping really annoys me. It’s even gotten banned from my school. Well, if anything, this book is not for me – but I bet it would be perfect for some kid somewhere. 🙂


    • I had not heard about this and thought it strange. I have not tried it, but there seems to be a lot of cheering over a, dare I say on my own review, a strangely odd activity. But at least they are (temporarily) recycling.


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