#1063 – Locomotion: A History by Golden Cosmos

cover-foldseedit Locomotion: A History of Locomotives
Series: Leporello #8
Written and Illustrated by Golden Cosmos
Nobrow    11/29/2016
20 panels      Ages 5—8

“The beautiful concertina book folds out to a stunning 139-cm (54-inch), panorama detailing the history of trains, beginning with the very first steam engines and traveling all the way to high-speed rail networks of the 21st century! The wraparound cover includes notable benchmarks in the history of train engineering and travel.

~Both fantastical educational tools and great works of art, the books in Nobrow’s best-selling Leporello series make ideal gifts for people of all ages!

~A beautiful concertina book that can be read as a book, displayed on a mantelpiece or even framed as a print” [BACK COVER]

Locomotion is a type of book called a concertina book, because it opens with folds like an accordion. Being a concertina book means the book can be openly displayed on a shelf unit or mantel. To keep the large fold-out page in one piece through repeated viewing, the pages are printed on heavy card stock.
long-foldseditThe two large panels of Locomotion contain the history of train travel and the engineering, beginning with the early steam-powered trains, including some adventurous, yet failures of experimentation, such as the Rainhill Trials. These trials were a competition between five engines traveling back and forth a mile-long track at Rainhill in England. Only one train made it to the end.
in-coverThe train history continues to through the Orient Express, railroads in wartime, Canadian Railroads, and the magnetic bullet trains of Japan. There is no real “story” to read in the traditional sense—no text on the panels. For the story, you must go to the cover, which becomes a separate section. Inside the cover each section of the two-sided panel is explained in shortened detail. Kids will love the panels for the artwork, which is perfect for framing. Teachers will love them for the history and how the illustrations will draw in kids. If you like trains or are interested in the history of trains, you will appreciate the beautifully illustrated Locomotion: A History of Locomotives.
4The creatives for Locomotion, Golden Cosmos, are illustrators Daniel Dolz and Doris Freigofas. They also created another book for the Leporello series titled High Times: A History of Aviation.

LOCOMOTION: A HISTORY OF LOCOMOTIVES. Text and illustrations copyright © 2016 by Golden Cosmos. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Nobrow, Minneapolis, MN.

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Reprinted with permission from LOCOMOTION: A HISTORY OF LOCOMOTIVES © 2016 by Golden Cosmos, Nobrow. Illustrations © 2016 by Golden Cosmos.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Locomotion: A History of Locomotives
Series: Leporello #8
Written and Illustrated by Golden Cosmos
Nobrow 11/29/2016

5 thoughts on “#1063 – Locomotion: A History by Golden Cosmos

  1. This book looks fascinating, Sue, and I love how it opens. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be enthralling, especially to a child 🙂 I happen to know a 3-year-old who loves trains (so did my son!) whose father is also an engineer and I think BOTH of them would love this book 🙂


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