#1098 – Miles McHale, Tattletale by Christianne Jones and Elina Ellis

9781515807537_bc26a Miles McHale, Tattletale
Written by Christianne Jones
Illustrated by Elina Ellis
Picture Window Books  3/01/2017
32 pages     Ages 4—8

“Meet Miles. He’s a great kid, except for one thing . . . Miles tattles on EVERYBODY. For everything. Lucky for him, his teacher has a plan. But will the Tattle Battle help Miles learn the difference between TATTLING and TELLING?” [BACK COVER]

[WC 285]
Miles McHale, an adorable chick, has an un-adorable habit of tattling on everyone, whether he knows the other animal or not. In the store, he tattles on a young hippopotamus in the midst of picking his nose. Miles habit of tattling doesn’t stop when he goes to school. It gets worse.

Miles McHale, Tattletale will have young children laughing at the crazy tattles Miles tells his teacher, ironically named Mrs. Snitcher. “Kale is scratching his arm.” “Landon (an ostrich) is standing on one foot.” Miles’s tattling becomes so troublesome at school his teacher love this devises a game to get everyone to stop tattling. She calls it the Tattle Battle. The team with the least number of tattles wins extra recess time. Miles still cannot stop himself from tattling. His teammates begin avoiding him. Peer pressure can be powerful, but is it enough to help Miles stop all his tattling?
9781515807537_01_12127The illustrations are acute. The anthropomorphic animals include Mrs. Snitcher, the tall and wise teacher. She has the children memorize a sort of motto (or rule), for the Tattle Battle. This is to remind them when telling is okay and when it’s merely tattling.

“If a friend is sick, hurt, or in harm’s way,
then telling someone is okay.”

Repetition will help readers remember this rule. Miles McHale, Tattletale makes a good read aloud for schools and libraries. Young children will like the friendly, adorable wild animal-students. It is a shame Miles had to hit rock bottom before he learned to stop tattling on his friends and fellow students. But sometimes it takes losing all your friends to make you change your outlook. It works for Miles, a very observant chick ready to tattle on you!

MILES MCHALE, TATTLETALE. Text copyright © 2017 by Christianne Jones. Illustrations copyright © 2017 by Elina Ellis. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Picture Window Books, North Mankato, MN.

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Reprinted with permission from MILES MCHALE, TATTLETALE © 2017 by Christianne Jones, Picture Window Books, an imprint of Capstone. Illustrations © 2017 by Elina Ellis.

Copyright © 2017 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Miles McHale, Tattletale
Written by Christianne Jones
Illustrated by Elina Ellis
Picture Window Books 3/01/2017


4 thoughts on “#1098 – Miles McHale, Tattletale by Christianne Jones and Elina Ellis

  1. Oh the tattletale…we all know that character. I’m looking forward to reading this book. Wish I had it when my kids were younger lol. And I think Genevieve and I share the same brand of tattletale scales…


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