#1134 – The Blue Songbird by Vern Kousky

The Blue Songbird
Written and Illustrated by Vern Kousky
Running Press Kids  4/04/2017
40 pages      Ages 4—8

“Follow one little bird on a journey of self-discovery

“A little blue songbird longs to sing like her sisters. But whenever she tries, she cannot get the tune right. Her mother encourages her to leave home and find a song that only she can sing.

“With courage and tenacity, she travels the world, seeking advice from a crane, an owl, and a mean-looking crow, and other birds, hoping they will lead her to her special song.

“Told in gentle, lyrical prose and with bright, beautiful watercolor illustrations, The Blue Songbird is an empowering story for kids of all shapes, sizes, and singing ability.” [INSIDE JACKET]

[WC 380]
A blue songbird listens to her three yellow songbird siblings sing their beautiful morning song. She tries to join in, but her song sounds different. Sad, the blue songbird tells her mother how she feels. Mom, also a blue songbird, tells her daughter she must leave home and find a song only she can sing.

Blue songbird obeys, flying off on the adventure of her life.

The little blue songbird first meets Crane, who sends her to wise Owl. The blue songbird flies over the mountains and into a dark forest where she finds Owl. All the old Owl can offer is, “Whoooo. Whoooo.” Blue songbird leaves, continuing her adventure to find her own song, meant for only her. She meets pigeons in the city and penguins in the snowy south. After many days, blue songbird meets a large, scary bird. Crow does not know of any song just for her, but he does know where she can find such a song. Blue songbird must travel the sea until she finds a golden island filled with enchanting music.
Blue songbird heads out to find the golden island. After days of crossing the sea in storms, traveling night and day, the blue songbird sees a golden island off in the distance. She can hear the enchanting, slightly familiar music. As the blue songbird approaches, she finds her siblings singing. She circled back to her home, without finding her own song. Blue songbird sees her mother and rushes off to tell of her adventures. But not a single word crept out of her mouth.

Kousky’s gorgeous watercolor illustrations flow as fluidly as the blue songbird’s quest, with a tenderness to match her heart and desire. In most spreads, the color that stands out against the remaining elements are the dabs of blue and yellow representing the songbirds. The cover, especially the trees, reminds me of a Japanese painting. The illustrations are gentle, delicate, and always in motion to match the blue songbird’s flight.

The Blue Songbird is a beautiful tale of self-sufficiency, self-discovery, and finding where you belong in the world and at home. Children overshadowed by older siblings can relate to the blue songbird. Her quest for a song all her own gave her just that; unique experiences only she could sing.

THE BLUE SONGBIRD. Text and illustrations copyright © 2017 by Vern Kousky. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Running Press Kids, Philadelphia, PA.

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Illustrations from THE BLUE SONGBIRD by Vern Kousky copyright © 2017 by Vern Kousky. Used with permission from Running Press Kids/Perseus Books/Hachette Book Group.

Copyright © 2017 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

The Blue Songbird
Written and Illustrated by Vern Kousky
Running Press Kids 4/04/2017


4 thoughts on “#1134 – The Blue Songbird by Vern Kousky

  1. What a nice children’s book. I like Vern Kousky’s watercolour illustrations as they are soft, light and well suited to the story. Shared on Facebook.


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