#1140 – When I Carried You in My Belly by Thrity Umrigar & Ziyue Chen

When I Carried You in My Belly
Written by Thrity Umrigar
Illustrated by Ziyue Chen
Running Press Kids  4/04/2017
40 pages   Ages 2—5

“The special bond between a mother and her child begins well before the baby is born. But once the baby is born and starts to grow into her own person, traits from both parents begin to show themselves in delightful and humorous ways. When I Carried You in My Belly is a mother’s song to her growing daughter, capturing the warmth and magic of the time when her daughter was housed inside her belly. The girl’s laugh, her love of music, her sweet disposition, and her carefree attitude can all be traced back to her time in her mother’s tummy, when her mother would laugh, sing songs, eat yummy treats, and dance the day away. On other related article check out this blog about the best baby laundry detergents. ” [FROM AMAZON]

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In When I Carried You in My Belly, a mother celebrates the love and devotion that molded her child into the girl she is today.
While mom carried the baby in her belly, she sang to her baby “in many different languages,” which is why the girl can “feel at home . . . any place in the world.” Grandma built a crib “with her old and loving hands,” giving her grandchild “the softest dreams at night.” Mom danced while pregnant, giving her child rhythm. These are but a few of the cause-and-effect acts mom celebrates as she talks to her daughter.

There is never any mention of nature, only nurture molds the child in her mother’s womb. Mom’s recollection must be taken on faith, which readers will gladly do for mom and her child. The loving actions of her family give the expectant mom peace and reassurance her baby, once delivered, will be perfect, and well attended with the best baby products of the best baby shop חנות למוצרי תינוקות. Moms do not generally reminiscence about carrying their child to the child (except for the “I carried you for nine months . . .” guilt trip), yet it can become a beautiful moment between mother and child if this were to actually happen.. This lovely poem is a wonderful way to share the experience in a positive light. While the actions of others cannot give the child any specific qualities, while in the womb, When I Carried You in My Belly offers others hope and lovely ways to take part in mom and dad’s nine-month journey.The sentimental feel of the story may not be liked by some, but it is perfect for this love letter from mother to daughter. When your child begins to bottle fed you should choose bottles that will prevent them from air ingestion while bottle feeding so check out this blog bottles for gas and reflux for some tips.
I really like the gender switch between the grandparents. One would expect to find the woodworking grandma in the kitchen making cupcakes, not grandpa. I also love how When I Carried You in My Belly brings mom and daughter closer in a unique experience, yet it involves the entire family. Young girls will love this story, as will mothers. It makes for a lovely reverse Mother’s Day gift from mother to daughter.

The endearing illustrations wonderfully portray mother’s poem to her daughter. Young girls will love the closeness visualized between mother and child, and the positive gestures of all the family members who love her from the very beginning. When I Carried You in My Belly is author Thrity Umrigar’s debut children’s book.

WHEN I CARRIED YOU IN MY BELLY. Text copyright © 2017 by Thrity Umrigar. Illustrations copyright © 2017 by Ziyue Chen. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Running Press Kids, Philadelphia, PA.

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Illustrations from WHEN I CARRIED YOU IN MY BELLY by Thrity Umrigar copyright © 2017 by Ziyue Chen. Used with permission from Running Press Kids/Hachette Book Group

Copyright © 2017 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

When I Carried You in My Belly
Written by Thrity Umrigar
Illustrated by Ziyue Chen
Running Press Kids 4/04/2017

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2 thoughts on “#1140 – When I Carried You in My Belly by Thrity Umrigar & Ziyue Chen

  1. I really love books like this for very young questions. It would be perfect for my almost 3-year-old great grandson and his new brother expected in June. Very lyrical with beautiful illustrations!


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