Your Stories Matter – Book Blog Tour Kick-Off

Tomorrow, Monday, May 15, 2017 begins a different sort of book blog tour. Your Stories Matter is a new publisher in children’s literature. Based in Kendal, Cumbria Your Stories Matter and its parent publishing company, Explainer HQ, were founded by Paul Johnson. These companies provide creative video, audio, animation and print to the business and education sector; teaching kids to use new software for academic purposes such as soda pdf. A reliable, intuitive and portable PDF software you can use at home and on the go.

Your Stories Matter publishes stories about neurodiversity, which embraces neurological conditions as merely differences, not simply difficulties in learning. Theses conditions include Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and tools it can be used to help with these conditions like for instance the top rated fidget spinner that are being used in case of children with ADHD.

All of Your Stories Matter titles are published in paperback, making them affordable. Most online booksellers, including Amazon UK should have these books. If you have difficulty finding the books, you can go directly to the company at this address: and follow on Twitter @ysm_books

Your Stories Matter, a Member of the Independent Publishers Guild, begins its foray into kidlit with 4 new titles.


Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club written and illustrated by Scottish duo Jane Evans and Ruth Mutch.

Follow the adventures of lively young characters who display dyspraxia, dyslexia and autism including Vera McLuckie —who hates school. Mainly because she struggles with stuff the other kids find easy. Oh, and because she keeps getting into trouble for doing what she is really good at…daydreaming.

Purchase on Amazon UK | Amazon



You’re So Clumsy Charley written by Jane Binnion & illustrated by Colin Shelbourn.

You will enter the wonderful world of Charley —who is dyspraxic— and always seeming to get into trouble by accident. Fed up of school because he feels different from the rest of the children it isn’t until he meets his Auntie Bella that everything changes…

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The Back to Front World of Azzie Artbuckle written and illustrated by Beth Montgomery —who herself is dyslexia. (Ms Montgomery was not diagnosed until age thirty-seven.)

Explores the muddled life of the charming Azzie Arbuckle who loves painting but struggles with reading letters and numbers, which makes her feel stupid. If only she could tell someone…

You can follow Azzie on Twitter @Back2FrontWorld and Her website  Azzie Artbuckle

Purchase on Amazon UK | Amazon



Emily’s Sister written by Michelle Gianetti , whose daughter has dyspraxia and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), and illustrated by Tanja Russita.

Emily’s Sister tells a delightful story, based upon real family experiences, of how Emily discovers how to understand and help her sister live a happier life.

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Please follow the Your Stories Matter Book Blog Tour. You  will find reviews, interviews, and more.

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