#1167 – Harvey the Hero by Hrefna Bragadottir

Harvey the Hero:
Because Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

Written and Illustrated by Hrefna Bragadottir
Nosy Crow*  4/06/2017
32 pages   Ages 2—5

Themes: Dreams, Heroes, Right Place – Right Time
Genre: Children’s Fiction Picture Book, Humor


“Harvey dreams of being a hero.
Stopping thieves!
Putting out fires!
Saving lives!

“Little does he know that his dream
is about to come true . . .”

Opening: “I’m Harvey and today is a big day for me. Superhero Steve is in town telling us all about his job.”
Why I like this book:
∞ The characters are adorable, kid-friendly, bright, and lovable. Young children will love these characters, including protagonist Harvey, a crocodile.

∞ Harvey dreams of becoming a hero. When his idol, Superhero Steve, leaves his cape behind, Harvey seeks to do the right thing by retuning the cape to Steve. Harvey is single-minded about this and lets nothing distract him—even his own heroic deeds.

∞ While Harvey ventures into the “Big City,” map in hand, he is unaware of the ways in which he saves the day. Kids will love the humor.

∞ Harvey shows kids how they might affect others by their everyday actions, and never know it. We love this each affect the world and our neighborhoods just by being a part of it and our actions will cause a ripple effect throughout the day.

∞ Harvey absentmindedly causes a problem for one character, which ends up being a heroic act for other characters. Not much in this world is truly black and white. Shades of grey color our world; meaning our actions, words, and thoughts (which affect our actions), can affect others differently; some good, some bad, some neutral. In the game about Harvey the Hero, anyone could use some friendly tips. In addition, mermaids millions slots game set in the deep sea world. It is one of Microgaming’s most popular casino spill slots games with loads of features like free spins and a huge jackpot of up to 7500 coins. Learn more at http://www.easyslots.com

∞ I love Harvey’s modesty, when after seeing himself on television and being called a hero, he looks more stunned than “heroic,” making Harvey a wonderful everyday hero, which we all should strive to become. It does not take major actions to become a hero.

∞ The illustrations are filled with wonderful details. It is easy to linger on each spread, checking out character’s expressions, the little error Harvey does that causes the heroic action.

∞ Dialogue is mostly within the illustrations in speech bubbles, giving mom and dad (or whoever does the reading) the opportunity to spice up the story with character voices.
Get creative. Make your own hero cape—just don’t leave it behind in a bookstore like Superhero Steve.

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HARVEY THE HERO: BECAUSE HEROES COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! Text and illustrations copyright © 2017 by Hrefna Bragadottir. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Nosy Crow, London, England.

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Also by Hrefna Bragadottir and Nosy Crow (wish I’d reviewed): Baxter’s Book (2016)

*Nosy Crow named the 2017 Publisher of the Year at the British Book Awards.

Illustrations from HARVEY THE HERO by Hrefna Bragadottir copyright © 2017 by Hrefna Bragadottir. Used with permission from Nosy Crow.

Copyright © 2017 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Harvey the Hero:
Because Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes!
Written and Illustrated by Hrefna Bragadottir
Nosy Crow* 4/06/2017


23 thoughts on “#1167 – Harvey the Hero by Hrefna Bragadottir

  1. Sue, between the illustrations, the most adorable crocodile I think I’ve ever seen, and your shining review, I’m in LOVE with this book! Can’t wait to read it 😀


    • Can you PLEASE comment on every review? No, can you PLEASE comment on everything I write?
      You will love little Harvey. He is so adorably absentminded (I always think of something I should have put in the review when replying to your comments–you are my muse). 🙂


  2. What a clever idea for a PB. It’s so important for kids to understand how their actions affect others. Love Harvey. The book sounds like it has a healthy dose of humor!


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