#1172 – Happy Dreamer by Peter Reynolds

Happy Dreamer
Written and Illustrations by Peter Reynolds
Orchard Books  3/28/2017
32 pages    Ages 4—8

“Be your own dreamer maximus!

“The beloved creator of The Dot and Ish, Peter H. Reynolds, invites readers on an unforgettable journey of inspiration reminding us all to follow our dreams and pursue our own unique path to happy!

“Includes a magical gatefold surprise inside!” [INSIDE JACKET]

[WC 362]
Happy Dreamer, originally titled “Amazing, Delightful, Happy Dreamer,” is another definition of the acronym ADHD. In the Classroom Kit, Peter H. Reynolds explains why he created Happy Dreamer:

“I wrote Happy Dreamer for kids—and grown up kids—like me. This really is my story—a peek inside my brain.”

Reynolds was a daydreamer. His brain had lots of energy and wandered around just like someone with ADD or ADHD. Back then, ADHD was less frequently mentioned and often not diagnosed.

“With Happy Dreamer, I want to send out a message of hope to kids that they will succeed because of their wonderful, unique brain—not in spite of it. Dreamers have a gift. Their minds are very special— capable of being flexible, generous, nimble, and inventive. I want to remind readers that this kind of thinking is to be nurtured, accommodated, and CELEBRATED!”

Celebrated is exactly what Reynolds does in Happy Dreamer.
Kids need to be encouraged to dream, to think, to create. Dreaming can help one be or become happy, confident, engaging people. Now this is a lot for one 32-page picture book to capture, explain, and envision, yet Happy Dreamer does all of this in a language children understand.

Reynolds uses color and movement to capture the young boy’s dreamer side. The colors tend to pop off the page, just as the boy’s words tend to pop. Happy Dreamer is contagious joy, fabulous encouragement, and beautiful in its message: BE YOURSELF! No matter what anyone might say, BE YOURSELF! No matter how often adults or teachers tell you to “Sit still, be quiet, pay attention, and focus” BE YOURSELF! Never lose sight of yourself.
Happy Dreamer makes a great gift for graduations and for those embarking on a new chapter in their life. Teachers can use Happy Dreamer to help kids tap into their artistic selves, teach kids about diversity and to treating everyone with respect, and to help kids simply be themselves and know it is okay. I love Happy Dreamer for its exuberance, its ability to make one want to be a dreamer, and for helping each of us willingly and happily tap into our creative selves.

Happy Dreamer is a gift from Peter H. Reynolds to all of those kids, and adults, who may have found it difficult to fit in at school.

“I hope this book speaks to you, your family and friends. May it reassure you that good things are ahead for all us dreamers. . . . And if this book encourages you, my readers, to simply be happy with your amazing, delightful, happy dreamer selves, then I’ll sleep—and dream—happily at night.”

Make sure your Happy Dreamer, be it yourself or another, finds Reynold’s Happy Dreamer.

HAPPY DREAMER. Text and illustrations copyright © 2017 by Peter Reynolds. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Orchard Books, New York, NY.

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Illustrations from HAPPY DREAMER by Peter Reynolds copyright © 2017 by Peter Reynolds. Used with permission from Orchard Books/Scholastic Inc.

Copyright © 2017 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

Happy Dreamer
Written and Illustrations by Peter Reynolds
Orchard Books 3/28/2017


5 thoughts on “#1172 – Happy Dreamer by Peter Reynolds

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  2. I love Peter’s new book. Have written a review but have been waiting to share it since so many have shared it on PPBF. Love your review. I love the connection to ADHD, but am glad he named the book HAPPY Dreamer.


    • I really like the title as is, too. I wasn’t surprised to learn Peter Reynolds had ADHD. Many creatiuve types probably have the same–or would have if ADD and ADHD were diagnosed back then as it is today. It can be a good thing. I always have three or four projects going at once, laying around. ADD gives you too much to think about and do and but not enough hands. I would be better Dx’d as ADEH AD-“Extra Hands” disorder, but then I’d get agoraphobia and refuse to leave the house (too many hands). 🙂

      The illustrations are amazing!


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