#1174 – What Daddies Like by Judy Carey Nevin & Stephanie Six

What Daddies Like
Written by Judy Carey Nevin
Illustrations by Stephanie Six
little bee books   4/11/2017
32 pages    Ages 4—8

“Daddies like smooches.

“Daddies like hugs.

“Daddies like ‘Good morning to you!’

“Daddy Bear and his little cub spend the day together doing all kinds of things that daddies like! They have adventures in the park, play peekaboo, snuggle up for story time, and much more. But after a fun-filled day, there’s one thing daddies like best . . .” [INSIDE JACKET]

[WC 562]
What do daddies like? Would they like spending a day with their son? This idea sounded good to Daddy Bear whose young cub narrates the story. Daddy Bear’s cub wakes him up with smooches. “Daddies like smooches. Daddies like hugs. Daddies like ‘Good morning to you!’ ”

Breakfast finished the two head out for a fun-filled day at the park. They fly high on the swings before jumping off into a pile of leaves—where the young cub’s toy bunny hides and watches. Daddy Bear and his cub have a great time roaring like monsters, playing kangaroo, and making wishes while blowing white dandelions. Spending a special day with day might be every bear cubs’ wish.

The anthropomorphized bears are both oddly shaped with short arms; tiny, barely visible legs; small, half-oval ears; and dual-colored button noses. Topping off this original look, Daddy Bear and his cub possess widely expressive eyes and mouths that sell most activities. Humor is widely present, which will tickle young children.

On their park adventure, the two bears smile as they pump their legs to get a high swing. Then the bear cub performs a nice, smooth jump just as the swing reaches its height. Dad warily follows suit, his arms flapping until he hits the pile of leaves. The two play kangaroo: Daddy Bear stands in the middle as his cub hops around him. Daddy looks dizzy, but his cub is having a joyous time hopping around his daddy. “Daddies like playing kangaroo.” (Maybe not.)

Six’s watercolor illustrations are imaginative. Pink clusters top white and brown bark tree trunks. At day’s end, a pinkish-orange sky sends the bears’ home for their night-time ritual. Once inside their home built into a hill, it is bath time with bubbles and boats. “Daddies like splashes. Daddies like boats. Daddies like peekaboo.” (The cub’s small stuffed upside-down bunny floats away in a bubble.)

Cub cannot decide on which pajamas to wear, tossing several pair behind him, many landing on Daddy Bear. “Daddies like jammies.” The two star gaze a while, read a bedtime story, ready cub’s nightlight, and give kisses.

I like how the story begins and ends with “smooches” though not stated as such at night. Daddy Bear gives his cub a smooch goodnight, just as his cub gave him a good morning smooch. The bears are simply adorable. Father and cub (son or daughter) spend an entire day together, enjoying What Daddies Like.

The day over, it is time for a bubble bath complete with boats and sailor hats, bubbles and peek-a-boo. Pajamas chosen—with castoffs on the floor—the bears look at the stars, read a story, bring out matching imaginative nightlights, and give out smooches before the cub says, “Daddies like ‘I love you!’ ”

Readers can see daddy’s love for his cub in the bigger bear’s facial expressions. Aside from the cub’s narration, the bears’ facial expressions add warm and a clear understanding that this father and son love spending time together. What Daddies Like makes a terrific Father’s Day present for dad and his son. I think it works for a daughter as well. The un-named cub wears a non-gender specific yellow jumper with a blue-striped shirt and carries a small yellow bunny in the front pocket.

What Daddies Like is an adorable, solid double-debut by children’s author Judy Carey Nevin and artist Stephanie Six.  2018 brings What Mommies Like.

WHAT DADDIES LIKE. Text copyright © 2017 by Judy Carey Nevin. Illustrations copyright © 2017 by Stephanie Six. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, little bee books, New York, NY.

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Illustrations from WHAT DADDIES LIKE by Judy Carey Nevin copyright © 2017 by Stephanie Six. Used with permission from little bee books/Bonnier Publishing USA.

Copyright © 2017 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

What Daddies Like
Written by Judy Carey Nevin
Illustrations by Stephanie Six
little bee books 4/11/2017



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