#1182 – The Jumbie God’s Revenge by Tracey Baptiste

The Jumbie God’s Revenge
Written by Tracey Baptiste
Algonquin Young Readers 9/10/2019
272 pages   Ages 8—12

Genre:  Middle Grade Trilogy, Fantasy




Synopsis—Corinne knows that the sudden hurricane that sweeps through her seaside village is out of the ordinary. It’s tempting to blame the out-of-season storm on Mama D’Leau, the powerful jumbie of the sea. But then an even worse gale wracks the island, sending the terrified villagers out of their rain and wind-battered homes to seek shelter of the mountain. There Corinne learns that the torrential weather is not the work of a slighted jumbie, but of the god Huracan, who is angry and seeking vengeance . . . but for what? It is up to Corinne, along with the help of her friends—and even some enemies—to seek answers and defend their island before Huracan succeeds in destroying it forever. (from publisher)

Why I like this book—The jumbie world ends with The Jumbie God’s Revenge. The powerful, once quiet God is irritated with the jumbies. Known as Huracan, he strikes the island village not once, but twice, with off-season hurricanes. In desperation, the village people head up into the mountains, led by two of the young stars. Corinne faces off with Huracan, believing she is responsible for his all-mighty wrath. Her friends and fellow jumbies are never far from her side. Corinne discovers her true jumbie self and the powers she possesses. All the major characters face life-changes, as Baptiste ends her story; all questions answered.

Readers who enjoy folklore, fantasy, and well-crafted original worlds will thoroughly enjoy this trilogy. Huracan is an unforgiving and vengeful god. His wrath is the perfect scare for middle grade readers who enjoy magically enhanced characters and fights between good and evil. While the jumbies can be contradictive, there is no doubt where Corinne’s allegiance lies.

Each of the three books can stand alone, but when read in order, The Jumbies will completely captivate readers. I found the books addicting and difficult to put down.  Baptiste’s writing is thoughtful, engaging, and just plain fun to read. 

And . . . the first two books are now available in paperback.

The Jumbie God’s Revenge. Text copyright © 2019 by Tracey Baptiste.  Published by Algonquin Young Readers, Chapill Hill, NC.

Available at Amazon

 Copyright © 2019 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved




19 thoughts on “#1182 – The Jumbie God’s Revenge by Tracey Baptiste

    • Thank you for reading it! I know you will enjoy the Jumbie series. Baptiste’s writing will pull you in and never let go. It is nice to have a wonderful series with a female hero. Please let me know what you think once you finish book one.


    • Hi Rosi! Thank you for reading the review. I think each Jumbie book is better than the last. Corinne is quite the hero for her village.

      You have been a busy gal.I am impressed with all the Highlights submissions. What is the Pewter Plate award? I am a dog person (and cats too) and think Mason is adorable. Please send me a review copy of your debut. I think you’ll see that part of your writing fulfill itself soon. I might be able to be persuaded to review a block of short stories. Sundays, if I have the time, is for board books and other interesting items. Interested?



      • Thanks for your kinds words. The Pewter Plate is awarded for the best of a particular kind of work in an issue or in a year. I have been awarded one of each, I’m proud to say. Mason is a sweet little guy and a great companion. If I ever have a review copy to send out, I certainly will send it your way. Board books are not really on my horizon, but I will try to visit.


  1. I am thrilled to see you are back. Have missed you and wondered how you were! It hasn’t been the same without out your PB and MG reviews. Your review is very timely and I like that this story has an interesting twist with the God, Huracan. I am sure it will captivate readers! (I just reviewed a trilogy about storm chasers, Chasing Helicity by Ginger Zee. The second book involves a hurricane.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. It feels like forever. I am no worse for wear. Things just got a little out of hand for a while. Plan on taking this slower than before and reviewing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (and the occasional weekend). I am thrilled to see you.


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