#1192 — Silly Lullaby by Sandra Boynton


Silly Lullaby
Written & Illustrated by Sandra Boynton
Little Simon Books  8/27/2019
16 pages   Ages baby—5

Genre:  Board Book, Lullaby
Themes: Bedtime, Humor, Lullabies




What’s the best way to say good night? With a silly lullaby from the beloved and bestselling Sandra Boynton.

It all starts with the big bear observing to the little bear in the red footie pajamas:

Your pajamas are on.
There’s a duck on your head.
I think that this means
you are ready for bed.

Curl up with your favorite little person and this charmingly unpredictable go-to-sleep book. Whether you are a parent, child, or just another snoozing chicken in the bathtub, Silly Lullaby is truly a sweet dream surprise. The sneakers in the freezer heartily concur. (from publisher)

Opening Lines:  (see above)

Why I like this book: 

Silly Lullaby is a bedtime story with daddy bear singing good night to his little bear. Mom gets the spotlight much more frequently, so it is nice to see dad putting his child little bear to bed. The young cub sports red pajamas and wears a duck on his/her head. Seeing this, dad declares it is time for a “go-to-sleep song.”

Sitting on daddy’s lap, the cub looks adoringly into his eyes. But when daddy begins, the cub’s eyes widen with delight. Instead of reading, daddy sings calling his child “my zoodle” and “my flibbety-fitsy foo.” What, or who, are zoodles and flibbety-fitsy foos?

The strangeness continues with sleeping chickens and sheep, one overflowing the bathtub and the other crammed into a closet. Try counting those sheep! Finally, dad carries his sleeping child cub off to bed, each saying, “Good night.”

I get excited when I receive a Sandra Boynton board book. I know her carefully constructed books will be a little wacky and delightfully delicious—which is why your little listener likes to chew on them. Young children will love Silly Lullaby and the adorable, nonsensical illustrations. No matter your age, Boynton’s humorous illustrations, usually starring animals, will amuse. Simply put, Boynton’s books are fun to read.

If you like to sing to your child, Silly Lullaby is the perfect bedtime lullaby—but you must appreciate late night giggles and calls for encores. Daddy bear and his cub are delightful characters sure to please little eyes.

After you have read Silly Lullaby to your child’s content, look to the back cover. There you have a Boynton baker’s dozen, ready to delight you and your child!

Bonus!! A free download of the song, “Silly Lullaby,” sung by Keith Boynton is included.
For long trips and everyday errands, you can download the song here:  http://sillylullaby.com/

Silly Lullaby. Copyright © 1997, 2002, 2019 by Sandra Boynton. Illustrations copyright © 2019 by Sandra Boynton. Published by Little Simon Books,/Simon & Schuster Inc., New York, NY.

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Copyright © 2019 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

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