#1226 – MOM LOVES LITTLE JUMBO by Yasushi Muraki


Written & Illustrated by Yasushi Muraki
by illustrator
Michael Neugebauer Edition 5/1/2019
24 Pages   Age 3—5

Genre:  Children’s Board Book, Fiction
Themes: Unconditional Love, Child-Parent Relationships



Mom is the greatest,
but not just because she is so big.
Mom is courageous, caring and fun.
But most important of all, Mom loves
little Jumbo and is always there for him!
(from back cover)

Opening Lines

Hello, I’m Jumbo.
And this is my mother.
Mom is big,
I am small.

Why I like this book

Mom Loves Little Jumbo, a board book, is about a young elephant who knows is mom loves him, as much as he loves her, by the things she does for and with him.

Mom is so much bigger than Jumbo her shadow overshadows his shadow. Being a bigger elephant than her son is, helps Mom take care of him.  Jumbo loves his Mom. And he can tell you just why, too.

Mom is strong enough to lift Jumbo when he needs a helping-trunk. She is brave, braver than ferocious animals. She saves Jumbo from predators when chases the hungry lions away. Being bigger helps Mom when it rains, too. Jumbo can stay dry standing under her belly. Mom never forgets, knows where the best food is located, and she plays with him—even hide-n-seek. Jumbo loves his Mom for two extremely big reasons, but I cannot tell you. Jumbo does not like spoiling things.

Mom is an orange-brown elephant and Jumbo is grey with darker grey and brown features. With each page turn, they both change colors to match the atmosphere, activity, or emotions of the new scene. When Mom chased those ferocious lions away, she wanted to look fiercer than the predators. Her eyes narrowed and she stood up even higher than usual to keep Jumbo safe. (He hides behind her, try to look just as formidable as his Mom looks.) Colors play a third character in this adorable board book.

The writing is mostly uses simple words (similar to this review), and, on average, two short, simple sentences per spread. I think young children will learn the lines with repeated readings. There will be repeated readings, but I bet moms won’t mind. Twice, (a word and then a sentence) bold type is used for emphasis. It accomplishes the task, just not very visually exciting for a four-year-old. A kid-friendly text, especially since the narrator is Jumbo, could have been a wonderful addition readers might have liked.

Mom Loves Little Jumbo will make you think of Mother’s Day, as it is a perfect gift for mom (especially if your name is Jumbo). All that is needed now is Dad Loves . . . (drawing a blank; why I don’t write).

Young kids and moms will like Mom Loves Little Jumbo: Hello, I am Jumbo.

Favorite Lines

The final spread contains my favorite lines, which means no spoiler. Sorry.

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MOM LOVES LITTLE JUMBO: HELLO, I AM JUMBO. Text Copyright © 2011, 2019 by Yasushi Muraki. Published by Minedition* / Michael Neugebauer Publishing, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

*Minedition publishes, “Beautifully crafted books that open the doors to the world—created by authors and illustrators from around the globe.”


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5 thoughts on “#1226 – MOM LOVES LITTLE JUMBO by Yasushi Muraki

  1. Sounds fun! Little Jumbo’s mom is like my mom. She also has a helping trunk when I need one. (Like when I was stuck behind the big chair in the living room.) Plus I have a feeling Mom will call me Little Jumbo if I eat too many treats…

    Love and licks,


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