Written and Illustrated by JQ Sirls
Fantoria Publishing & Entertainment 4/21/2019
40 Pages   Age 4—8

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction
Themes: Superheroes, Moon, Imaginative Problem Solving

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A little boy humorously attempts to convince his family that the moon is following him every night. Known to be a bit worrisome and over-imaginative, each family member laughs and dismisses his theories as make-believe.

The catch?

This time, he’s right. (from jacket flap)

Opening Sentences

I think … I think . . . Yeah, I’m sure now. The moon is following me. (The young boy thinking as he looks at the moon above him.)

Why I like this book

A young dark-skinned boy is convinced the moon is following him. Everything he does, everywhere he goes the moon is right there above him. His father thought it funny when his son told him about the moon. Dad asked, “Why would the moon follow you?”

The young boy thought about this and came up with several reasons why the moon would follow him.

  1. The moon is the Queen of Cheese.
  2. A 10-legged alien space cow is stuck on the moon.
  3. The moon is a superhero.

Last week, the young boy ate seven—yep, 7!—cheese sandwiches. If the moon is Queen, he reasons, then he has been eating her kids. Mom laughed at this and handed her son a cheese sandwich.

The boy owns a “super-mega-space-vision.” The ten-legged alien cow wants the boy to save it.  His brother, who also laughed, told his younger brother many kids have telescopes, so why would the moon follow him?

Frustrated, yet knowing he is right, the young boy yells at the moon, but the moon simply hides behind a cloud. Why is the moon following this young boy everywhere he goes?

The young boy, with his wire glasses, looks the part of a smart kid, and we now know he is smarter than his family, who immediately dismisses his ideas concerning why the moon is following him. The inside jacket flap gives us a couple of reasons why this happens, claiming the boy is “worrisome” and “over-imaginative.” Yet, nowhere in the story is there any mention of, or clue, that the young boy has these two characteristics. Readers will find a curious little boy, who seriously thinks the moon is following him, and wants to know why. This curiosity is wonderful, as is the boy actively trying to reason out why it happens.

Putting these two characteristics on the jacket flap is a nice hint for parents skimming through summaries in a bookstore, but is not enough. Readers need information important to the story in the story. Parents, and others, don’t commonly read the jacket flap or back cover to their child before reading the story.  The same holds true for the unnamed boy “humorous(ly) attempts to convince” his family the moon is following him. The young boy takes the moon following him seriously and wants to know why. We definitely understand this when he angrily stomps out of his brother’s room and then yells at the moon.

The illustrations are very good. The colors saturate the page reminding me of a graphic novel. This is to represent the night and the effect is perfect for the setting. When the young boy is with his family, the scene lightens up. I like to see kids of varying skin-tones, making this perfect for kids with darker skin wanting someone they can relate to and imagine taking their place in the story. This is possible regardless of the color of skin, yet the more the protagonist (or antagonist), looks like the reader, (I believe) the better they will relate and enjoy the story.

The Moon is Following Me is an imaginative story that can help youngsters who fearfully believe a  monster lives under his or her bed. What better to protect you through the night than a superhero moon constantly watching over you? The moon’s sidekick has twenty feet with which to kick out the monster or stomp him back to where it came from.

The young boy shows how testing theories can help you get to the answer, though laughing at him is a rather harsh rejection of his posits. In the end, the moon is not following the young boy, as much as it is watching over him, (which can seem like following when you look up and see the moon is always there). Everyone could use someone to watch over him or her, keeping them away from trouble, or simply being there when needed.

The Moon is Following Me by JQ Sirls will delight children who like superheroes, eradicating monsters under the bed, or looking for a constant nighttime friend to help them sleep peacefully.

Favorite Sentence /Scene

I like the kitchen scene when the young boy tells his mother about the moon following him because the moon is the Queen of Cheese and he ate her kids, when he ate those seven cheese sandwiches last week. Mom laughs and hands her son a cheese sandwich!

Back Matter

Inside the cover are the Milky Way Galaxy and its planets, and a “Lamp System” in the “Center Galaxy” of “Fantoriverse.” I do not know how these connect to the story (except the moon is in the Milky Way Galaxy and the boy has a hand-held telescope). On the spine is a “mystical portal” between the two galaxies allowing access to Fantoriverse. JQ Sirls displays a brilliant capacity for imaginative storytelling. The ideas need to connect to the story in the story else kids may become confused. Maybe this portal to Fantoriverse is a clue to his next picture book.

Illustrations Rendered in

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THE MOON IS FOLLOWING ME. Text Copyright © 2019 by JQ Sirls. Published by Fantoria Publishing & Entertainment, Glendale CA.


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2 thoughts on “#1238 – THE MOON IS FOLLOWING ME by JQ Sirls

  1. I would like it if the moon followed me. It would send some reflected light to me on dark nights. That’s a good thing. Once a potato chip bag followed me. Mom said it was “litter” and “the wind,” but I felt it was haunted and possibly delicious! I think it makes the book funnier if the boy stays serious and curious and the parents think he’s silly and worrisome. #storyofmylife

    Love and licks,


    • Cupcake, you and your mom should write a book, or at least a blog. If you are as funny as you are here, it would be a hit. I know I would buy the book and go to the blog daily to here your comic riffs. You are seriously funny. I wish my Jon had the same funny bone. What a joy you must be to live with when not trying to scope out errant chip bags. If you ever decide to do this, let me know and I will give you a free! review (I don’t charge anyone, but if I did, it would not include you.)


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