#1258 – MOMMY, DADDY, AND ME! by Eve Tharlet



Written and Illustrated by Eve Tharlet
Minedition 3/1/2020
32 Pages   Age 0—3

Genre:  Children’s Board Book, Fiction
Themes: Parent-Child Relationships, Adoration




Little Bear loves to play—sometimes with Mommy, sometimes with Daddy, but most of all with both of them! (from back cover)

Opening Sentences

“When Little Bear is finished playing with his toys, he looks forward to playing with Mommy and Daddy . . .”

Why I like Mommy, Daddy, and Me!

Little Bear is still a toddler who loves to play with all his toys, but his favorite playthings are his mommy and daddy. Together the three bears have fun in a way only parents and a child can have fun. Daddy tickles his son and then both parents pass him back and forth to the delight of Little Bear. Playing is not all this bear family shows us. When Little Bear is upset and crying, Daddy comforts him until a smile replaces the tears. Mommy shows Little Bear her affection with nose-kisses her son cannot get enough of. And a book about playing with parents would not be complete without one of them holding their child up high, and then landing him like an airplane.

Mommy, Daddy, and Me is an adorable board book with more pages than it appears thanks to flips and flaps that will delight both child and parents. A die cut circle shows Little Bear’s arm raise up when he laughs and a flap turns to the left as he gets a kiss from mommy and then held by daddy. Other flaps flip up or turn to the right and a door shows how quickly tears can turn into smiles.

An unusual take on a board book, or picture book, Mommy, Daddy, and Me includes not one parent but both, in loving and playful ways children will recognize as their relationship with their own mommy and daddy. Thanks to the amusing and intimate illustrations from author-illustrator Eve Tharlet, you can hear the squeals of delight and the happy giggles coming from Littler Bear while he plays. Tharlet has given parents a book they can cherish. Mommy, Daddy, and Me will remind them of the times when their Little Bear was small and cuddly.

Mommy, Daddy, and Me is the perfect baby-shower, first (second or third) birthday, or a “just because” present. Young children will want to hear, and act out, this board book to the delight of the already exhausted parents. After a hectic day at work or home, the story of this cute bear family will remind everyone how fun a young child can be when sat down with a favorite book.

Humorous and adorable, Mommy, Daddy, and Me will top many best-of-the-year lists for 2020.

Favorite Scene

Every. Single. Spread.

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