#1260 – BE YOU! by Peter H. Reynolds



Written and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Orchard Books 3/3/2020
32 Pages   Age 4—8

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Inspirational
Themes: Celebration of Individuality, Being True to One’s Self




You were born to
  .       .BE
So many things.

No matter where your journey
Leads, remember to . . .

Be curious . . .
Be adventurous . . .
Be patient . . .
Be brave . . .

And most of all . . .

A joyful celebration of individuality,
persistence—and staying true to
.       .        .Y-O-U!
(from jacket flap)

Opening Sentence

“You were born to
 .        .BE
so many things.”

Why I like Be You!

Be You! is an inspirational guidebook to life with great advice from page to page. Reynolds starts each spread with “Be” and then a strong, inspirational word.

“Be ready . . . to take that next step on the path to being an amazing human being.”

Along your life journey, “Be adventurous. Live a big life!”  and “Be curious. Turn every stone . . . Discover your own answers.”

Reynolds inspires bravery. “Be brave.” A toddler on his knees, looks precariously over the edge of a high dive board, unsure if he can jump, or even if he should try. By being brave, he moves forward. Reynolds then reminds the tot that new experiences get easier to accomplish with time (our inner resolve fortified)

Each spread encourages readers to find themselves, be themselves, share themselves, and (my favorite), become “your own thinker.” In relation to others, we are to be kind and understanding, to listen and be patient. There is no shame in asking for help when needed (and in giving help when asked).

Racially diverse children age newborn to pre-teen inspire the illustrations, which are definitively Reynolds; a style of quirky, lively, strong characters seen in all of his latest books, from Say Something, Happy Dreamer, and The Word Collector to the I Am series of picture books by Susan Verde.

Be You! is a wonderful gift for any age and many occasions. Graduation (college, high school, middle grade, kindergarten) is a perfect time for a gift filled with inspirations (easily turned into daily affirmations). With self-expression, discovering the world, and finding and being yourself in that world as main components of Be You!, new parents can envision the life open to their child. Lastly, each spread offers an opportunity for discussion, whether at home or in the classroom.

Peter H. Reynolds has another big hit in his arsenal of books for readers young and old. Be You! encourages readers to be themselves and to live big lives. Never suggesting you do this on your own, Reynolds advises: “Be connected. Find kindred spirits . . . who make you feel like the real you.”

The press release from Scholastic mentioned Be You! as the first in a new trilogy by Reynolds for Orchard Books.

Available at Amazon

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BE YOU! Text Copyright © 2020 by Peter H. Reynolds. Published by Orchard Books/Scholastic Inc., New York, NY.


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