#1271 – YOUR NOSE! by Sandra Boynton


A Wild Little Love Song
Series:  Boynton on Board
Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton
Workman Publishing 3/31/2020
24 Pages   Age 1—4

Genre:  Children’s Board Book, Fiction
Themes: Parental Praise, Foxes, Nose Kisses



“You can tell everybody I told you so. It’s the greatest little nose I know.”

A fox parent singing sweet praising their fox child’s adorable nose. Young children and their parents will find themselves landing silly and affectionate ‘boops’ on each other’s noses while reading along together. (from publisher)

Opening Sentences

“Though I admire your angel eyes, there’s something else I idolize . . . YOUR NOSE!”

Why I like Your Nose! A Wild Little Love Song

Your Nose is a sweet story about a parent fox who adores the child’s “No-wo-wose” serenades a little fox. The parent admits to admiring the child’s eyes, but idolizes the child’s nose. The idolizing is so extreme and affectionate that the parent sings and dances with the child while intermittently booping the child’s nose.

Are you not fond of foxes? (Seriously? But the child is so cute with that nose.) Well, there are other animals giving each other nose kisses. Two nose-kissing hippos have a wee-little bird atop each nose also nose kissing. Hippos, birds, bears, foxes, ducks, piggy’s, bunnies and FOXES all adorn this beautifully illustrated and written board book.

A master of her trade, “beautifully illustrated and written” may not properly express her abilities and the joy Ms. Boynton brings people. I have yet to read, or see, a Boynton board book that was not a joy to read, and all had delightful art. Word to the wise wee ones: watch the details. You never know what might pop up.

[Dang, I missed the two other wee-little birds on the ground nose kissing and a couple of mice with red noses (probably too much nose boops).]

The red cover catches your eye with its yellow text and cutout of the two foxes (mom or dad and son or daughter—your choice).  The very colorful interior spreads will catch a child’s eyes and won’t let go. The noses, there is no missing those noses. At times, the spreads feel like an animated show with the child fox poking through the “O” of “NOSE” looking ready to break out into a dance.

And then there is the song, of which this story is based upon. Your Nose, written by Ms. Boynton, is from her Grammy-nominated “Blue Moo” album and songbook (© 2007). Now I do not know how she accomplishes this, but on many of her albums famous singers (“A-List” singers, paid-their-dues singers, already famous singers), sing her songs. Your Nose!  is no exception. A free download of Neil Sedaka—the REAL Neil Sedaka!—singing Sandra Boynton’s song, Your Nose, is included with each purchased book.

Children and their parents will love Your Nose! Without a specific holiday attached, this is an all-event, all-holiday, everyday book. The Eskimos may have begun nose kissing, but Sandra Boynton will make nose kisses a popular option for toddlers everywhere. Download the included song and soon your child will be singing about the amazing and magical nose. “Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Favorite Scene

My favorite scenes are any scene in which one fox or the other gets a loving “boop” upon the nose.

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Your NOSE! A Wild Little Love Song. Copyright © 2020 by Sandra Boynton. Published by Workman Publishing , New York, NY.


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