#1274 – ABC DANCING! by Sabrina & Eunice Moyle



An Animal Alphabet
Written by Sabrina Moyle
Illustrated by Eunice Moyle
Workman Publishing 3/31/2020
22 Pages   Age 0—4

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction
Themes: ABC’s, Animals, Dancing




(from back cover)

ABC Dance! is an energetic guide to the alphabet, from aardvark to zebra. Grownups and children are encouraged to strut their stuff along with the dabbing dolphins, waltzing water buffalo, and 24 other moving and grooving creatures. Movement is scientifically proven to enhance learning and combining dance steps and the ABCs is a fun, effective method for kids to master the alphabet. It makes for the perfect hoorah before bedtime, allowing child readers to get their energy out before settling into a snooze. (from publisher)

Opening Sentences

“Aardvarks arrive with a Band of Baboons. Now Clog-dancing Camels have entered the room.”

Why I like ABC Dance! An Animal Alphabet

ABC Dance! is a wild kaleidoscope of animals all dancing to the ABC’s. Aardvarks and Baboons to Yaks and Zebras all dance as animals count down the alphabet. They dance everything from the Hustle to the Quick Step. Both the text and the illustrations evoke movement. Some swing while others glide, but all are moving to the beats of their imaginary songs.

Young children will love ABC Dance! Here is a book that encourages them to move around and keep on moving. Parents can share their love of dance, show off their best moves, or simply watch their youngsters enjoy moving with the animals.

“Gorillas are Gliding. Those HedgeHogs can Hustle.”

I doubt there is a kid under age five that does not like to dance, especially with mom and dad. These years pass quickly, much like the Quick stepping Quail. And it is true; research supports the theory that movement can enhance learning. Movement increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which in turn affects cognitive development and physical health. Movement helps relieve stress, calms the mind, and directly affects the brain. Movement also allows children freedom of expression. Your child’s cha-cha will probably look much different than yours—and that’s good.

ABC Dance! An Animal Alphabet does an absolute fantastic job of displaying movement and getting children to move along with the alphabet. Before long, they will know their ABC’s and maybe a little about the Quick Step.

This Abecedarian Book Counts Down (A to Z) with Happy Dances Leading the Way!

Favorite Scene

“The Dolphins are Dabbing. The Elephants Enchant. The Foxes Fandango—just look at them dance!”

Dolphins are my favorite animal and I like elephants. Having them on the same page makes my favorite spread a no-brainer. Foxes are cute, so they are a bonus.

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