Hello Everyone,

I apologize. The past few weeks I was dealing with my health and KLR took a back seat. Those who are expecting a review WILL receive a review.

The problem was NOT Coronavirous! (A momentary scare.)

A full-on raging UTI (Urinary Track Infection), containing–of all things–e-coli, caused severe dehydration and confusion. Oddly (to me), when asked if I knew who someone was, I did not recognize my best-friend of nearly ten years. There is still much I do not remember and much now funny when reminded. Feeling very Blessed with friends, one who kicked my rear out to a waiting emergency squad for a not-so-quick trip to the hospital.

Beginning Monday, May 25, 2020 (at the latest), reviewing will resume. First up:  The Boogeyman (MG Fantasy), David’s ADHD (PB, Nonfiction), Boon on the Moon (MG, Fantasy), several more!. Saturdays and/or Sundays will be for Board and Activity Books, when available.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL expecting a review (already approved and book sent in), please send me an email to be sure I remember your book and push it to the front of the line. I’ll reply with a tentative review date. Email: reviews@kid-lit-reviews.com  use Subject Line:  “WAITING.”

New review requests will be approved beginning Friday, May 22, 2020.  Looking for Summer and Spring release date books; board books to middle grade, including poetry, graphic novels and nonfiction. Please, no Young Adult.

All new reviews will be posted to Amazon on its book page and a special mention on Kid Lit Reviews’ Idea List. Other locations are by request.

I am looking forward to returning and hope you are as well. Here’s to a healthy and happy rest of 2020 and another ten-years of reviewing!


Please protect planet Earth!


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  1. Sue!!!!! I emailed you a few weeks back and never heard from you, and I’ve been SUPER busy working on a book project so email has taken a back seat. I allowed myself to take a peek tonight and was THRILLed to see this 😀 So sorry to hear about such a severe UTI. I’ve had many over the years, but they never went beyond the local, painful, typical symptoms. Glad you’re doing better and yes, thank God for caring people around you 😀 SO happy it wasn’t COVID. I keep wondering what’s going on with my intermittent symptoms and it’s always stressful, but I keep praying. Stay well oxox


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