Q&A with Snarls (Star of) from Sir Princess Petra’s Mission


Kid Lit reviews is pleased to welcome Snarls, the Dragon from Sir Princess Petra’s Mission, Book 3 of The Pen Pieyu Adventures. The Kingdom of Pen Pieyu is located in a magical kingdom located in author, Diane Mae Robinson’s Garden Kingdom, located in Alberta Canada.

cover group seriesIn Book 1, Princess Petra wants to become a knight. Her parents are against it, so King Longstride writes new rules in the Kingdom’s Royal Ryle book designed to trip Princess Petra up, causing her to fail. She doesn’t. Soon, Princess Petra is known far and wide as Sir Princess Petra, the only knight in the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu. Her one test involved taming the ferocious and widely feared, dragon. Petra tamed the loud dragon, making him her steed. That dragon was Snarls.


Hello Snarls. I hope you are fine this good day.

“Hey, why are you asking Snarls . . .”


Yes, Hello Petra. It’s good to see you, too. The questions are for Snarls this time . If you recall, you were interviewed here a couple years ago and just recently at the Insatiable Reader. You are welcome to sit in, but please, let Snarls answer the questions.

So, Snarls, you are a real, live, fire-breathing dragon, not a horse, yet Sir Princess Petra rides you as if you were a horse. She calls you her “steed.” What is it like for a dragon to be a steed? 

“Uhhhumm. Yeah, about that. First things first. I have something to clear up about this steed business. My author girl would have you believe, by her writings in book two, that my pink tassel saddle was all Petra’s idea. NOT SO! I picked out the saddle myself. It’s my way of saying I am a modern dragon. Sort of like the “man purse” thing in your world.

“Secondly, Petra would have you believe I had no choice in the matter of becoming a steed. NOT SO! It was totally my idea from the beginning.”

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image12

What is it like being a dragon-steed?  Snarls?


Petra, please. Tickling Snarls tail is distracting.

Snarls, do you like being a dragon-steed?

“Oh, what was the question? Oh, never mind that . . . Since it was totally my idea to become the one, and only, and first ever, dragon steed . . . YES!I love my job. It was all my idea. I mentioned that, right?”

Readers know you are a fantastic cook. When not working as Petra’s steed, or as the chef-extraordinaire of the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu, what do you do to relax?

“I really like being near food, so I’m always happy to do more cooking and barbequing—I am the royal chef at the castle too. On my days off from cooking and steeding, I really enjoy rolling around in the mud. Mud is goopy and silky smooth. And it does wonders for scaly scales. But I have to be careful to clean off all the mud between my toes so Petra doesn’t find any. Petra either doesn’t like muddy toes or she thinks I like her picking mud out of my toes. And just for the record, I am fine with MANLY muddy toes.”

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image7.


Petra? Did you want to say something?

“I’m sitting right here, Snarls.”

Yes, you are. Now, Snarls, Onions. King Longstride demands all knight-wannabes empty the onion room—by eating the onions—before deemed fit for knighthood. What is so darn important about onions?

“Well, as you all know, King Longstride is a little bit of a scatter brain and his rules in the royal rule book don’t always make sense. He did, although, make up that rule just weeks before Petra decided she wanted to become a knight.

“Hmmmm. Pet—

Hello!!!!! I’m right here!

“Hi, Petra. Didn’t see ya.

“I was saying Petra hates onions. Strange, don’t you think?”

Strange, indeed. I don’t know why anyone would HATE a harmless vegetable, such as an onion. Onions are pretty good in most dishes. Dishes. How many plates did Petra hide onions under when she supposedly ate all those onions?

“No pl-ate-s. What are pl-ates?”

Never mind. I’m sure your “writer girl” took some literary license with that scene.

“No literary licenses, but she has the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award in   Literary Arts (2112) for Sir Princess Petra.”

Speaking of Petra, on her latest Mission, (Sir Princess Petra’s Mission), Sir Bograt becomes MFA (Missing from Action) while at Hooble-Wooble Creek.

“Hobble-Wobble Creek.”


Right, right. I heard tell a rogue wave swept Sir Bograt down the river—


—off on a wild CREEK-wave. Snarls, you were there. What happened? What caused this freaky wave?

“Ewwwww. Hobble Wobble Creek is a scary place. Rumor has it that sheep have lost ears, cow have lost tails, and the odd peasant has lost a toe or two there—you know, the kind of place a bog witch could go missing in.

“Umm, errrr. Hey, what did you hear?”

Oh, just that someone or something plopped in the riv, er creek, causing a huge cannonball-like wave, taking Sir Bograt riding a giant wave down the course of Hooble-Wooble River.

“Hobble-Wobble Creek.”

That’s what I said. So . . .  

“ Are you blaming me for something?”


“I know nothing.”

Are you sure?


Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp.   SLAM!

What was that? [Oh, really? Okay.] It seems Petra has decided to wait for you outside.

“It’s raining. I should take her an umbrella.”


“What? Oh, the interview. My interview. Continue.”

On this last mission, Sir Petra, Sir (now missing) Bograt, and you are to capture a notoriously feared and possibly nonexistent car-panther, bringing it back to King Longstride. We know when not a steed, you can be found in the castle kitchen, just off the royal court, where the king and queen do whatever kings and queens do when sitting on a throne. Voices carry.

“I did overhear something, but it didn’t make sense.”


Did you hear what the King wants with a fear inducing car-panther?

“I heard the king and queen whispering about the usefulness of car-panthers and how the kingdom should acquire one to CLEAN UP the castle before the next shingding. Then Bograt blabbed about the notorious dragon-eating car-panthers. Well! You can see where I’m coming from when I thought the whole thing was to get rid of me.

“You can see that, right?”

Maybe Bograt is just upset about Wobble-Cobble Creek.

“Hobble-Wobble Creek.”

Let’s finish with 5 quick questions.

  1. Favorite person (other than Petra), at Kingdom Pen Pieyu.

“My favorite person, next to Petra of course, would have to be Duce Craplips. He wears pink armour and he crochets—he’s such a modern-day type prince. I don’t really care for blabber-mouth Bograt, or smarty-pants Norton Nastybun.”

snarls crablipsThe same missing Bograt from Hobble-Wobble Creek?

“Quick question two? Hurry, this is supposed to be quick!”

  1. Most feared Land or Kingdom.

“The swamp lands we went through in book three were pretty nasty. As you know, I had a misfortunate event there.” 


Yes, I know. At the Creek Hobbled Wobble.

“Geez. Hobble-Wobble Creek. And NO!

“It all had to do with Norton Smarty-Pants Nastybun!  He had his puny army stick me with arrows, in my butt! Totally humiliating!!!!!  It was just a totally uncalled for scene.”

  1. What frightens dragon-steeds?

“Falling rocks, being chased, indigestion. You know, the usual stuff.”

  1. Favorite Food.

“Onion anything.”

  1. Finally, what is Today’s Chef-Extraordinaire Special?

“Crimson-crust-onion-strawberry pie

Bouillabaisse served with leek-onion soufflé

Onion Omelette Ta-Da (my specialty)”

Sounds, uh, yummy?

Snarls, thank you for stopping by. It is always a pleasure. If she’s out there, say goodbye to Petra for me.

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image21Snarls stars in Sir Princess Petra’s Mission, the latest volume of The Pen Pieyu Adventures, co-starring Princess Petra. It’s on sale now. Check out the rest of the stops on Snarls’ Book Blog Tour HERE

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#845 – Sir Princess Petra’s Mission by Diane Mae Robinson

Welcome this snowy April day to Snarls’ Book Blog Tour! This is his third book in The Pen Pieyu Adventures series, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission.
banner2One big change in this series is the illustrator. New with Book 3 is artist and animator Michael Bermundo. The Pen Pieyu Adventures are published by Tate Publishing. Snarls’ Book Blog Tour is sponsored by Sue Morris from Kid Lit Reviews—ME! I keep thinking I am missing something (or someone). Something or one really important to the series. Oh, yes, All of the fabulous children’s book reviewers. Thank you all for participating in Snarls’ tour. Banner created by C. L. Murphy. Thank you!

Okay, now that’s settled. Wait . . . did I still miss someone? Who? Oh, the author. I forgot about the author? I thought Snarls was the author (it is his tour). He’s not? In that case, the most important person in Sir Princess Petra’s life, the author, is Diane Mae Robinson. How could I ever forget.


Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image1 Sir Princess Petra’s Mission
Series: The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 3
Written by Diane Mae Robinson
Illustrated by Michael Bermundo
Tate Publishing   1-12-2016
105 pages    Ages 7—9

“Sir Princess Petra has already attained her knighthood in the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu and her non-princess-like talent certificate from Talent School, neither of which pleases her father and mother, the king and queen.

“The king writes up more silly rules in the royal rule book to deter Sir Princess Petra from her knightly ways and useless talent, and turn her into a real princess once and for all.

“Will the king finally succeed with this newly written, ridiculous mission for Petra?” [back cover]

Sir Princess Petra and friends return for the third and final of four installments of The Pen Pieyu Adventures. King Longstride continues add new, oddly worded rules to the “Royal Rule Book” trying to strip Sir Princess Petra of her knighthood. The King is so determined to keep Petra a princess he willing sends Petra to the Land of the Boogy Gobees, alone. Wait, did he say alone? ALONE! No Snarls? No Sir Bograt? No one by Petra’s side?

Then King decreed, (should Petra actually fail her mission),

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image10“Hence if the hereby-stated should fail this royal seal-of-approval mission, which is of the utmost importance to the well-being of the kingdom shareholders—meaning me and the queen—the hereby-said Princess Knight will henceforth be required to relinquishment of the hereby-noted knighthood to the full completeness so as to render it null and never was.”

Could this get worse? Yep, if Petra has only 2 days to complete the mission and, should she “fail, forfeit, or give up” Sir Bograt, the bog witch, will lose her knighthood as well. Petra’s solo mission is to capture a “car-panther”—vicious scoundrels with saw-blade teeth reinforced with iron tips—and bring it back to Pen Pieyu Kingdom. (What will King Longstride do with such a dangerous animal?) Petra calls the King’s bluff and sets off on her mission. She travels deep into the forest, through the swamps surrounding Kingdom Mesoggie, and finally arrives at the Land of the Boogy Gobees.

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image18As Petra enters the Land of the Boogy Gobees, her steed suddenly disappears. (Did I forget to mention how Petra—once again—outsmarts her father? Well, she did. Snarls and Sir Bograt are by Petra’s side. Wait, you should know, Bograt was lost at Hobble-Wobble Creek, swept away on a rogue wave and disappearing down the creek). Now alone, as her father wished, Petra must complete the mission.

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image12Sir Princess Petra’s Mission may be the best installment of The Pen Pieyu Adventures. Robinson increased the number of unexpected twists, making them stranger and funnier. As is the norm in Kingdom Pen Pieyu, you will meet several characters, each one delightfully stranger than the last. Snarls, the dragon, has always been my favorite character. (Snarls, my friend, after three stories, you are looking perfectly plump.)

I love the word play, common in this series, and the goofy King and Queen. Petra is a great role model and a non-stereotypical character for girls. She wants her parents to accept her, as she is—a princess and a knight. Petra is respectful and considerate, has great self-esteem, and understands the King’s Royal Rule Book better than the King. Though The Pen Pieyu Adventures is a terrific series for girls, boys will find much to love as well, including characters such as Snarls the dragon (Petra’s Steed).

Book3-Nov.15 (1) (1)_page105_image7Sir Princess Petra’s Mission will keep reluctant readers entertained with its short chapters, broken up with interesting grayscale illustrations. At 105 pages, this is a fast read, though reluctant readers could easily finish one or two chapters a sitting, if not more. Bermundo’s illustrations enhance the story and bring the characters to life. Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is his debut children’s book. Michael Bermundo is also a student at, and will soon graduate from, University of Cebu with a degree in animation.

cover group seriesIf you are looking for a chapter book with non-stereotypical characters, intelligent word play, and kid-friendly humor The Pen Pieyu Adventures is the series you want. Each book in this three FOUR-book set is a stand-alone read, but to get the most out of The Pen Pieyu Adventures, read these award-winning, highly acclaimed chapter books in order:  Sir Princess Petra. Sir Princess Petra’s Talent, and finally today’s book, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission. You and your children will love the characters and the stories from Kingdom Pen Pieyu.

SIR PRINCESS PETRA’S MISSION (THE PEN PIEYU ADVENTURES, BOOK 3). Text copyright © 2016 by Diane Mae Robinson. Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Michael Bermundo. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Tate Publishing, Mustang, OK.

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AWARDS for Sir Princess Petra (Book 1)
2012 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artists Award
2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Award
2013 Sharp Writ Book Award
2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award

AWARDS for Sir Princess Petra’s Talent (Book 2)
2014 Reader’s Favorite International Award
2015 Purple Dragonfly Book Award
2015 Children’s Literary Classics “Seal of Approval”
2015 Children’s Literary Classics Book Award

Sir Princess Petra [reviewed here]
Sir Princess Petra’s Talent [reviewed here]
Sir Princess Petra’s Mission

Grammar for Kids and Dragons, an easy-to-understand grammar book for middle-grade children (dragons and adults too), will have all of the Pen Pieyu characters explaining the grammar lessons making this an easy and fun read, forthcoming 2016.


SIR PRINCESS PETRA’S MISSION (THE PEN PIEYU ADVENTURES, BOOK 3). Illustrations © 2016 by Michael Bermundo. Used by permission of Tate Publishing.




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Full Disclosure: Sir Princess Petra’s Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 3) by Diane Mae Robinson & Michael Bermundo, and received from Tate Publishing, is in exchange NOT for a positive review, but for an HONEST review. The opinions expressed are my own and no one else’s. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Sir Princess Petra is Back!

Just in! 

The trailer for Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent.

 If you haven’t gotten your copy of this adventure series about a unique knight, boldly going where girls rarely went in the daring time of knights and dragons, get it before they are all gone!  Dragons wait for no one!



Sir Princess Petra’s Talent


Author Diane Mae Robinson & Illustrator Samantha Kickingbird

original link (just in case): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89kQ_ztMfAo

Here is an excerpt, in case you really have not read this book yet: http://kid-lit-reviews.com/2013/10/06/review419-the-pen-pieyu-adventures-book-2-sir-princess-petras-talent-by-diane-mae-robinson/

Don’t know who Sir Princess Petra is? I’m aghast! Okay, take a look at this. Then take a look at, NO!, go read book 1: Sir Princess Petra. It is available everywhere good books for kids are sold.




Sir Princess Petra


original link (just in case, again):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-PmNBJL67A&feature=youtu.be

Sir Princess Petra’s Talent Tour: Thank You Bloggers

Tour Banner

A Huge Thank You!

The tour for Diane Mae Robinson’s second book in the Pen Pieyu Adventures, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent was a success thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who took part, writing wonderful reviews and posts, and conducting interesting interviews with Diane.

th2Agreeing to take part in a book tour and then remembering to write the post weeks or months later can be difficult, especially if you have a box of books needing reviewed, pages that need written, books needing marketed, or other commitments that need handled. It takes commitment to participate in a tour.


Believe me, I understand what it takes to participate in book tours and the expectations placed upon you. I th1understand how difficult it can be to write something negative about a book you know, though unspoken, a positive review is wanted and often expected. How do you say  you liked the book differently than the ten others before you who liked it, or that the characters were great, I loved the illustrations?

I do not have any of the answers. What I do know is that all of you delivered these past two weeks on every count. The reviews were original, with distinctive voices–your voices.  The interviews were different in questions and in tone. All were good. I think everyone did great. GREAT!


This was my first tour as the organizer. Everyone made this an enjoyable first experience. Sometimes it felt as if I had no clue what to do, or if what was happening was correct.  Each of you made this tour easy to run and came through beautifully, uniquely, graciously, and honestly.  You are my  literary champs.

Thank you!


#423 – The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent By Diane Mae Robinson

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Diane_Robinson_CoverIIThe Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

By Diane Mae Robinson

Samantha Kickingbird, illustrator

Tate Publishing


Back Cover:  Sir Princess Petra has already proven she is a kind and noble knight. This, however, does not please the king and queen—they want her to behave like a princess and forget this silly knight nonsense of hers! But when the king writes a new rule in the royal rule book that requires her to attend Talent School and acquire a princess talent certificate or suffer the spell of the royal magician, Petra, reluctantly, agrees to go. But who could have guessed what Sir Princess Petra’s Talent would be?

Opening:  Over the last several months, Longstride Castle had become quite accustomed to having the only snarls webPrincess Knight, well, the only knight actually, in the lands of Pen Pieyu. The king and queen held many parties in Petra’s honor, and royals and peasants alike acknowledged the Princess Knight’s kindness and bravery . . .

About the Story:  Princess Petra became a knight in book 1, much to her parent’s discontent. Now the king has thrown another curveball, He wrote another new rule in the royal rulebook designed to get Petra acting like a princess not a knight, a distinctly male occupation (though not one male in any of the kingdoms in Pen Pieyu could pass muster—for the job). Now, Sir Princess Petra must go to Talent School and learn a talent face rtbefitting a princess. King Longstride even makes sure Petra takes one of the talent classes the royal couple would like her to take.

Petra and her trusty steed Snarls, the new chef at the castle, go to Talent School, but not before running into a roadblock and then the school’s only instructor. King Asterman tries pushing Petra into every talent but the one she wants. On the way home, with a new friend in tow, the princess knight and her steed visit the Land of the Vast Wilderness, which contains several surprises for both Petra and the occupants of this strange land. The king and queen will not be pleased.

What I Thought:  I enjoyed this second edition of Sir Princess Petra and Snarls. There aredonkey many oddball characters, some silly situations, and a pair of determined parents. Attempts to control a strong-headed, yet kind and caring almost ten-year-old royal brings about goofy humor kids will like. Petra is a great role model for girls. She is determined to be herself, even if that means knocking down the kingdom’s patriarchal system and displease her equally determined parents.

I love Prince Duce Crablips and his girl worries. Nearing ten-years-old, Prince Duce is not ready to settle down or begin a six to eight year engagement. Petra has no idea Prince Duce even exists, let alone that he is her betrothed. Talent School is a disaster, considering the last of the donkeys have fled and King Asterman must run the school and teach the classes. I love reversal of traditional male/female roles, especially the humor that goes with this.

the 3

The illustrations are in black & white. The line sketches add substance to the story with characters much like those the reader will envision (at least this reader). Sir Princess Petra’s Talent, like the book before this, is a good choice for reluctant readers. The chapters are short and the story can be read in one sitting or in ten days at one chapter a day. It is also a great bedtime story for these same reasons. Beginning readers may need a little help, but will be on their way soon enough with the easy text.

Sir Princess Petra’s Talent could have spent more time on Petra pursuing her talent. I thought those scenes were too few considering it is the main topic of the second book. I thought Petra earned her certificate too easily and would have liked longer, more developed scenes. We learn little about the school and Snarls’ antics. One thing that confused me is the statement that Petra is the only knight in the lands of Pen Pieyu. Prince Crablips is called a strange knight . . . armour in different . . . his helmet was a weird . . .  Is Duce a Knightly Prince or just a prince who wears knight’s armor?

scrap snarls

Overall, I enjoyed the story and the story-within-the-story. The new characters had just the right quirks. Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a great book for girls but boys will like Petra. She is what years from her time is called a tomboy. Boys her age (8-10), like girls who are not girly. The story is also a good choice for teachers that read a chapter at a time to their students. Each chapter has points worth discussing. Petra explains to King Asterman the different forms of poetry (ballad, sonnet, limerick), but gets cut-off. My favorite possible discussion point:

What is a story? somebody (in the kingdom), finally asked.

Petra answered . . . Stories tell a tale worth remembering . . .

If they do, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a story worth remembering.

The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

By Diane Mae Robinson     website    blog

Samantha Kickingbird, illustrator    blog     linkedin

Tate Publishing    website    blog    news

Released September 24, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-62510-682-7

91 pages

Age 7 to 9


© 2013 by Tate Publishing, used with permission

Text copyright © 2013 by Diane Mae Robinson

Illustrations © 2013 by Samantha Kickingbird


petra book 2


Diane has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. The author teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children, and is an instructor at the 2012-07-13 08.57.08Creative Writing Institute. She also works full time at a dental office

The author’s first book in this series, Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won two prestigious awards: Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award (literary arts) and a Purple Dragonfly Book Award. The book is short-listed for two other awards.








Interview#21b – Characters from Sir Princess Petra’s Talent by Diane Robinson

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To return to the original post, click HERE.

Thank you for clicking over and finishing this unusual interview, with a strange cast of characters from The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent. It now continues–

Hm. Moving on. King Longstride,  what is it like having a daughter who is also a knight? Petra is the first female knight and the first knight–the only knight–in the Kingdom?

klgtinyIt’s tough. What can I say? We’ve tried and tried to get her to behave like a normal princess—nada, nothing, not happening. If this is what the next generation is going to be like, well, the soldiers will put on aprons and girls will be fighting evil forces. It’s preposterous! I don’t know what the world is coming to!

Your Kingship, since the world has always been run by men, up to this point, and your kingdom is a mess, with dragons as steeds and all, would it not be worth a try having females run the things and have the males take over the household?

Little girl, my kingdom is not a mess! You are a loony! 

I beg your pardon!

It is so granted!

Huh? I wasn’t asking for forgiveness.  **never again will I interview characters. who’s loony?**

My wife, the Queen, has fainted at your aside. How dare you!



 Okay. King Longstride, your Queen is awake. Now tell us, why all the Royal Rule Book changes?  The first in centuries?

klgtinyHello Dear. Feeling better, dear? To answer your silly question, how else should a king deal with this Princess Knight fiasco—the first ever?

“Princess fiasco.” Your daughter has broken through the stone ceiling!

Yah, that’s it. Tell a king how to run his kingdom, will you? Why, if you ever visit, you’ll be thrown into the dungeons to think about your silliness for a while.

Good thing I am not in your kingdom then, which is not real, by the way.

NOT REAL! BLASPHEMY! You know not of what you say.


Do not tell me when to talk!

No, the phrase is “You know not of what you SPEAK.”

SPEAK! How dare this creature. Check the Rule Book on dealing with horrible creatures outside of the kingdom, AT ONCE!


Speaking of your rule book, again, have you been able to accomplish your goals with these changes and additions to the book? 

klgtinyNot yet, but the royal magician and the royal councilman have agreed to put their great minds together and come up with something fast, or else!

“Or else” sounds drastic. I am surprised a King of your stature would rely on magicians and politicians to take care of a problem, let alone a perceived problem about your princess.

**whispering to royal councilman** Find out where she lives and bring her to me.


So King,  you and your wife cannot handle your daughter and this “troubling” problem (troubling in that there is really no problem). Petra is a knight. A knight protects the kingdom. Petra is a princess and will be the next Queen, whose job it is to protect the kingdom. Where is the problem?  The two careers are basically the same.

klgtinyNo problem, you say?  **whispering to royal magician** (whiisss, isssss, whissssy)

Get the magic man off the stage.  Nice try King.

**whispering** (Is she right? No, yes, which is it? What do you mean she makes sense! You run the, uh, you write the royal rule book. Oh, my! Then what should I say?)

.Is there something you would like to say, your Majesty?

No. Yes, there is! *whispering* Yes, I want to say that Petra is a great Princess, but we do not need any knights in my kingdom. Problem solved.

Really, your kingdom does not need protection?

Maybe at night, but Petra’s bedtime is 9 PM. She cannot patrol the grounds.


Daddy! Snarls watches over the kingdom at night.



There then! No knights needed. Petra hang up your costume. No further books are needed. The series is done! This “interview” is done!


dmr b


King Longstride, sir! You do not have control over the series. You are my character and exist at my leisure.


Who is this woman? Why is she telling me what will happen? 

King Longstride, she is your author.

My what?!

Your author. She writes your story, controls what you do, what you say, and also for everyone else in and out of your kingdom.

So, she controls you!  Don’t faint dear, it will be alright. Royal Councilman, catch my wife! 

Ah, no, only the characters in her books, like you.

I am no one’s CHARACTER! You shall be fined for such slander!


Send me a bill. Moving on, who influenced you to make these royal rulebook changes and why did you give in to her, uh him?

klgtinyWhy do you presume that my wife can tell me what to do? I am the king! Who told you such a thing? Did she tell you that?

I did not mention the Queen.  Could this ghost ruler be Bograt, or the maybe the magician you just whispered to? Who are you hiding? Another author?

NO! I am the king! I can do what I want! Stop pestering me! GUARDS!

Let’s ask your wife. Queen Longstride, how do you feel about your daughter trailblazing for all woman by being the first knight in any kingdom?

qlgOhhhhh, I don’t feel so good . . .

Do you need a doctor?  A magician? A councilman-politician?

I need my daughter to act like a princess! . . . ohhhhh, everything’s twirling, twirling . . .


Queen Longstride are your fainting spells due to a real condition or is this your attempt to manipulate Petra?


She is out like a light, again!  And on my foot. Can someone remove the Queen from my foot?


klgtinyRoyal councilman, here, poke her with this scepter.

Thank you, King Longstride.


Yes, Snarls, I am coming back to you. How do you feel about the following statements:

1. You are an impatient dragon.

as22That’s not true, I am not imp. . . whatever.

2. You are a gourmet cook who loves to binge on Mars Bars.

You news hounds, you’re all alike. Okay, I’ll tell you a story. I went to visit this girl I like—her name is, Babbling Suzy, and she doesn’t cook. All she had was these Mars Bars things to eat.  Now, through no fault of my own, I am (shhhh) an addict. We don’t have Mars Bars things here. I’m crawling out of my hide. I NEED THEM. HELP!

Uh, yes or no would have been okay! Blaming others for the crack in your character. Is this the real reason the editing took so long? {Corrected the response, which was fine, since that is how I talk but you wanted it changed so I changed it. Now please stop threatening to pull the interview. okay, Ms. picky author?!}

Why NO!

Were the long absences due to your addiction?


Were you on a chocolate binge when the author was trying to edit the last few pages and needed your help?

NO!! Okay, okay, okay already! It’s not Babbling Suzy’s fault! That’s what you want to hear, right?


Princess Petra seems to walk next to you on much of her journeys, rather than ride. Illustrations often prove this. Hey! Don’t argue, just answer please. And no fire!

as22Oh My Holy Grail, you are annoying! Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s kind of embarrassing. Will you keep it hush-hush?

Sure. *rolling eyes*

It’s that ridiculous rash thing–it’s all over my backend and backside. I just can’t seem to get rid of it—even with the royal magician’s special salve. I think I might be allergic-like to the pink-tassel saddle. Considering the rash is embarrassing enough, just think how I feel about wearing a pink-tasseled thing?

A rash, you say. And you went to a magician to help with this rash.

Of course. Where else would the author send me?

Hm,  to a doctor in the dragon world, your world?

Yes I can, but I’m not going to. Ha!

Again with the magician! Really, your powers do not work outside of the book.   Didn’t the author explain this to you?

wlgI’ll get it right sooner or later.

What spell are you trying to cast?

I’m testing out a spell where the villain’s toes fall off. Ha,ha!

And you think I am a villain?

Who said anything about you? Now that I know you may be a villain, that spell should come in handy.

I am simply a book blog hostess, asking questions of characters in a new book.

What’s a blog hoser, er. . . um . . . hostess?

You do realize you are just a character, a figment of your author’s imagination?

The king is right—you are silly!


Sir Princess Petra, please give us a hint about what is to happen in book 3?

ptiny2It is about time you called me by my official name. Now, Father has written new rules, I know he has. On his writing desk, I glimpsed the words: Mission; Falling-Off Toes; The Kingdom of the Boogy Gobees; and Carpenters (whatever that is). Who knows what’s up. I’ll be ready. Ha!

I am sure you will, your Knightly Highness, I am sure you will.  How many more books before your story is finished? 

I’m in a story? Whoa!

Whoa, indeed! You are a figment of an author’s imagination (in case you were not reading the last question).  


**whispering to royal councilman**  What in all the kingdom is she talking about?


Thank you for reading this interview. I want to thank the Pen Pieyu characters for stop–  What? Really? *sigh*

Okay. Okay, Alright!  Snarls, here is your last question. Because of a rock you became the royal steed.

as22That’s a statement!

**why did I agree to this**  Here is a question. How did that rock trap your tail in book 1?

Really? Do you have to know everything? . . . Okay, I’ll tell you. It was my first real fire-blast from my nostrils. And it was big, I mean, HUGE! Very professional. That is until the blast hit the rocks above my cave. Darn embarrassing predicament I got into there.

I’ll say it’s embarrassing.  Speaking of embarrassing, why can you not control your fire?

Well, actually, I was an early fire-breather—just 3 years old. That could be the reason the fire is not so, well, refined yet.

An early fire-breathing dragon?

OH, you wrote the question wrong and so I misunderstood it.


as22Okay, truth is I was a late-fire breather, according to the dragon growth chart. My aim in not yet perfected and sometimes when I sneeze . . . ah-ah-CHOO!




Well, thank you, I think, for stopping by! *and ruining the set*


What, my dear, did you say? 

I said thank you, King Longstride and company, for stopping by what . . . is . . . left . . . of the set.

Oh, you are welcome, dear. qlg

as22Me, too. Sniff-sniff, So sorry. And this was my first interview.

*And your last.*  Hey! Watch the fire, pal!

ptiny2Thank you for having us. I apologize for my trusted steed, Snarls. He really makes a better steed than a dragon. Please read our newest book in the Adventures of Pen Pieyu, Book 2:  Sir Princess Petra’s (that’s me) Talent.

You can get a copy at AmabigaBarbs & Nobility, and the Castle Gift Shop. Oh, and probably a few places in your world, too.

ALL ILLUSTRATIONS BY SAMANTHA KICKINGBIRD, the official illustrator for The Adventures of Pen Pieyu Series.


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2012-07-13 08.57.08Author Diane Robinson has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. The author teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children, and is a tutor at the Creative Writing Institute. She also works full time at a dental office

The author’s first book in this series, Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won two prestigious awards: Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award (literary arts) and a Purple Dragonfly Book Award. The book is shortlisted for two other awards.

Author’s website at: http://www.dragonsbook.com

Author’s Blog  http://dianemaerobinson.com

Interview: Characters Snarls and Sir Princess Petra

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[Please note, questions run from green hashtag (~~~~), to green hashtag. Questions are in light print and answers are in bold. The speaker remains the same until a new photo appears. This interview contains NO SPOILERS.]


Kid lit Reviews would like to welcome some of the cast of characters from The Adventures of Pen Pieyu, Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent. They rode onto the studio set and demanded, uh requested, an interview–a long interview–and we are more than peeved, uh pleased, to bring that to you now. before Snarls burns down the set

Snarls the Dragon, I heard, from a reliable source, you were not going to be in book 2. How did you change the author’s mind?

as22Where do you people get your information? That’s not true! You are celebrity hounding!  I was always and will always and forever and ever be in that humiliating-me-by-making-me-wear-a-pink-tasseled-saddle writer’s books!  snort . . . oops . . . fire & smoke. . . errrrr . . . . ouch!

Writer’s” books. Do you not know the name of your writer and best friend?

Yah, I know her name. “Diane The Embarrasser.”

Folks have been calling her “Diane the Embarrassed!”  hehe


ptiny2Sir Princess Petra, what would have been your steed had Snarls not been in book 2?

Well, the royal mule, Heinz Backfire, is quite fuzzy and cute, and he’s not even very mulely-like—he listens. Well, he is a little stinky, and a bit short, but he’s not a fire hazard, you know what I mean?. . . hmm . . . I might have picked him.

as22Snarls,  any response to this?

What?? (crossing arms, looking the other way) NO!!! YES!! Heinzy Backfire does nothing but backfire air out his rear end. What kind of steed does that? Sheesh!

Uh, one that does not blow fire out of its nose?!


ptiny2 Princess Petra, do you have any nicknames by other kids, maybe something like, perhaps, “PP?”

You’re funny. Why would anybody call me ‘PP’?  That would be rude. My initials are P.B.L. for Petra Brettania Longstride named after my Nan, Brettania May Longstride. You know, the storyteller. NOBODY calls me ‘PP’ and gets very far around here. Are you calling me, ‘PP’? Or are you just asking?

Why, just asking, of course, your highness, er  Your Knightly Highness.

All the better for you, I’d think.

as22Uh, okay, okay. Snarls, any nicknames?

No, but some people call Petra . . . ready for it? . . . Coyote.

Why Coyote? Does she occasionally howl?

ptiny2Of course I don’t howl. I’m a knight! Well, I do have very messy hair–I think that’s why they call me Coyote. What kind of knight has time for silly nice hair?                                             


Princess Petra, this question is for Snarls.  Story Book Times ran a feature– Excuse me! Who are you?

wlgI am the King’s magician waving arms around and I am here to stop this nonsense!

Someone get this clown out of here.

Hey, let go of me! Why I–

Thanks Bograt.          

As I was saying. Story Book Times ran a feature story on the writing of book 2 and mentioned your behavior, specifically you went missing for long periods of time during the editing phase, causing a longer release date. What do have to say about this?

ptiny2Well, I nearly had my foot chopped off by a wayward axe—that took awhile to heal. Then I had a crocodile to train at my cousin’s house. After that, Snarls had a bad rash on his backside that he couldn’t reach and I had to take care of . . .oh, you were asking Snarls.

Yes , Princess, again, the question is for Snarls.

Thanks a lot, “PP”. Way to go. Let the world know about my, umm . . . predicament. Darn nasty, itchy as22rash had me floating in the moat for weeks.                                                                    


Princess Petra, this question is for you. You have met many oddball characters on your trips through the forest. Who is your favorite, least favorite and why?

ptiny2Now look what you started? You got Snarls calling me “PP”. Really! I shouldn’t even answer your questions anymore if you’re going to make trouble. thinking  I guess I like Prince Nastybun the most because he danced with me. I don’t like that giant hawk that lives in The Forest of Doom—that hawk thinks he can just dive-bomb people. And besides, that hawk hangs out with a bunch of bees. I hate bees.

Thank you, and I am so sorry Snarls has adopted the nickname PP, your Highness PP.

Are you calling me “PP” and laughing at me?

I am laughing your magician over there, waving his hands like he has powers outside the book.

He is my father’s magician, not mine. Knights do not need magicians.

Snarls, who are your favorites and why?

as22I like Bograt. She doesn’t yammer on and on, and she likes onions, and I like onions. I need onions so I can create my world-famous onion recipes. You do know that I have a world-famous-onion-chef resume, right? I don’t much care for King Asterman—he’s kind of uptight, you know?

So, this King Asterman does not like any of your onion recipes? Speaking of onion recipes, what is the most common reaction when others eat your concoctions?

Well, of course, he does, everybody loves my cooking! I’m a world renowned chef  . . . what did you hear about my concoctions?

Uh, King Asterman, he said—

King Asterman is a blunder head!


Hm. Moving on. King Longstride,  what is it like having <–TO CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE–>

ptiny2Thank you for having us. I apologize for my trusted sneed, Snarls. He really makes a better steed than a dragon. Please read our newest book in the Adventures of Pen PieyuBook 2:  Sir Princess Petra’s (that’s me) Talent.

You can get a copy at Amabiga Barbs & Nobility, and the Castle Gift Shop. Oh, and probably a few places in your world, too.

ALL ILLUSTRATIONS BY SAMANTHA KICKINGBIRD, the official illustrator for The Adventures of Pen Pieyu Series.


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2012-07-13 08.57.08Author Diane Robinson has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. The author teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children, and is a tutor at the Creative Writing Institute. She also works full time at a dental office

The author’s first book in this series, Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won two prestigious awards: Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award (literary arts) and a Purple Dragonfly Book Award. The book is shortlisted for two other awards.

Author’s website at: http://www.dragonsbook.co

Author’s Blog  http://dianemaerobinson.com

Book Blog Tour for Ms. Diane Robinson and Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

Kid Lit Reviews is proud to sponsor the Book Blog Tour for Ms. Diane Robinson and her latest book, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent. This is the second book in The Pen Pieyu Adventures. Please follow the tour as it makes it way through these wonderful websites and blogs.

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2012-07-13 08.57.08.





Ms. Diane Robinson

Diane has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. The author teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children, and is a tutor at the Creative Writing Institute. She also works full time at a dental office

The author’s first book in this series, Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won two prestigious awards: Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award (literary arts) and a Purple Dragonfly Book Award. The book is shortlisted for two other awards.

Author’s website at: http://www.dragonsbook.co

Author’s Blog  http://dianemaerobinson.com

Excerpt: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

While the Kid Lit Reviews reviewer takes time off to recover from foot surgery, we are pleased to present a very special post from Diane Robinson’s soon to be released Sir Princess Petra’s Talent from her Pen Pieyu Adventure Series.  This is an excerpt from chapter one.

 talent lighter version      The Royal Rule Book, Again

Excerpt from Chapter 1

      .   .Petra awoke to the sound of the royal councilman’s bugle.  She hastily dressed in leggings and a tunic full of rips and holes from a recent jousting practice and scurried to the royal throne room.

.   ..   .The king and queen of Pen Pieyu sat on their ragged, leather thrones.  Her mother had a nervous look about her, and her father, a sly grin.  The royal councilman was running in circles until he came upon the royal rule book, which lay under Claymore, the royal mastiff.


.    .   .Somehow, Petra thought, the royal rule book looked much thicker than last she had seen it.  That could only mean trouble.  Petra rolled her eyes and gave a little moan.

.  . .   .“Father, Mother,” Petra said with a bow, “you summoned me?”

.   ..   .“Yes, my little Princess Knight,” her father replied, rather surly, as he watched the royal councilman point to a section in the royal rule book.  The king stood, cleared his throat, then bellowed out, “It is hereby written that all Princess Knights of the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu must attend Talent School before their tenth year of age.  They will be sent to the Land of Lost Donkeys and, under the instruction of King Asterman, learn a talent fit for a princess.  After which time, the hereby-said princess—meaning you—will return to the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu with a proper princess talent and a certificate.”

.   ..   .Petra felt her face flush and her manners fly out the window.  “That is ridiculous!  I am a royal knight since I have accomplished the deed of hushing the howling dragon, Snarls, in the Forest of Doom.  I should be treated as a royal knight and not this sissy princess stuff!  And, besides, you just wrote that part—”

.   ..   .“Silence!” the king roared.

.   ..   .The royal councilman’s eyes grew extremely wide.  He flipped the page of the royal book and scan0002backed away.

.   ..   .The king gave his you-had-better-be-quiet glare toward Petra, then continued to read, loudly,   “The hereby-said Princess Knight will acquire a talent certificate or be in forfeit of this royal rule.  Forfeiting this royal rule will entitle the royal magician to turn the hereby-said Princess Knight into a frog to live in the bogs for a period of five years.”  The king smirked and plopped back onto his chair.

.   ..   .“You made that all up!”  Petra gave her best that’s-not-fair stare.  “Our kingdom has never had a Princess Knight, nor any knight for that matter, before me.  And as if a person can be turned into a frog.”  She wondered about this for just a moment.  “At any rate, I would rather be a frog than learn to crochet!”  Petra blurted and crossed her arms.

Book 1: Sir Princess Petra proved to be an awarding experience for Ms. Robinson. She was awarded the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artists Award for Children’s Book Author, took 2nd place in the Purple Dragonfly Book awards for Children’s Chapter Book, and is a finalist in the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Awards for Children Grade K – 3rd.

Diane Robinson’s Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent will be available on September 24, 2013.  Starting then, she will also begin a book blog tour that will run until the 8th of October.  Kid Lit Reviews is pleased to review the book and interview one of the main characters, but also to host Ms. Robinson’s book blog tour.Finished #1

website:  http://www.dianemaerobinson.com/

blog:  http://www.dragonsbook.com/

Twitter:    @DianeMaeRobinso (not a typo – forget the ‘n’)
Once in a royal era, along comes a truly noble story that is charming and majestic, while embracing timeless values through a deeper message.

An honorable and worthy message about believing in yourself, the acceptance of others, and the grace of kindness.  This is that story.

talent lighter version.


Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

Diane Mae Robinson

Tate Publishing

September 24, 2013


#69 – Sir Princess Petra The Pen Pieyu Adventures by Diane Mae Robinson

 5 stars

Princess Petra’s birthday request sends the court into a frenzy, but when she agrees to undertake a knight’s quest they can’t stop her.  Armed with a cake knife and outfitted in the best royal pots and pans, Petra sets off to face a dragon and win her real armor before encountering a bog witch, and an army of the kingdom’s worst enemies.  Will Petra’s kindness and acceptance prove to be more valuable than weapons and armor?

Petra is the Princess of Pen Pieyu.  It is September ninth, Petra’s ninth birthday, more appropriately called her “royal birthday.”  Her father, the King, tells Petra she can have “anything your heart desires.”  So what does a little Princess choose?  Diamonds?  Jewels?  Barbie’s Palace?  A Royal Playground?  Nope, Petra decides she wants to become a knight.  The King tells her she cannot because not only is she a Princess, she is a . . . girl.

“Where is it written that a girl cannot be a knight?”  Petra asks.  They check the Royal Rulebook and no, nothing about a girl not being a knight.  Ah, but to be a knight, Petra must prove she is brave by performing an act of bravery.  She chooses to quiet the howling dragon.  Petra suits up in her temporary, makeshift armor and heads out to the Forest of Doom to hush Snarls.

Sir Princess Petra is one of those stories that will appeal to most everyone.  It is charmingly funny.  Petra sets out to prove she has what it takes to be a royal knight and proves she can do nearly anything.  Snarles, the howling dragon, is endearing and lovable.  If stuffed, sitting on a toy store shelf, every kid would want him.  The story is short enough to be read in one sitting, say at bedtime.  There are many opportunities for humorous, wacky, high-pitched voices, making Sir Princess Petra fun to read aloud.  The author’s imagination is appropriately childlike.  Petra is a child every parent will love.  I know a child would have sweet, funny dreams after hearing mom or dad read this at bedtime.

The illustrations are pencils drawings with wonderful shading and highlights.  Petra is a strong character, yet the artist renders her sweetly, catching the child’s emotions perfectly.  Snarls, the nasty, horrifying, dangerous dragon Petra sets out to conquer, looks the part until Petra sways him with her charms, and then helps him escape a predicament no one could expect.  It is just one plot twist, which will entertain and amuse the reader.  I hope Ms. Robinson continues her Pen Pieyu adventures.

Sir Princess Petra
Author:  Diane Mae Robinson
Illustrator: Samantha Kickingbird
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Publication Date: January 17, 2012
Number of Pages:  68
ISBN: 978-1-6134-6264-5



Chapter Books

If the link is broken, try the entry number [222] on Archive Page, where numbers are in descending order. {these numbers are a work-in-progress} If any of these links have errors, are wrong, or not working, please tell me. BB – board book; CB – chapter book; PB – picture book; MG – middle grade book;  *Starred Review. Thank you for your patience.


#BabyLove: My Social Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh [836]


Adventures of Tomato and Pea, #1: A Bad Idea By Erik Weibel [403]

Animal Fairy Tales #1:Goldiclucks and the Three Bears  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [330]
Animal Fairy Tales #2:Kitten Who Cried Dog, The  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon  [329]
Animal Fairy Tales #3:Little Red Riding Duck  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [343]
Animal Fairy Tales #4:Pandarella  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [342]
Animal Fairy Tales #5: Poodle and the Pea, The  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [341]

Ariel Bradley, Spy for General Washington by Lynda Durrant & Joe Rossi [410]



Charlie & Mouse by Laurel Snyder & Emily Hughes [1162]

Claude at the Beach by Alex T. Smith
Dewi and the Seeds of Doom



Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #1: Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso, David Blackwell & Samantha Yallope [617]
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #2 The Lemon Festival Fiasco by Julie Anne Grasso & Alexander Avellino [694]
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #3 Science Fair Sabotage by Julie Anne Grasso & Alexander Avellino [709]
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #4: Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist by Julie Anne Grasso & Alexander Avellino [817]



Hairytale Adventures, the: Alexia & Melvin #1: The Birthday Bear by Tevin Hansen [1246]
Hairytale Adventures, the: Alexia & Melvin Book #2: The Museum Guide by Tevin Hansen [1247]
Hairytale Adventures, the: Alexia & Melvin #3: The Zookeeper by Tevin Hansen [1248]









Pen Pieyu Adventures #1:

Pen Pieyu Adventures #2:

Pen Pieyu Adventures #3: Sir Princess Petra’s Mission by Diane Mae Robinson




Story of Diva and Flea by Mo Willems & Tony DiTerlizzi









#815 – The Night Parade by Johnny DePalma & Kyle Brown

This week has been busy, moving furniture around two rooms, setting up new televisions and sound. It was all more than I thought it would entail. Despite what is left to accomplish, KLR will be back on track come Monday (4-5 reviews / M-F).

I am looking for bloggers interested in joining a book blog tour for Diane Robinson’s third installment in The Pen Pieyu Adventures:  Sir Princess Petra’s Mission. The chapter book will be available as a PDF, and eBook, or a physical copy. The tour will run in March. Diane is also running a contest for bloggers who review her book. Interested Email me at smorris@kid-lit-reviews.com

petra book 3Synopsis: Sir Princess Petra has already attained her Knighthood  in the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu and her non-princess-like Talent Certificate from Talent School, neither of which pleases her father, the king. The king writes up more silly rules in the royal rule book to deter Sir Princess Petra from her knightly ways and useless talent , and turn her into a real princess once and for all.

Today’s review is for The Night Parade, an interesting bedtime tale about dreams and nightmares. Where do they go? Will they return?

the night parade coer The Night Parade
Written by Johnny DePalma
Illustrated by Kyle Brown
Umbrelly Books    9/14/2015
40 pages    Ages 4—8

“DePalma’s latest rhyming masterpiece, The Night Parade, has the distinct feeling of an instant classic. With stunning illustrations by Kyle Brown that beautifully capture and blend the orchestrated chaos and whimsy of a world where dreams and nightmares run free. This simple, yet elegant tale reminds both the young, and the young at heart, that our dreams are always out there, waiting for us to find them.” [amazon description]

The Night Parade is a rhyming bedtime story about where your dreams go and why they are often difficult to remember come morning’s light. The Night Walker, for lack of an established name, roams the streets at night, gathering dreams, keeping them hidden, leaving you wondering if you even dreamt. He gathers all the nightmares and most of the good dreams, but can, on occasion, leave a “strange or exciting” dream “for you to ponder.”


The beautiful illustrations are in shades of purple, giving the scenes a definite night-time feel. As the “Night Walker” gathers dreams they float behind him as he walks the streets. All sorts of objects represent these dreams (rocket, unicorn, elephant, lion, toy train, and a crown, among others), including clouds shaped as objects. The image on the cover (also an interior page) is of a dream breaking through a bedroom window. That is a tad disturbing.


The rhyming has a good meter and is well-written, though the story could have ended at several points. Instead, the last three spreads drag on, as if it is searching for a way to end itself. I am not quite sure how these dreams, taken and placed in safe hiding, come true, yet the last verse says it is so.

“So, sleep, my child, for when you wake,
your dreams have all come true.
They’re out there playing hide-and-seek,
just waiting there for you.”

7 (2)

The Night Parade tries hard to be a fable, but I think the abstract, almost absurd concepts jumble the overall message. The Night Walker takes away our nightmares—a good thing for kids—and then the dreams—“consider it a favor”—to keep our brains uncluttered and “protected from the nightmares.” The author is trying to reassure kids that bedtime and dreaming are safe and often wondrous. Adults that enjoy abstract, artsy picture books will love The Night Parade. (Illustrator Kyle Brown’s first children’s book.)

THE NIGHT PARADE. Text copyright © 2015 by Johnny DePalma. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Kyle Brown. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Umbrelly Books, Campbell, CA.

Purchase The Night Parade at AmazonBook DepositoryIndieBound BooksApple BooksUmbrelly Books.

Find The Night Parade on Goodreads HERE.
The Night Parade Facebook page is HERE.

Meet the author, Johnny DePalma, at his website:  http://johnnydepalma.com/
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Guest Post: Children’s Book Categories by Diane Mae Robinson

Today’s post is a guest post by Diane Mae Robinson, award-winning author of the Pen Pie Yu Series with Sir Princess Petra and her trusty steed, Snarls. I appreciate Diane filling in at the last moment after I awoke with the yuckies. Diane is reviewing genres in children’s writing.

NOW, with a cough and a wheeze), I present Ms. Diane Robinson!  yeah! yeah! cough. yeah.

Book Categories in Children’s Books

There are several different types of children book categories and sub-categories. The writing style and word count is different in each type of category. The following list is a general guideline of the categories, and these guidelines may vary by publisher.

Board books/ Toy books:  Ages newborn to 3 years. These books are for the youngest of listeners and are meant to engage their minds in learning with textures, pop ups, flaps, noise makers, and lively illustrations. The words in these books are more about the sound they make when spoken by the reader. These books can have one word or just a few words per page.

Toddler books/ Concept books: Ages 3 – 5 years. Introducing basic learning through shapes, colors, alphabets, animals, and people, these books have a stronger emphasis on the words than the previous category.  The images and interaction of the book are still the main focus for the child. These books average 200 – 300 words and are often in the form of the board book format.

Early picture books:  Ages 4 – 6 years. Often referred to as picture story books,these are books written to be read to preschool and kindergarten children. The words are still simple but more intriguing with their sounds.  The word count is between 200 – 1000 words with just a few lines per page and a simple plot. The color illustrations on every page are still the main focus for telling of the story. Pages vary as per content–usually less than 32 pages.

Picture books/Easy readers:  Ages 5 -7 years.  Early picture book are books written for children just starting to read on their own. These books have between 500- 1500 simple words (1000 words being the average) and have a stronger focus on an entertaining story through the story’s action and dialogue. Color illustrations are still on every page or every other page. These books are usually 32 pages.

Early chapter books:  Age 6 – 9 or 7 – 10 years. The story is divided into chapter of 2 – 3 pages per chapter.  The plotting and characters become more complex than a picture book, but not too much that the child loses interest.  Theme and style of writing grab the child’s attention. Most chapter books for this age group still include some illustrations, usually black and white, but not on every page. The word count can be up to 10,000 words and up to 65 pages.

Middle grade chapter books: Written for children 8 – 12 years of age, the characters and plotting of the story becomes more complex as the topics have a wider range and the writer has more leeway to include some narration and descriptive setting, introduce more characters, and add dramatic effects to the theme and style of writing.  Chapters are 3 -4 pages each with few illustrations or no illustrations. Kid get hooked on character at this stage of reading. Word count can be up to 20,000 words within 65 – 200 pages.

Young adult books: Often referred to as YA books or  juvenille novels, are written for readers 12 and up, 14 and up, and 17 – 18 years.Topics and language vary greatly. Most YA books have an adolescent protagonist where the focus is on plotting, character and setting, while theme and style often take second place. Plotting can have subplots with several major characters, although, one character should still emerge as the focus of the story. Harry Potter books are consider YA novels.

Whatever age group your intended audience, the main character of your story should be a little older than the intended audience.

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Guest Post: Point of View Storytelling by Diane Mae Robinson

Welcome Diane Robinson

Author of The Pen Pieyu Adventures

Point of View in Storytelling

petra edit 

Point of View (P.O.V.) in a story depends on how the main character is presented.

In first person, the book is told directly by the main character:
I am a dragon. I entertain people. That is my destiny.

In second person, the story is presented as if the reader is the main character:
You get dresses, you eat breakfast, you go wrestle a dragon—it’s all in a day’s work.

In third person, the main character is referred to by name:
Petra wondered at this for a moment. “Really? Is it possible that a dragon could be turned into a frog? “

First Person Narrative
First person point of view instantly connects the reader with the main character, but often results in too much “telling” and not enough “showing.”
In the First person point of view, it is difficult to write about the physical description of the main character. In older writings writer’s reverted to the “looked in the mirror” description, which is shunned in modern writing.
First person point of view does allow the humor and thoughts of the main character to come through and the reader connects more readily with the main character.

Second Person Narrative

Second Person point of view is the least used form of writing books. Second person P.O.V. is difficult to maintain throughout a whole book and can produce awkward prose. This point of view is best used in blog posts.

Third Person Narrative

 Third Person P.O.V. is the most common form of narration.

Third person restricted has nearly as much closeness with the main character as first person but it is easier to avoid too much telling. The challenge to third person restricted is to keep the views only of the main character and not getting into and telling the thoughts of other characters.

One challenge with third person restricted is limiting the story to scenes where the main character is present. This often requires creative plotting; to write the scenes around the main character. But doing so usually works out better than switching viewpoint characters. Switching viewpoint characters can and is done, but the difficulty of sustaining alternative views is that the reader can get lost within the different character’s identities.

Third Person omniscient is the rarest form of writing because it tends to obscure the main character. This type of P.O.V. knows all, and the writer reads into the thoughts of both minor and major characters. The reader does gain obscure knowledge of  the other characters, but the more times a writer switches the P.O.V., the less the reader will care about the main character.

A few other points on P.O.V.

book 1mm
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Reviews by Title

If the link is broken, try the entry number [222] on Archive Page, where numbers are in descending order. {these numbers are a work-in-progress} If any of these links have errors, are wrong, or not working, please tell me. Thank you for your patience.

BB – board book; CB – chapter book; PB – picture book; MG – middle grade book; GN – Graphic Novel; P – Poetry; H – Holiday;  *Starred Review.

5 Minute Brain Workout for Kids, The by Kim & Jon Chamberlin [803] MG
5 Worlds #1: The Sand Warrior by Siegel, Bouma, Rockefeller, & Sun [1178] GN
11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph by Darcy Pattison [201] PB
43 Old Cemetery Road #3: Till Death Do Us Bark by Kate Klise & M. Sarah Klise [12] MG
#BabyLove: My Social Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh [836] BB

ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby [42] BB
Abe’s Lucky Day by Jill Warren [54] PB
About Habitats: Forests by Cathryn Sill & John Sill [520] PB
About Parrots: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill & John Sill [626] PB
Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub by Darci Pattison & Kitty Harvill [545] PB
ABC Dancing! An Animal Alphabet by Sabrina Moyle & Eunice Moyle [1274] BB,
Adventures at Walnut Grove: #1: A Lesson in Teasing by Dana Lehman & Judy Lehman [596] PB
Adventures at Walnut Grove: #2: I Double Dare You!by Dana Lehman & Judy Lehman [597] PB
Adventures at Walnut Grove: #3: I Can Do It by Dana Lehman & Judy Lehman [598] PB
Adventures of Caramel Cardamom #2:  Return to Cardamomby Julie Anne Grasso [368] MG
Adventures of Enzo,The #12: Enzo and the Little Lamb by Sonia Colasse & Sarah Bainton [348] BB
Adventures of Horatio Hedgehog,The #1: Horatio’s New House by Pam Newman & Michelle Holland [357] BB
Adventures of Lily & Ava, The #1: New Friendships by Gordon Briley & Jim Dombrowski [565] PB
Adventures of Loveable Lobo, The #1:Lobo and Popo Fool The Pack by C.L. Murphy [207] PB
Adventures of Lovable Lobo, The #2 :  Visits the Barnyard by C.L. Murphy [286] PB
Adventures of Lovable Lobo, The #3 :  Lobo Finds Bigfoot by C.L. Murphy [351] PB
Adventures of Lovable Lobo, The #4:  Lobo’s Howliday by C.L. Murphy [472] PB
Adventures of Lovable Lobo, The #5:  Lobo Goes to the Galapagos by C.L. Murphy [641] PB
Adventures of Sasha and Malia at the White House, The by Carol Francois, Peter Segal & Jay Mazhar [55] PB
Adventures of Tomato and Pea, The #1: A Bad Idea  by Erik Weibel [403]
Ah Ha!  by Jeff Mack [427] MG
Al and Teddy by Neil Waldman [366] PB
Alexis and the Tahoe Tumult by Ericas Rodgers [26] MG
Alibi’s Ghost: The Larger-than-Life, Small World of a Medium’s Daughter 
Alien Dude! #2: Mr. Evil Potato Man and the Food Fight! by E. K. Smith & Peter Grosshauser [676] GN
All About  Boats: A to Z by David & Zora Aiken  [179] PB
All Mixed-Up: A Motley Horde of Funny Poems by Shane D. Williams [159] P
All Shook Up! by Alain Crozon [737] BB

All the Birds in the World by David Opie [1285] PB
All the Colors/De colores by Susie Jaramillo [1282]BB
All the Wrong Questions, Book 1: “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” by Lemony Snicket [241] MG
Alphabetabum: An Album of Rare Photographs and Medium Verses by Chris Raschka & Vladimir Radunsky [xxx] PB
Always Be You by Ioana Stoian & Dawn M. Cardona  [1211] PB
Amazing Adventures of Andy McBean, The, #1: Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds by Dale Kutzera [669] MG
An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel #8:  Hotdogger by Karla Oceanak & Kendra Spanjer [462] MG
An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel #9: Ignoramus   by Karla Oceanak & Kendra Spanjer [482] MG
An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel, #10:  Jackpot  by Karla Oceanak & Kendra Spanjer [637] MG
An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel, #11: Kerfuffle by Karla Oceanak & Kendra Spanjer [757] MG
Animal Andy by Kathy Sattem Rygg [200] MG
Animal Ark by Joel Sartore & Kwame Alexander [1132] PB</small
Animals Brag About Their Bottoms by Maki Saito [1312] PB
Animal Fairy Tales #1:Goldiclucks and the Three Bears  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [330] PB
Animal Fairy Tales #2:Kitten Who Cried Dog, The  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon  [329] PB
Animal Fairy Tales #3:Little Red Riding Duck  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [343] PB
Animal Fairy Tales #4:Pandarella  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [342] PB
Animal Fairy Tales #5: Poodle and the Pea, The  by Charlotte Guillain & Dawn Beacon [341] PB
Animal Friends #1:  Barnyard Jamboree! by Junzo Terada  [1109] BB
Animal Friends #2:  Swimming Hole Party! by Junzo Terada  [1110] BB
Any Which Way by Annastaysia Savage [17] MG
Apples and Robins by Lucie Félix [835] PB
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Ariel Bradley, Spy for General Washington by Lynda Durrant & Joe Rossi [410] PB
Ariol #1: Just a Donkey Like You and Me by Emmanuel Guibert, Marc Boutavant & Joe Johnson [276] GN, MG
Arrivedeci, Crocodile or See You Later, Alligator by Fred Marcellino & Eric Puybaret [1183] PB,
Assassination and its Aftermath: How a Photograph Reassured a Shocked Nation
At the Same Moment, Around the World

Babushka: A Christmas Tale by Dawn Casey and Amanda Hall [1052] PB
Baby’s Guide to Surviving DAD, A by Benjamin Bird & Tiago Americo [819] BB
Back-and-Forth Books: Busy Little Dinosaurs by Beth Schwartz, Lynn Seresin  & Luciana Navarro Powell [702] BB
Back-and-Forth Books:  Ten Playful Tigers by Beth Schwartz, Lynn Seresin  & Luciana Navarro Powell [703] BB
Balderdash! by Michelle Markel & Nancy Carpenter [1125] PB
Ball Book: Footballs, Meatballs, Eyeballs, & More Balls!, The by Joshua David Stein & Marcus Oakley [1200] PB
Bambino and Me, The by Zachary Hyman & Zachary Pullen [xxx] PB
Barking Family Christmas, The by Edward Beedham [786]
Bark Park by Karen Gray Ruelle [xxx] PB
Bartholomew Quill by Thor Hanson & Dana Arnim [844]
Bathtime with Ducky Duckling by Lucy Cousins [1256] BB
Batman is Brave!
Beach House by Deanna Caswell & Amy June Bates [xxx] PB
Bear and Bunny by Daniel Pinkwater & Will Hillenbrand [xxx] PB
Bear’s Big Bottom by Steve Stallman & Emma Yarlett [xxx] PB
Bear’s Sea Escape, The by Benjamin Chaud [606] [xxx] PB
Bear’s Song, The by Benjamin Chaud [426] PB
Bear’s Surprise, The by Benjamin Chaud [730] PB
Beastly Verse by Joohee Yoon [853] P
Bedtime Stories from the Animal Kingdom by Andie Wilson & Afsaneh Bagherloo [1251]
Before & After by Jean Jullien [xxx] BB
Belly Laugh Jokes for Kids – Sky Pony Press & Bethany Straker [807] MG
Belly Laugh Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids – Sky Pony Press & Bethany Straker [808] MG
Beneath the Sun by Melissa Stewart & Constance R. Bergum [xxx]
Benjamin Franklin’s Wise Words by K. M. Kostyal & Fred Harper [1124] PB
Benny Breakiron #1: Red Taxis,The by Peyo [xxx] GN, MG
Benny Breakiron #2:Madame Adolphine  by Peyo [xxx] GN, MG
Berenson Schemes, The #2:  Jack the Castaway by Lisa Doan & Ivica Stevanovic [xxx] CB
Berenson Schemes, The #2: Jack and the Wild Life by Lisa Doan & Ivica Stevanovic [xxx] CB
Best Part of Christmas, The by Bethanie Deeney Murguia [790] PB
Between Two Ends by
Be You! by Peter H. Reynolds [1260] PB,
Big Adventures of Tiny House, The by Susan Schaefer Bernardo & Courtenay Fletcher [1149] PB
Big Bear Little Chair by Lizi Boyd [783] PB
Big Book of Beasts, The by Yuval Zommer [1146]
Big Book of Hugs, The by Nick Ortner, Alison Taylor, & Michelle Polizzi [811]
Big Book of Superheroes, The by Bart King & Greg Paprocki [xxx] MG
Bigfoot is Missing – J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt & MinaLima [xxx] P
Big Kid Power #1:  Bye-Bye Binky by Maria van Lieshout [859] BB
Big Kid Power #2:  I Use the Potty by Maria van Lieshout [860] BB
Big Little Hippo by Valeri Gorbachev [1141] PB
Big Papa and the Time Machine by Daniel Bernstrom & Shane W. Evans [1239] PB
Black & White Nighty-Night by Sarah Jones [xxx] BB
Black Hawk,The: A Boy and His Vision
Blowin’ in the Wind
Blow It Up! – by Erin Edison [xxx] BB
Blue Skies by Anne Bustard [1273] MG, HF
Blue Songbird, The by Vern Kousky [1134] PB
Blue Whale Blues by Peter Carnavas
Boa’s Bad Birthday by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross [xxx] PB
Bob the Artist by Marion Deuchars [861] PB
Boogeyman: A Monstrous Fairytale, the by Shane Berryhill [1275] MG
Bolivar Eats New York: A Discovery Adventure™ by Sean Rubin [1213] GN
Bonjour Camille by Felipe Cano & Laia Aguilar [xxx] PB
Book-O-Beards (Wearable Books) by Lemke & Lentz [xxx] BB
Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman & Sarah Watts [xxxx] MG,
Boon on the Moon by John Huddles [1277] MG, *
Box of Peanuts Holiday Wisdom, A by Charles M. Schultz [1064] BB
Boy Who Cried Ninja, The
Boy Who Swam with Piranhas, The 
Bowls of Happiness – The China Institute in America [814] BB
Bow-Wow-Meow from NubeOcho [1169] BB
(Britta and Bella Beach Series #3): Bella Saves the Beach

Brother Hugo and the Bear by Katy Beebe & S. D. Schindler [xxx]
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (50th Anniv. Ed.) by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle [1175]  PB
Brownstone, The by Paula Scher and Stan Mack [842] PB
Buck the Chuck #1: The Fight for Freedom by Lynn & Jeff Yelton [1232] PB
Bubble Collector,The
Buddy Files Book,The #1: Case of the Lost Boy
Bulldozer Helps Out by Candace Fleming & Eric Rohmann [1173] PB
Bunnies Near and Far
Burglar Boy
Busy Baby: Friends (Think & Touch Series) by Sara Gillingham [xxx] BB
Busy Baby: Trucks (Think & Touch Series) by Sara Gillingham [xxx] BB

Calvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore
Camps Covered Secrets by K.G. Whitaker
Can an Aardvark Bark? by Melissa Stewart & Steve Jenkins [1179]

Candy Mafia, The by Lavie Tidhar & Daniel Duncan [1314] MG, GN,
Can I Come Too? – Brian Patten & Nicola Bayley
Can I Join Your Club? by John Kelly & Steph Laberis [1142]
Can I Tell You Secret by Anna Kang & Christopher Weyant [799]
Can’t Catch Calico by Elliot Carlson & Kevin McHugh [801]
Can’t Wait to Show You: A Celebration for Mothers-to-Be by Jacqueline Boyle and Susan Lupone Stonis
Car Models That Go Zoom: Creativity in Motion by Ed Sobey
Case of the Missing Carrot Cake,The by Robin Newman & Deborah Zemke
Case of the Stinky Stench, The by Josh Funk & Brendan Kearney [1157]
Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia by Michael Arndt
Cat Who Lost His Meow, The by Angela Muse & Helen H. Wu
Catwoman Counting (DC Board Books) by Benjamin Bird & Ethen Beavers
Cat versus Human
Caught Stealing by Jake Maddox [871]
Charlie & Mouse by Laurel Snyder & Emily Hughes [1162]
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Really Nice Gnome by Bill Harley & Adam Gustavson    
Charlie Bumper vs the Teacher of the Year by Bill Harley & Adam Gustavson
Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation by Stuart Gibbs [1189]
Charley Harper’s Animal Alphabet by Zoe Burker & Charley Harper
Charley Harper’s Count the Birds by Zoe Burker & Charley Harper
Charley Harper’s Book of Colors by Zoe Burker & Charley Harper
Cheshire Cheese Cat,The: A Dickens of a Tale
Chicken, Pig, and Cow’s First Fight
Chickens Build a Wall,The
Children of the Fae, Book 1: The Changeling Quest
Chrissie’s Shell

Christmas in America by Callista Gingrich & Susan Arciero [789]
Christmas Eve Tree, The by Delia Huddy and Emily Sutton [1061]
Christmas Story, The
Chronicles of Egg,The #1:
Deadweather & Sunrise
Chronicles of Egg,The #2: New Lands
Chronicle of Egg, The #3: Blue Sea Burning
Chuck and Woodchuck by Cece Bell [822]
City Spies by John Ponti [1267] MG,
Classics Illustrated Deluxe #9: Scrooge: A Christmas Carol & A Remembrance of Mugby
Claude, a Dog of the Sixties by Katherine L. Holmes [806]
Claude at the Beach by Alex T. Smith
Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light</span
Cock-a-Doodle Oops!
Color of Bones, The
Colt Humboldt and the Close of Death by T. A. Anderson
Connect the Thoughts, A Journal: Dot Your Life — Free Your Mind
Cool Summer Tail, A
(Cooper’s Travel Pack Guides) Alaska
(Cooper’s Travel Pack Guides) New York
(Cooper’s Travel Pack Guides) San Francisco
Cousins and Robbers: Tales of Black Jack Jetty by Michael A. Carestio
Crazy by Linda Vigen Phillips
Creature Colors by Andrew Zuckerman
Creature Numbers by Andrew Zuckerman
Crow Made a Friend (I Like to Read®) by Margaret Peot
Crush It! – by Erin Edison
Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide by Kelly Milner Halls & Rick Spears [1212]
Cryptozoology for Beginners by Euphemia Whitmore, Matt Harry, & Juliane Crump [1242] * MG
Custom Confections: Delicious Desserts You Can Create and Enjoy! by Jen Besel

Daddy Depot by Chana Stiefel and Andy Snair [1181]
Daddy Dreams by Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben [1144]
Daddy Wrong-Legs by Nina Laden [586]
Dance Class #2: Romeo and Juliet
Daniel and Ismail by by Juan Pablo Iglesias & Alex Peris [1191]
Daring Coast Guard Rescue of the Pendleton Crew, The
Daring Prince Dashing, The by Marilou T. Reeder & Karl West [818]
Dark Lord Clementine,The by Sarah Jean Horwitz [1194]
David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon & Kalpart [1273] PB
Day We Went to the Park, The by Linda Stephen & Christine Manno [1231]
(DC Super Heroes) Bedtime for Batman by Michael Dahl & Ethen Beavers
Dear Wandering Wildebeest: And Other Poems from the Water Hole by Irene Latham & Anna Wadham
Desert Baths by Darcy Pattison & Kathleen Rietz [218]

Detective LB and Hopper #1: The Case of the Missing Chocolate Frogs by Janey Gaston & Anil Tortop [1311] PB
Dessert Designer: Creations You Can Make and Eat!
Dewi and the Seeds of Doom
Diego’s Dragon #1: Spirits of the Sun
Dino-Basketball  by Lisa Wheeler
Dino-Boarding by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott
Dinosaur Surprise by Agnese Baruzzi [1262] BB
Dirtmeister’s Nitty Gritty Planet Earth by Steve Tomecek & Fred Harper
Dixie Wants an Allergy by Tori Corn & Nancy Cote
Dog Chronicles: Darling, Mercy Dog of World War I
Dog Wearing Shoes, A by Sangmi Mo [781]
Do Not Open the Box! by Timothy Young [857]
Don’t Check Out This Book by Kate Klise & M. Sarah Klise [1259] MG
Don’t Dangle Your Participle
Don’t Feed the Boy
Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite
Don’t Turn the Page by Rachelle Burk & Julie Downing
Doris the Bookasaurus by Diana Murray & Yuyi Chen [1158]
Double Reverse by Fred Bowen
Dragon and Captain by P. R. Allabach & Lucas Turnbloom
Dragons of Pan Gu,The
Dragon of the Month Club, The by Iain Reading [791]
Draw the Magic Red Fairy
Dream Dealer,The
Dream Dragon, The by Kathryn England & Valeria Issa
Dress Me! by Sarah Frances Hardy
Drew and Jot, #1: Dueling Doodles by Art Baltazar [1233] GN,
Druthers by Matt Phelan [xxxx] MG,

Duck and Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers by Julia Woolf [1309] PB, *
Dump Truck Duck by Megan E. Bryant & Jo de Ruiter

Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown
Eddie and Ellie’s Opposites by Daniel Nunn & Steve Walker
Edgar and the Tattle-Tale Heart by Jennifer Adams & Ron Stucki
E-I-E-I-O: How Old MacDonald Got His Farm with a Little Help From a Hen
Elephant of Frimley, The – by Nicholas Rawls and Louise Jewell  [1176]
Elephants at the Airport: Once Upon a Time in Zimbabwe
Eli the Good by Silas House [xxx] MG
Elliot Stone and the Mystery of the Summer Vacation Sea Monster
(Engineering Marvels) Building the Golden Gate Bridge by Blake Hoena
Ernest & Rebecca #3: Grandpa Bug
Everybody’s Baby by Karissa Bettendorf [1236]
Evil Fairies Love Hair by Mary G. Thompson
Extinct: An Illustrated Exploration of Animals That Have Disappeared by Lucas Riera & Jack Tite [1228]PB, NF, MG

Family (and Frog!) Haggadah, The by Rabbi Ron Isaacs, Karen Rostoker-Gruber, & Jackie Urbanovic [1138] PG, H
Fantastic Fugitives by Brianna DuMont [827]
Father’s Chinese Opera by Rich Lo
Fat and Bones And Other Stories – Larissa Theule & Adam S. Doyle
Field Guide to Little Known and Seldom Seen Birds of North America, A, 2nd Ed. by Cathryn & John Sill [438]
Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick & Sophie Blackall [833]
Firebird Chronicles,The #1: Rise of the Shadow Stealers
Fish You Were Here by Colleen Af Venable & Stephanie Yue
Follow Me, Flo by Jarvis [1268] PB
Flashlight – Lizi Boyd
Flat Rabbit, The – Bárður Oskarsson
Flippin’ Awesome: Water Bottle Flip Games by Sarah Doughty [1062]
Flora and the Chicks: A Counting Book by Molly Idle  [1108]
Flora and the Flamingo  by Molly Idle
Flora and the Peacocks by Molly Idle [854]
Flora and the Penguin  by Molly Idle
F!y! by Mark Teague [1217] PB
Flying Through History #1: Calvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore
Follow-Along Book: Hop, Hop Bunny by Betty Schwartz, Lynn Seresin & Neiko Ng [684]
Foot in the Mouth: Poems to Speak, Sing, and Shout, A
Forgotten Crayon, the by Yoko Maruyama [1250]
Fowl Play by Travis Nichols
Fox Wish, The by Kimiko Aman & Komako Sakai  [1114]
Frankenstein Journals, The #1: Feet First & I for an Eye  by Scott Sonneborn & Timothy Banks
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #1: Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso, David Blackwell & Samantha Yallope [617]
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #2 The Lemon Festival Fiasco by Julie Anne Grasso & Alexander Avellino [694]
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #3 Science Fair Sabotage by Julie Anne Grasso & Alexander Avellino [709]
Frankie Dupont Mystery Series #4: Frankie Dupont and the High Seas Heist by Julie Anne Grasso & Alexander Avellino [817]
FRED by Kaila Eunhye Seo
Freddy Ramos Makes a Splash
Freedom Pen,TheFreedom Soup by Tami Charles & Jacqueline Alcántara [1240]
—full and —less, —er and —ness: What is a Suffix? by Brian Cleary & Martin Goneau
Funny Thing Happened at the Museum, A . . . by Davide Cali & Benjamin Chaud [1120]
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School… by Davide Cali & Benjamin Chaud [670]
Fun Party Food: Little Chef Recipes
Furry and Flo, #1: The Big Hairy Deal
Furry Oscar Finds a Home by Sue Tomko and Jeff Kriberscheck [846]

Gallery Eleven Twenty-Two
Garden of My Imaan, The
George Ferris’ Grand Idea: The Ferris Wheel by Jenna Glatzer & Stephanie Dominguez
Geronimo Stilton #11: We’ll Always Have Paris
Ghost in Me,The
Girl Called Problem, A
Gollywood Here I Come!
Good Dog, The by Todd Kessler & Jennifer Gray Olson [805]
Good Night, Baddies by Deborah Underwood and Juli Kangas [864]
Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code by Laurie Wallmark & Katy Wu [1166]
Great Big Cuddle, A by Michael Rosen & Chris Riddell [802]
Greatest Guru in All the World by Jojo Wood [820]
Greta and Boris: A Daring Rescue
Groggle’s Monster Valentine by Diana Murray and Bats Langley [1090]
Grudge Keeper, The  by Mara Rockliff & Eliza Wheeler
Guardian Herd, The #1: Starfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
Guardian Herd, The #2: Stormbound by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Hairytale Adventures, the: Alexia & Melvin #1: The Birthday Bear by Tevin Hansen [1246]
Hairytale Adventures, the: Alexia & Melvin Book #2: The Museum Guide by Tevin Hansen [1247]
Hairytale Adventures, the: Alexia & Melvin #3: The Zookeeper by Tevin Hansen [1248]
Hana’s Suitcase, Anniversary Album  by Karen Levine [xxxx] PB
Happy Dreamer by Peter Reynolds [1172]
Harrison Loved His Umbrella by Rhoda Levine and Karla Kuskin [867]
Harvey the Hero by Hrefna Bragadottir [1167]
Hatch, Little Egg by Édouard Manceau
Hattie Peck: The Journey Home by Emma Levey [1127]
Hazel and Twig #2: The Lost Egg by Brenna Burns Yu [1272] PB, H, *
Hear My Roar: A Story of Family Violence
Hello There, We’ve Been Waiting for You!
Here Comes Destructo-Saurus!
Heroes of the Year
Henry Helps the Baby
Here Comes Santa Cat by Deborah Underwood & Claudia Rueda [787] PB, H
Here Comes Valentine Cat by Deborah Underwood & Claudia Rueda [823] PB, H
Hex Vet #2: The Flying Surgery by Sam Davies [1229] GN
Hidden Treasures: 50 States of Fun
Hide and Seek
Highest Number in the World, The by Roy MacGregor & Geneviève Després
Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep by Robin Newman & Chris Ewald [825]
Hocus Pocus Hotel #2: The Return of Abracadabra
¡Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay [1083]
Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park, The
Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt by Educational Insights & Lucia Gaggiotti [1266] BB, H
Horrible Bear by Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora [856]
Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms: Magic, Mystery and a Very Strange Adventure
Hotel Between, The #2: The Key of Lost Things by Sean Easley [1201]
House Arrest by K.A. Holt [779]
House in Windward Leaves, The
House of Secrets,The #1  by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini
House of Secrets #2: Battle of the Beasts by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini
House on Dirty-Third Street, The
Howard B. Wigglebottom and Manners Matters by Howard Binkow & Taillefer Long
How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton [1044]
How to Catch the Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton [1137]
How to Keep Your Helicopter by Ben Greene & CC Pearce [834]
How to Read a Story by Kate Messner & Mark Siegel

I Can Dance by Betsy Snyder
I Can Play by Betsy Snyder
I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs
I’d Choose You by John Trent & Judy Love
I Didn’t Do My Homework Because… by Davide Cali & Benjamin Chaud [508]
I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty & Mike Boldt [778]
I’d Rather be Riding My Bike
If An Elephant Went to School by Ellen Fischer & Laura Wood
If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree by Eric Gibbons & 30 Art Teachers [798]
Ifs, The
If It Rains Pancakes: Haiku and Lantern Poems by Brian P. Cleary & Andy Rowland
If You Were a Dog by Jamie A. Swenson & Chris Raschka
I Got You a Present! by Mike Erskine-Kellie, Susan McLennan & Cale Atkinson [1281] PB
I Love You Infinity by Jillian, Max, and Sam Schmidt
I Love You, Too! by Michael Foreman
Inside the Olympics
In the Middle of the Night by Michael Arnold [1264] PB
In This Book – Fani Marceau & Joёlle Jolivet
Inventor’s Secret, The by Suzanne Slade & Jennifer Black Reinhardt [800]
Invisible Inkling by Emily Jenkins & Harry Bliss
Is It Big or Is It Little?
Island Horse The
Island of Beyond by Elizabeth Atkinson [830]
Is Worry Worrying You? by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz & Marie LeTourneau
Is It the Same for You? by Neha Singh & Priya Sebastian [1241] *
It Began With a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way by Kyo Maclear & Julie Morstad [1195]
I Want to Be a Lion Tamer by Ruby Brown and Alisa Coburn [843]
I Will Dance by Nancy Bo Flood & Julianna Swaney [1284] PB,
I Will Never Get a Star on Mrs. Benson’s Blackboard by Jennifer K. Mann
I Wish I Had
I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein & Kerascoёt
Jack Templar#1: Monster Hunter 
Jack Templar #2: Monster Academy
Jackson and Julie: 12 Month Chefs, a Holiday Cookbook for Families
Jack the Boogey is My Real Name: the Truth About “The Boogeyman” by Chase & Davon Washington & Ana-Gabriela Stroe
Jake the Fake Keeps it Real by Craig Robinson, Adam Mansbach, & Keith Knight [1133]
(Jake Maddox Sports Stories) Caught Stealing by Brandon Terrell & Aburtov
Jake & Moon Granny: Space Pirate Panic! by Jaye Seymour & Alma Borrego Martinez
Jars of Hope by Jennifer Ray & Meg Owenson
Jesper Jinx, #1 by Marko Kitti
Jonah and the Last Great Dragon #1: Legend of the Heart Eaters
Journey Under the Arctic (Fabien Cousteau Expeditions #2) by James O. Fraioli, Fabien Cousteau, & Joe St. Pierre [1283] GN, MG,
Jules vs. the Ocean by Jessie Simar [1278] PB
Jumbie God’s Revenge, The by Tracey Baptiste [1182]
Jump! – Julia Dweck & Brian Allen
Jumping Jack by Germano Zullo & Albertine
Juneteenth for Mazie by Floyd Cooper
Junket is Nice

Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North by Dan Bar-El & Kelly Pousette [1309] MG

Katie Woo’s Big Idea Journal: A Place for Your best Stories, Drawings, and Plans by Fran Manushkin & Tammie Lyon
Kat McGee Adventures #1: Mrs. Claus and the School of Christmas Spirit
Kat McGee Adventures #2:  Halloween Costume Caper
Ketzel, the Cat who Composed by Lesléa Newman & Amy June Bates
Kid Legends Series #1: Kid Presidents: True tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents by David Stabler & Doogie Horner [697]
Kid Legends Series #2: Kid Athletes:  True Tales of Childhood from Sports Legends by David Stabler & Doogie Horner [794]
Kid Legends Series #6: Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change by Robin Stevenson & Allison Steinfeld [1210]
Kids’ Coloring Book: No Adults Allowed!,The by Lemke, Donald Ed. [1100]
King’s Ransom,The
Klampie Mystery
Knees: The Mixed-Up World of a Boy with Dyslexia
Knights Before Christmas, The by Joan Holub & Scott Magoon [792]
Knights’ Tales, The #3: Adventures of Sir Gawain the True, The by Gerald Morris & Aaron Renier
Knock It Down! by Erin Edison
Know-Nonsense Guide to Grammar, The by Heidi Fiedler & Brendan Kearney [1147]
Kooky Crumbs by J. Patrick Lewis and Mary Uhles [848] PB, P
Krabat & the Sorcerer’s Mill by Otfried Preussler (translated by Anthea Bell)

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast by Josh Funk & Brendan Kearney [780] PB
Larry and Friends by Nat Jaspar & Carla Torres
Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Traveling Girl by Micah Player
Lego Ninjago Book 4: Tomb of the Fangpyre
Lemonman: A Picnic, a Toad, and Swampwater Road
Leo, Dog of the Sea by Alison Hart & Michael G. Montgomery [1126]
Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett & Christian Robinson
Leonardo’s Secret: Clean Up Your Act!
Let It Snow! by Charles Reasoner
Let’s Dance by Valerie Bolling & Maine Diaz [1255] PB
Let’s Play! by Hervé Tullet [xxx] BB
Let’s Play Soccer! by Giuliano Ferri [1203]
Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen by J. L. McCreedy
Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate  (Book 2) by J. L. McCreedy
Library Lily
Lion vs. Rabbit by Latimer, Alex
Little Artists Books Box Set (Carlos-Mondi-Niki-Ruby) by Niki Daly
Little Fun Club (Book Club) [1163]
Little Linebacker, The: A Story of Determination by Stephan Tulloch, Maria Dismondy, & Heather Heyworth
Little Palace, The by Jeffrey Erlacher [1193]
Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar & Troy Cummings
Little Things by Nick Dyer & Kelly Pousette[1222]
Locomotion: A History by Golden Cosmos [1063]
Lonely Crow, The by Paul Stillabower & David Johnson
Lost and Found
Lost in London
Lost for Words
Loving vs. Virginia by Patricia Hruby Powell [1086] MG
Luck Uglies #1: The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham & Pétur Antonsson [xxx] MG
Luck Uglies #2: Fork-Tongue Charmers by Paul Durham & Pétur Antonsson [xxx] MG
Luck Uglies #3:  Rise of the Ragged Clover by Paul Durham [837] MG
Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts
Lucky Baseball: My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp, The by Suzanne Lieurance
Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts
Lucky Phoo by Stacia Deutsch & Rhody Cohon
LUG: Dawn of the Ice Age by David Zeltser & Jan Gerardi
Lunch Witch, The by Deb Lucke

Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt & Vin Vogel
Maddy West and the Tongue Taker by Brian Falkner
Maggie Quick by Robert T. Rhode & Eleanor Y. Stewart
Magical Animals by Ian White & Gastón Hauviller
Magic Broom by Charles Reasoner
Maine ABC
Major League Baseball First Base Books: Baseball Animals  by Christopher Jordan
Major League Baseball First Base Books: Baseball Opposites  by Christopher Jordan
Manny Loses His Fangs by Giuliano Ferri [1208]
Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away by Hélène Druvert [1091]
Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans by Phil Bildner & John Parra
Masha and Her Sisters by Suzy Ultman  [1116]
Max’s Box by Brian Wray & Shiloh Penfield [1184]
Maya Was Grumpy Meena 
Mephisto by Bernard Villiot & Antoine Guilloppé [1219] PB
Midway Monkey Madness by Sarah Stephens & Art Baltazar
Millicent Marie is Not My Name 
Mine! by Jeff Mack [1151]
Minnie & Moo: Hooves of Fire by Denys Cazet
Misadventures of Philip Isaac Penn,The
Mishka by Mike Maroney [1265]MG,
Miss Emily Goes to Bat
Mistflower, the Loneliest Mouse
Mix it Up! by Hervé Tullet  [   ] BB
Molly Goes to Preschool
Mom Loves Little Jumbo: Hello, I am Jumbo by Yasushi Muraki[1226] BB
Mommy, Daddy, and Me! by Eve Tharlet [1258] BB,
Monster Who Ate the State, The by Chris Browne
Mommy Snuggles by Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben [1145]
Mom Made Us Write This in the Summer
Monkey of the Month
Monster in the Mudball, The: An Artifact Inspector Book
Monster Knows I’m Sorry – by Connie Colwell Miller & Maira Chiodi
Monster & Me #1: Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak & Wendy Grieb
Monster & Me #2: Monster Needs His Sleep by Paul Czajak & Wendy Grieb
Monster & Me #3: Monster Needs a Christmas Tree by Paul Czajak & Wendy Grieb [772]
Monster & Me #4: Monster Needs a Party by Paul Czajak & Wendy Grieb [773]
Monster & Me #5: Monster Needs Your Vote by Paul Czajak & Wendy Grieb
Monster & Me #6:  Monster Needs to Go to School by Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb [868]
Monstore,The  by Tara Lazar [    ] PB
Monty and the Monster by Rhonda Smiley & Kev Hopgood [1263] MG
Moon is Following Me, The by JQ Sirls [1238]
Mooseclumps and Other Poems
Mountain and the Goat, the by Siamak Taghaddos & Zachary Cain [1243] PB
Mo Wren, Lost and Found
Mr. Particular, the World’s Choosiest Champion! by Jason Kirschner [862]
Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence by Gretchen Woelfle & Alix Delinois
Music Together Sing-Along #1: She Sells Sea Shells
Music Together Sing-Along #2: Hello Everybody
Music Together Sing-Along #3:
My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln: A Tale of Two Boys from Indiana
My Boyfriend is a Monster #1: I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang & Janina Görrissen
My Boyfriend is a Monster #2: Made for Each Other by
My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook by Lisa Regan and Andrew Rae [841]
My Dog, My Cat by by Ashlee Fletcher
My Fingerprint Masterpiece by Sherrill S. Cannon & Kalpart
My Friend Suhana by Aanyah Abdullah & Shaila Abdullah
My Little Cities #1:  New York by Jennifer Adams & Greg Pizzoli [1135]
My Little Cities #2:  London by Jennifer Adams & Greg Pizzoli [1136]
My Nature Sticker Activity Books #1:  At the Seashore by Olivia Cosneau & Yolanda Stern Broad [1056]
My Nature Sticker Activity Books #2:  Butterflies of the World by Olivia Cosneau & Yolanda Stern Broad [1057]
My Nature Sticker Activity Books #3: In the Age of Dinosaurs by Olivia Cosneau & Yolanda Stern Broad [1058]
My Pop-Up Bible Stories
My Tummy Disaster by Scott Nelson – Heritage Builders [824]
My Uncle Rob
My Valley by Claude Ponti  [1111]
My Wild Family by Laurent Moreau

Nate Rocks the City
National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 by Nat. Geo Society & Nat. Geo Kids Magazine
National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry edited by J. Patrick Lewis [847]
Ned the Nuclear Submarine by Demetri Capetanopoulos [1186]
Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain by Jacqueline Jules & Durga Yael Bernhard
New Old Truck, The by Jennifer Somervell & Margery Fern
New Small Person, The by Lauren Child [816]
Nibbles the Book Monster by Emma Yarlett [865]
Nick and Tesla #1:   High-Voltage Danger Lab
Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon by Terry Jon Barto & Kim Sponaugle
Night before Christmas, The: A Brick Story by Clement C. Moore & Amanda Brack [796]
Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare
Night Parade, The by Johnny DePalma & Kyle Brown [815]
Night the Moon Ate My Room,The
Ninja Baby by David Zeltser & Diane Goode
Nocturnals, The #1:  Mysterious Abductions by Tracey Hecht [855]
Nuggies #5:  If I Could Climb Trees by Jeff Minich & Renan Garcia  [1128]
Nonsense Show, The by Eric Carle [838]
Normal Norman by Tara Lazar & S.britt [832]
Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish,The by Deborah Diesen & Dan Hanna
Nuggies #5: If I Could Climb Trees by Jeff Minich & Renan Garcia [1128]
Nutcracker, The by New York City Ballet and Valeria Docampo [1060]

Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph [1224]
Odd Squad, The #1: Bully Bait
Oddfrey Joins the Team by Dave Whamond
Olga da Polga by Michael Bond & Catherine Rayner [821]
Oli’s Uncommon Cents
Olive and the BIG Secret
Ollie Tuloolah Tubithhah, Dethoola, Ardellis, Devadis
OMG . . . Am I a Witch!?
On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
Once Upon an Elephant by Linda Stanek and Shennen Bersani
One Minute Till Bedtime – Kenn Nesbitt & Christoph Niemann [1150]
On My Beach by Sarah Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich
Only Woman in the Photo: Frances Perkins & Her Deal for America, the by Kathleen Krull & Alexandra Bye [1249]
Orange Triangle Fox
Orangutanka: A Story in Poems by Margarita Engle & Renée Kurilla [793]
Order of Time, the by Scott P. Southall [1257] MG
Orion Poe and the Lost Explorer by William Summerhouse
Orvis Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing, The by Tyler Befus [863]
Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words With Oscar Micheaux 
Other Side of Free, The
Otter Lee Brave
Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood, The: A Creek Indian Story
Otter Loves Halloween by Sam Garton
Our House is on Fire: Greta Thunberg’s Call to Save the Planet by Jeanette Winter [1209]
Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Oxford University Press {NYJB] MG, NF
Ozzy the Ostrich from NubeOcho [1168]

Painting for Peace in Ferguson by Carol Swartout Klein
Paint It: The Art of Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, and Watercolors by Mari Bolte, D. C. Ice & Pamela Becker [458]
Paris-Chien: Adventures of an Ex-Pat Dog by Jackie Clark Mancuso
Parker Looks Up by Parker and Jessica Curry & Brittany Jackson [1221] PB
Peace is an Offering by Annette LeBox & Stephanie Graegin
Peek-a Boo! by Nina Laden [749]
Peek-a Choo-Choo! by Nina Laden [991]
Peek-a-Who Two? by Elsa Mroziewicz [1196]
Peek-A-Zoo! by Nina Laden [535]
Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon [344]
Penguins Love Colors by Sarah Aspinall  [1119]
Pen Pieyu Adventures #1: Sir Petra Princess – Diane Mae Robinson
Pen Pieyu Adventures #2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent – Diane Mae Robinson
Pen Pieyu Adventures #3:  Sir Princess Petra’s Mission by Diane Mae Robinson [845]
Perfect Game
Perfect Percival Priggs, The by Julie-Anne Graham
Pete With No Pants by Rowboat Watkins [1159]
Peter and the Whimpy-Whiners
Peter’s Big Heart
Petunia Pepper’s Picture Dayby Cathy Breisacher
Pet Washer,The by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez & Salina Shelton
Photo Doodles: A Creative Sketchbook by ViiiZ
PhotoPlay! Doodle. Design. Draw.
Pig and Small by Alex Latimer
Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy Series (9 books) by YiShaun Yang & Jeeyun Lee and Claire Cho
Pink Fire Trucks – Los camiones de bomberos de color Rosadoby Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri & Lina Safar
Pipper’s Secret Ingredient
Planes Go by Steve Light
Planet Kindergarten by Sue Ganz-Schmitt & Shane Prigmore
Pobble’s Way
Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton by Don Tate
Point Guard by Mike Lupica [1156]
Pokko and the Drum by Matthew Forsythe  [1205]
Pool by JiHyeon Lee
Pond Full of Ink, A by Annie M.G. Schmidt & Sieb Posthuma
Presents Through the Window, a Taro Gomi Christmas Book by Taro Gomi [1051]
President Squid by Aaron Reynolds & Sara Varon [828]
Prince Dustin and Clara #2: Secrets of the Black Forest Pt. 2 by Daniel Lee Nicholson [1237]
Prince Ribbit by Jonathan Emmett & Poly Bernatene [1164]]
Princess and the Frozen Packet of Peas,The
Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest
Principal’s Son,The
Pushcart War, The: 50th Anniversary Edition by Jean Merrill & Ronni Solbert
Puzzled by Pink

Quackers by Liz Wong [831]
Quest for Good Manners, A

Questions Asked by Jostein Gaarder & Akin Düzakin [1161]

Race, The by Édouard Manceau & Sarah Quinn (translator)
Ragdolls Are the Best! by Elaine Landau
R. C. Duck, Private Eye by Kevin White and Rex White [858]
Read and Play Book: My Barnyard!  by Betty Schwartz, Lynn Seresin & John Bendall-Brunello [720]
Read and Play Book: My Dinosaurs!  by Betty Schwartz, Lynn Seresin & John Bendall-Brunello [721]
Real Friends by Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham [1160]
Recess in the Dark by Kalli Dakos & Erin Mercer [1199]
Reindeer Dance, The by Christianne C. Jones & Emma Randall [795]
Remarkable Ronald Reagan,The: Cowboy and Commander in Chief
Return to Canterbury by Melissa Ann Goodwin
Rhyme Schemer by K. A. Holt
Rice and Rocks by Sandra L. Richards & Megan Kayleigh Sullivan [1131]
ROAR! by Julie Bayless [747]
ROAR Like a Dandelion by Ruth Krauss & Sergio Ruzzier [1204]
Roll With It by Jamie Sumner
Roly Poly by Mem Fox & Jane Dyer[1216] PB
Ronin Island #1: Together in Strength by Greg Pak & Giannis Milonogiannis [1218] GNRose in the Desert, A
Runaway Santa, The by Anne Margaret Lewis & Aaron Zenz [782]

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen
Sanjay and Craig #1: Fight the Future with Flavor! by Nickelodeon and Papercutz
Santa’s Birthday Gift
Santa’s Eleven Months Off
Santa Clauses by Bob Raczka & Chuck Groenink [784]
Santa’s Last Present
Saucy and Bubba: A Hansel and Gretel Tale by Darcy Pattison [607]
Scaredy Cat by Charles Reasoner
Scary School  by Derek the Ghost
Scooby-Doodles to Keep You Busy by Benjamin Bird [1101]
Scrap City by D. S. Thornton
Secret Garden of George Washington Carver, The by Gene Barretta & Frank Morrison [1234]
Secret of the Village Fool,The
Secret Lives of Animals, The: 1,001 Tidbits, Oddities, & Amazing Facts by Stacy Tornio, Ken Keffer, & Rachel Riordan
Secret Room, The
Seriously, Just Go to Sleep
Seymour’s Christmas Wish
Shadows on My Wall
Sharing Christmas by Kate Westerlund & Eve Tharlet [1230]
Shepherd Girl of Bethlehem,The
Sherlock Academy by F. C. Shaw
Shine by Lauren Myracle
Shipwrecked #1: The Curse of the Cursed Temple of Curses or, We Nearly Died. A Lot. by Scott Peterson, Joshua Pruett & Brian Ajhar [1190]
Shred It!  by Erin Edison
Shut Up
Silly Frilly Grandma Tilly
Silly Lullaby by Sandra Boynton [1192]
Singled Out
Sir Nathan and the Quest for the Queen of Gobbledeegook
Sister Day! by Lisa Mantchev & Sonia Sánchez [1177]
Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes by Brian Cleary
Skippy Jon Jones: Cirque de Ole
Skulls by Mike Artell
SLAM! A Tale of Consequences by Adam Stower
Slither Slide, What’s Outside?
Smidgen of Sky, A
Smith: The Story of a Pickpocket
Smurfs, The #15: The Smurflings
Smurfs Anthology,The #1
Soldier Bear
Something is Bugging Samantha Hansen By Nancy Viau & Julia Mills [1187]
Somewhere Among by Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu [852]
Song for Papa CrowSpaghettis Missing,The
So You Want a Puppy? by Raven Howell & Ann Pilicer [1235]
SPANKY, a Soldier’s Son
Spare Dog Parts by Alison Hughes and Ashley Spires [849]
Spark and the League of Ursus by Robert Repino [1280] MG
Splat!: starring the Vole Brothers by Roslyn Schwartz
Sport Illustrated Kids #1:   Goodnight Baseball by Michael Dahl and Christina Forshay
Sport Illustrated Kids #2:  Goodnight Football by Michael Dahl and Christina Forshay
Sport Illustrated Kids #3:  Goodnight Hockey by Michael Dahl and Christina Forshay
Spring for Sophie by Yael Werber & Jen Hill [1122]
SPURT by Chris Miles [1112]
Squirrel Me Timbers by Louise Pigott [810]
Stanley the Builder by William Bee
Stanley’s Garage by William Bee
Stay! by Alex Latimer [788]
Steam Train, Dream Train 1-2-3 by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld [850]
Steam Train, Dream Train Colors by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld [851]
Stella Brings the Family by Miriam B. Schiffer & Holly Clifton-Brown
Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream by Tom Watson [785]
Stinkbug Chronicles, The #1: Invasion has Begun, The! by George Reagan & Lucia Benito
Stone Man and the Trail of Tears by Charles Suddeth [1185]
Story of Diva and Flea, The from Mo Willems & Tony DiTerlizzi [804]
Story That Cannot Be Told, The by J. Kasper Kramer [1205]
Story Starts Here! by Caroline Merola
Stray Dog: From a True Story by Reiko Sassa
Stubby Pencil Noodlehead
Sugary Sherburts, The
Superman Fights for Truth!
Sweet Tamales for Purim by Barbara Bietz & John Kanzler [1244]

Tail of a Boy Named Harvey by Gregory E. Bray & Holly J. Bray-Cook
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2: The Slither Sisters
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #3: Teacher’s Pest
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #4: Substitute Creature
Tales From the Coins #1: Jake and Alex and the Holy Leap
Tall: Great America Folktales
Tales from the Chinese Zodiac #11: The Year of the Monkey by Oliver Chin & Kenji Ono
Tao the Little Samurai #1: Pranks and Attacks! by Laurent Richard, Nicolas Ryser & Edward Gauvin (translator)
Tapper Twins, The Go to War (with each other) by Geoff Rodkey [  ] MG
Teddy Bears’ Christmas Surprise, The by Bruno Hächler & Anastasia Arkhipova [1227]PB, H
Templeton Twins,The #1:Have an Idea
Templeton Twins #2:  Make a Scene
Ten Zany Birds by Sherry Ellis & Charu Jain [809]
Texting the Underworld
Thank You, God, For Daddy by Amy Parker
Thea Stilton #1: The Secret of Whale Island
There’s a Mouse Hiding in this Book! by Benjamin Bird
There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Penny Parker Klostermann & Ben Mantle
This is Not a Picture Book by Sergio Ruzzier [866]
Thousand Star Hotel by The Okee Dokee Brothers & Brandon Reese [1123]
Three Little Shrimp by J. Steven Spires & Jonathan Caron
Tiny Travelers™ Country Guides #4: India Treasure Quest by Steven Wolfe Pereira & Susie Jaramillo and Meiyee Tan & Abigail Gross [1279] BB, Travel
Tinyville Town Gets to Work (Tinyville Town #1) by Brian Biggs [1155]
Tinyville Town: Firefighter (Gets to Work #1) by Brian Biggs [1154]
Tinyville Town: Librarian (Gets to Work #2) by Brian Biggs [1153]
Tinyville Town: Veterinarian (Gets to Work #3) by Brian Biggs [1152]
Titanic: Disaster at Sea
Toby Taxi #2: Comes to London
Toby Taxi #3: Starts to Work
To Dance by Siena Cherson Siegel & Mark Siegel [1220] GN, Memoir
Tony Hawk: Live 2 Skate: Alive
Too Many Carrots by Kay Hudson [812]
Too Tall Troll and the Tiny Tollhouse
Top Dog: And Other Doggone Delightful Expressions by Carli Davidson [1039]
(Top Secret Files) Pirates and Buried Treasure  by Stephanie Bearce
Toucan Can! by Juliette MacIver & Sarah Davis

Train Journey, A by Gérard Lo Monaco [1313] Pop-Up
Tribe, The #2: Camp Cannibal by Clay McLeod Chapman
Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians #1: The Shark Whisperer by Ellen Prager & Antonia Javier Caparo
Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians #2: The Shark Rider by Ellen Prager & Antonia Javier Caparo
Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians #3:  Stingray City by Ellen Prager & Antonia Javier Caparo [829]
Trouble with Chickens,The by Doreen Cronin
Truth about My Unbelievable Summer . . .,The by Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud [906] PB
Twice Told Tales: Cassie and the Woolf by Olivia Snowe & Michelle Lamoreaux
Two Hands to Love You by Diane Adams & Paige Keiser
Two Little Birds by Mary Newell DePalma

Uncle John’s Kid-topia: Bathroom Reader for Kids Only
Uncommon Compendiums #3: Curious Constructions by Michael Hearst & Matt Johnstone [1139]
Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts, The by Avi [1165]
Universe of Fair, The
Un Livre: Press Here by
Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall by Anita Silvey
Up Cat Up Dog

Vampire School Casketball
Very Big Carrot,The
Very Merry, Mixed-Up Christmas, A by Chrysa Smith & Pat Achilles [797]
Very, Very Far North, The: a story for gentle readers and listeners by Dan Bar-El [1188]
Vin and the Dorky Duet
Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption by Mark Myers

Waggers by Stacy Nyikos & Tamara Anegόn
Wait, What? A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies, and Growing Up by Heather Corinna & Isabella Rotman [1223]
Warren the 13th and the Thirteen-Year Curse by Tania del Rio & Will Staehle [1261] MG
Water and the Wild, The by K. E. Ormsbee & Elsa Mora
Water Can Be . . . by Laura Purdie Salas & Violeta Dabija
We Are (Not) Friends by Anna King & Christopher Weyant [1215]
Welcome to Wonderland, #2: Beach Party Surf Monkey by Chris Grabenstein & Brooke Allen [1180]
We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market by Stefan Page
We’re the Center of the Universe!: Science’s Biggest Mistakes About Astronomy and Physics (Science Gets It Wrong) by Christine Zuchora-Walske [665]
We’ve Got a Job: The 1963 Birmingham Children’s March
Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw—translation by Laura Watkinson [1245] * MG
What Daddies Like by Judy Carey Nevin & Stephanie Six [1174]
What Do You Wear? by Taro Gomi  [1113]
What’s in Your Purse? by Abigail Samoun & Nathalie Dion
What I Tell Myself First: Children’s Real-World Affirmations of Self Esteem by Michael A. Brown & Zoe Ranucci [1250] PB, NF
What This Story Needs Is a Pig in a Wig! by Emma J. Virján
What to Expect When You Are Expecting Joeys
What was it Like, Mr. Emperor – The China Institute in America [813]
(WheelNuts! Craziest Race on Earth #5) Rain Forest Rumble by Knife & Packer
When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore & Howard McWilliam
When a Dragon Moves In Again by Jodi Moore & Howard McWilliam
When Grandma’s False Teeth Fly
When I Carried You in My Belly by Thrity Umrigar & Ziyue Chen [1140]
When I Grow Up I Want to be a . . . Firefighter!  by WIGU 
When I Grow Up I Want to be a . . . Teacher by WIGU 
When I Grow Up I Want to be in the . . . U. S. Army by WIGU
When I Grow Up I Want to be in the . . . U. S. Navy! by WIGU
When I Grow Up I Want to be a . . . Veterinarian by WIGU
When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses by Rebecca L. Johnson
Where Are My Books? by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Where’s My Tushy? by Deborah Aronson & Ivica Stevanovic
Whobert Whover, Owl Detective by Jason Gallaher & Jess Pauwels [1171]
Who’s Hiding in This Box by Giuliano Ferri[1254] BB
Who’s There? by Alain Crozon [737] BB
Wide Awake Loons, The
Wild Fox
Wild Wombat, The by Udo Weigelt & Melanie Freund [1225] PB
Wind Dancer by Chris Platt
Wisdom: The Midway Albatrossby Darcy Patterson [106] PB, NF
Wishing Tree,The
Wisteria’s Show and Tell Spectacular: Older than the Dinosaurs
Wizard’s Dog, The by Eric Kahn Gale [1121]
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The by Jack & Holman Wang  [1115]
Woodland Litter Critters ABC by Patience and Robert Mason
Woody’s World
Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Wonder of Wildflowers, the by Anna Staniszewski [1252] MG, *
Wonder List Adventures, The #1:  Escape Galápagos by Ellen Prager [1198]
Wunderkind Family Series: Josh and the Gumshoe News Crew: the Super-Secret by Melissa Perry Moraja
World War II Pilots: An Interactive History Adventure


Yak and Gnu by Juliette MacIver & Cat Chapman
Year of the Rooster by Oliver Chin and Juan Calle [1072]
Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout: Kid’s Guide to Feelings,A
You and Me, and Me and You by Miguel Tanco [1129]
You Are My Baby:  Garden
You Are My Baby:  Ocean
You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang & Christopher Weyant
You Choose Books:  The Korean War: An Interactive Modern History Adventure by  Michael Burgan
Young Knights of the Round Table #1:The King’s Ransom
Young Person’s Guide to the Modern World, A by Richard Daniel Curtis [1148]
Your Nose! A Wild Little Love Song by Sandra Boynton [1271] BB
Your Time Will Come

Z and Brad Go to the Park
Zebra on the Go by Jill Nogales & Lorraine Rocha [1170]
Zen Ghosts by Jon J Muth [1207]
Zoo See Me by Chris Distler & Timothy Williams [2014]


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Top Books for 2020

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Top Books for 2019

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∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞Top Books for 2018 – No books for 2018 due to my absence. I apologize, no reviews were written in 2018.


Top Books for 2017

Board Books

WINNER – Flora and the Chicks: A Counting Book by Molly Idle – Chronicle Books

Picture Books

WINNER –  My Valley by Claude Ponti (translated from French by Alyson Waters) – Elsewhere Editions/Archipelago Books

Chapter Books

WINNER – Charlie & Mouse, Book #1 by Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes – Chronicle Books

Middle Grade Books

                WINNER – Ghost (Track, Book #1) by Jason Reynolds – A Caitlyn Dlouhy Book/Antheneum BYR/Simon & Schuster

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WINNER – Real Friends by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham – First Second /Roaring Brook Press


      WINNER – Fannie Never Flinched: One Woman’s Courage in the Struggle for American Labor Union Rights by Mary Cronk Farrell – Abrams Books for Young Readers


WINNER – One Minute till Bedtime: 60-Second Poems to Send You off to Sleep – Selected by Kenn Nesbitt, Art by Christoph Niemann – Little Brown and Co./Hachette Publishing Group


Top Books for 2016

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WINNERSTEAM TRAIN, DREAM TRAIN COLORS by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld – Chronicle Books

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WINNERGOOD NIGHT BADDIES by Deborah Underwood and Juli Kangas – Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster

Chapter Books

WINNERTHE STORY OF DIVA AND FLEA by Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi – Hyperion BYR

Middle Grade Books

WINNERWAITING FOR AUGUSTA by Jessica Lawson (debut) – Simon & Schuster




WINNERTHE LAST FIFTH GRADE OF EMERSON ELEMENTARY by Laura Shovan (debut) – Wendy Lamb Books/Simon & Schuster


Top Books for 2015

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WINNERBLACK & WHITE NIGHTY-NIGHT by Sarah Jones – Blue Manatee Press

Picture Books

WINNERBEAR AND BUNNY by Daniel Pinkwater & Will Hillenbrand – Candlewick Press

Middle Grade Books

WINNERBOOK SCAVENGER by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman & Sarah Watts – Christy Ottaviano Books (Henry Holt)


WINNER — BIGFOOT IS MISSING by J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt & MinaLima – Chronicle Books


Top Books for 2014

Picture Books

WINNER — THE GRUDGE KEEPER  by Mara Rockliff & Eliza Wheeler – Peachtree Publishers

Middle Grade Books

WINNER — THE GUARDIAN HERD #1: STARFIRE  by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez – HarperCollins Children’s Books


WINNER — JOSEPHINE: THE DAZZLING LIFE OF JOSEPHINE BAKER  by Patricia Hruby Powell & Christian Robinson – Chronicle Books


WINNER — RHYME SCHEMER  by K.A. Holt – Chronicle Books

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WINNER LOBO’S HOWLIDAY  by C. L. Murphy — Peanut Butter Prose


Top Books for 2013

NEW FOR 2013! The Top 10, (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER), are the best of the best reviewed on Kid Lit Reviews this year and released in 2012 or 2013.  CLICK TITLE FOR REVIEW

Picture Books

WINNER — HOW TO TRAIN A TRAIN  by Jason Carter Eaton & John Rocco – Candlewick Press   

Middle Grade Books

WINNER — HOUSE OF SECRETS  by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini – Balzer + Bray

Non-Fiction Books

WINNER — ANN AND NAN ARE ANAGRAMS  by Mark Shulman & Adam McCauley – Chronicle Kids



Where Do Characters Come From?


Kid Lit Reviews welcomes award-winning children’s writer, Diane Mae Robinson, recipient of  Alberta Canada’s Emerging Artist in the Literary Arts for 2012, as our first guest contributor.



Diane Mae Robinson, author
The Pen Pieyu Adventures  
Book 1: Sir Princess Petra

Many people ask me these questions: Where do you get your characters from?  Are they real people?  Is the main character you? 

The answer is more long-winded than I usually can explain in detail at the time, so my short answer is; I don’t really get the characters, they get me.

Obviously this statement gets me some queer looks, but let me try to explain the process.

The whole process starts when I decide I’m going to start a new book. This is still a terrifying and panicky moment for me as my mind is so muddled with different story ideas. But through many years of experience, I know what I must do. I must get into my creative, right-brain thinking.

My creative thinking spot is in my backyard, amongst the trees and flowers and nature. It’s whatever spot you can go to that you feel totally relaxed and no one is going to bother you for awhile. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you have a big sigh.

I visit my thinking spot as often I as can and think only of characters. Only of their visual appearance. After many days and often weeks of this same training exercise, many visual characters have applied for the job of being in the next book. But there is always a few that just don’t quit applying. Those, I know, are the strong characters.

After the character’s acceptance, I need to find out what they’re about. For this process, I need to visualize them every day. For days and weeks it seems like they’re really talking to me, telling me every detail about themselves. They don’t always speak out when it’s convient for me, so I need my notebook within reach at all times.

They tell me their likes and dislike, attributes and flaws, even what they find funny. Soon, we’re on to where they live and what they like to do.

When I have pages of character notes and feel like I know those characters inside out, the story is ready to be told.

At this point, the story just seems to unfold. A story I didn’t even know about just a few weeks ago. It feels like the characters are writing the story and I’m just the instrument at the keyboard doing their bidding.

So, in answer to the questions, this is how I get my characters. And Yes, some of their characteristics are from real people, and yes, some of those characteristics are me. But the point is, they are fully rounded characters with strength and weaknesses and they are not modeled after any one particular person, but rather born of themselves.

And once those characters are born, I just can’t stop them from going on adventures.


Diane Mae Robinson, Award Winning Author 
Sir Princess Petra - Pen Pieyu Adventures

Now This is a BIG Deal!

Many of the books reviewed here have won awards.  Gimme Jimmy, Peter and the Whimper Whinies, Santa’s Birthday Gift, The Magic Word, Little Red Riding Hood: Into the Forest Again, and The Chesire Cheese Cat  to name a few.

Many of the books reviewed here will continue to receive awards or receive them for the first time.  Island Horses, Chained, Baby Lit , The Pet Washerand Knees all should receive one or more awards this year.


One book reviewed here has received one of the highest awards a new author can receive, especially if that author is Canadian.  The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards is among Canada’s most generous art awards program, with each recipient receiving a medal and $10,000 for their arts career.

Susan Green, Chair of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards, said, “Ten thousand dollars to an emerging artist is a catalyst for great things.  We’ve seen careers blossom in previous recipients and we know today’s award will strengthen these artists and Alberta’s performing, literary, and visual arts culture in the process.”

Lieutenant Governor Ethell said, “These artists represent the best of a community that challenges, enlightens, and entertains us.  Creativity of this magnitude is infectious.”


 The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation has established a program of awards for emerging artists to support and encourage promising artists, early in their careers, while also serving to raise the profile of the arts in Alberta.

Beginning in 2008, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards have been awarded every second year,.  Each Award consists of $10,000 and a medal.  Every two years, up to ten prizes may be awarded, but only one in each category.

Winners go through an adjudication process, beginning with an application.  Only those Emerging Alberta Artists who meet the eligibility criteria may make application for the Award.  Appraisals are required from two established artists who are in a position to provide the Foundation with a candid assessment of the Applicant’s current accomplishments and potential to develop.

The Awards are presented by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta at an event held at Government House in Edmonton.  http://www.artsawards.ca/EmergingArtists/


So, who won this prestigious award?

Our own Diane Mae Robinson, author of The Pen Pieyu Adventures, beginning with the now AWARD WINNING Book One: Sir Princess Petra.  The review is HERE.


2012 Alberta Emerging Artists

. . . . . . . . . . .Kyle Armstong - Filmmaker
. Naomi Brand - Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer
Mitch Holtby - Emcee, Producer, Composer, Instrumentalist
. . . . . Kristopher Karklin - Photographer/Sculptor
. . . . . . . . . Chris Millar - Painter/Sculptor
. . . . . . . . . Emma Parkinson - Mezzo-Soprano
. . . . . . Diane Mae Robinson - Children's Author
. . . . . . . . . . . .Eric Rose - Theater Director

The 4 Northern Alberta

Emerging Artists

. . . . . . . Kristopher Karlkin, Photographer/Sculptor (lt)
. . . . . . . . . . .Kyle Armstrong, Filmaker (c)
. . Mitch Holtby, Producer,Composer, Multi-Intrumentalist (rt)
. . . . . . .Diane Mae Robinson, Children 's Book Author

Diane Mae Robinson is the recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award Literary Arts for her chapter book, The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book One:  Sir Princess Petra.

Here is what Ms. Robinso had to say about her award and the exciting day that went with it:

“This was the most amazing day of my writing career! The prestige and recognition of receiving this award is beyond description. I am honored and humbled.

 As most of you know, my first book took 9 years to find a publisher. During that time I can’t say that I was never discouraged, but I can say that I always believed in myself and my writing ability.

 The path to becoming a published author is not an easy venture, but it is an adventure. I wouldn’t change any of those baby steps it took for me to get there because now I totally understand what all the hard work and years add up to for me.

 Thank you to everyone who supports me in my writing endeavors and to those who have encouraged me along the way.

 Thank you to the two professionals that had to submit an appraisal of my work for this award:  Amy Malo and Gisela Felsberg. You both must have said something amazing!”



 For more information, or to congratulate Ms. Robinson, go to her writer’s blog, All About Children’s Books.

Congratulations Diane!

Ms. Robinson also took second place for chapter books in The 2012 Purple Dragon Book Awards.   Honorable Mention went to Shaunda Kennedy-Wenger for Little Red Riding Hood: Into the Forest Again.

Random Acts of Kindness towards Writers

Kindness ROCKS!
To commemorate the release of their book The Emotion Thesaurus, Becca and Angela at The Bookshelf Muse are hosting a TITANIC Random Act Of Kindness BLITZ. And because I think KINDNESS is contagious, I’m participating too!

Kindness is POWERFUL. Even the smallest gesture can fuel a person and keep them going.

All over the blogosphere today, you’ll see Random Acts of Kindness toward Writers. These are by people who want to share their appreciation for those who have helped or supported them at some point along the Writing Path.  We all share a passion for the written word.

Today, let’s celebrate those who write!

There have been two people who have been instrumental in the success of  Kid Lit Reviews.  Both  have been extremely  encouraging.

One has supported this blog from nearly day one.  During my first crazy April A–Z Challenge he commented everyday, sometimes more than once.  Before that challenge and after, he comments or likes (sometimes he gets energized and does both), on every post written, and I mean EVERY POST that is made on this site.

When I have needed help I have sent an email and he sent back the answer, usually within hours.  That could depend on

his school hours, or

his music lessons,or

if he is building something fantastic with Legos, or

working on his movie.

OH, yeah, he is a writer also.

…………He has already written one book and is working

…………………..on the second.

…………During the summer, he and his sister will be

………………….collaborating on his third/her first.

All of this made me wonder when he had time to

review a book–every day.

ERIK, thank you for all your help and encouragement.

The other person who has been instrumental in this blog was once a writer needing a review.  She had a middle grade book about a girl wanting a non-traditional career and parents who were against the whole idea.  The girl kept pressing until she was given a shot at, what the parents believed, she would not succeed.  She did.  That girl was Princess Petra who is now known by the moniker Sir Princess Petra, Royal Knight.

The author of that interestingly funny book somehow became a friend–a good friend.  She not only encourages me, as she does with nearly every post (which means when she has not grabbed pencil and pad and locked the door behind her for more writing time.)  I get emails practically every day asking about my own writing and badgering me to write that book “NOW!  I will.

Her Sir Princess Petra was a hit and now a series.  The book has garnered an award, which I would love to tell you the name of, but I have no idea yet.  Publishers want it hush-hush for now.  It might have to do with the second book of the Pen Pieyu Series which is close to launch day.

  Thank you Diane Mae Robinson, for driving me . . . nuts.  Without all of your encouragement I would not be outlining a book–my book.  I may need some of Erik’s help, too. He is on his second book, but you are now on your third.  The two of  you are hard to keep up with.
 Sir Princess Petra, Book one
If you know a writer who has been helpful to you, that maybe goes out of their way to make your day, acknowledged him/her today
Random Acts of Kindness toward Writers Day!
Thank you Erik and Diane!   Thanks to everyone who reads this blog.
And a special thank  you to every writer who has asked for a review.  Without you, Kid Lit Reviews would not exist.

World Read Aloud Day 2012

March 7th was World Read Aloud Day

On this day, kids all around the world read aloud or listened to books of all kinds. The organization behind this yearly commemoration is Lit World, “an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 to cultivate literacy leaders worldwide through transformational literacy experiences that build connection, understanding, resilience and strength.” Lit World believes in the “redemptive power of story” as do children’s book authors.

Here is a sample of World Read Aloud Day around the world.

This is from Manila, Philippines.  I love how the kids are using each others back for a desk.

Here is one from Wakiso, Uganda.  That is quite a gathering.

This from Jerusalem, is one of my favorites.  No, the kids are not reading, but I like to think there is an auditorium full of kids in a building behind these five, all reading as one, maybe a Dr. Seuss.  It is the message that is important, and summarizes what reading can do for the world.  Peace doesn’t stand a chance on illiterate legs.

Finally, from Alberta, Canada.  Recently Kid Lit reviewed a book called Sir Princess Petra.  The author of that book, Diane  Robinson  lives in Alberta, Canada.  These kids are also from Alberta.  Do they look cold?  They have rosy red cheeks.   Would they have still snow all over the place there?  Well, it is interesting because that is where Princess Petra is from and she is a dragon slayer.  Dragons live in snow?  Apparently Snarls does.  Now Sonder, the Snow Snake, yes, he lives in the snow.  Maybe the two authors should get together and bring us a Snarls and Sonder Snow Skiing Adventure.

Thanks to Lit World and World Read Along Day 2012 for the pics.  There are many more at LIt World’s Facebook site.  Check  it all out HERE!


next up: Scary School by Derek the Ghost

Liebster Award from Erik at This Kid Reads Books

 I received the Leibster Award from Erik, the prolific reviewer at This Kid Reads Books

If I understand this correctly, the Leibster Award is given to a blog with less than 200 followers, that someone (Erik) finds especially interesting and wants others to notice.  To accept there are a few things I must do.

1.  I must publicly thank the giver of the reward.

       Thank You, Erik!  

2.  Tell Five Things About Yourself.
                         1.  I was a social worker, and before that a photographer.
                         2.  I have systemic lupus.
                         3.  Recently, I ran my car into the brick building I live in, taking out a bush, but no bricks.
                         4.  Occasionally, I am a pet sitter.  My company is called CS Pets, because too many use the name Critter Sitter, so I shortened it to CS Pets.  I own the domain – need a website.
                         5.  When the two ends of the month do not meet, I also mystery shop.  Yep, there really are mystery shoppers, but it isn’t as profitable as you might think.  Sometimes I actually do get to get an item, but usually it is returned “as part of the evaluation.”   Once, I mystery shopped five Subways in one day.  No returns.  By number three:  “Yuck!”  The highest paying mystery shop I have done was at a hospital (I cannot say the name).  I played an ER patient to evaluate the department.  I was there eight hours — but it was worth it.
3.  Nominate 5 Websites I Love and Want to Share.
  1. Kids Read, this is written by a recent graduate and new librarian.  The reviews are sharply written and a good source for parents.
  2. Filipino Book Bloggers, a collection of book reviews by people all over the world who are Filipino.  It can be quite interesting with so many voices.
  3. Author Diane Mae Robinson, whose book titled Sir Princess Petra was recently reviewed HERE.
  4. Author Sue Glader, her ground-breaking book titled Nowhere Hair was reviewed HERE.
  5. My favorite book blogger, This Kid Reviews Books  I am continually impressed with Erik’s reviews, sense of humor, and maturity.  This kid ROCKS!
Once again, thanks for the Liebster, Erik.  I learned that liebster is a German word that means favorite.  Those blogs above are all favorites of mine and I hope everyone will check them out, leave a comment, and join if you like the site.  I hope you will.


When Authors Play, pt. 2 by Diane Robinson

Kid Lit Reviews once again welcomes children’s author Diane Robinson.  Ms. Robinson’s fantasy series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book 2, Princess Petra’s Talent, releases on September 24, 2013. You can pre-order the book at Amazon as of September 14th.  And beginning on release day, Diane will be touring the blogosphere stopping to visit at least 21 wonderful blogsters between September 24th and October 8th.  But right now, Ms. Robinson has a response, of sorts, to a genius report, read here, posted here just a few days ago.

Creativity In The Forest

Creating, imagining, daydreaming, and writing in the forest is one of my favorite summer pastimes.  I imagine all sorts of fantasy creatures and then, just as I nearly catch a glimpse of them, they run and hide behind the trees, giggling at me and my human eyes that can’t quite focus on them.

The forest is my inspiration for my writing about the fantasy characters that are featured in my fantasy/adventure children’s books series (book two coming soon).

As I imagine and daydream, the trees turn into faces and then materialize as full bodies.  They start to laugh and dance and turn into fantasy characters doing all sorts of things (of course this is just the wind shape-shifting my perception, but we’re in creative mode, right?)

This creative process was how Snarls, the dragon, and Petra, the princess knight, were created several years ago–they are the characters in The Pen Peiyu Adventures.  And still, years later when I look at the same tree formations I first saw them in, they are still etched into the bark of their tree homes.

Can you spot the dragon guarding my horses?

Through the years, and with lots of practice at creative imagining,
I’ve trained my human eyes to be more perceptive to the forest and the fantasy characters that live within it.  I see gnomes, fairies, witches, princesses, giants, and of course, a dragon.  Creativity is a training process.  The same process occurs when we stare into the clouds and make pictures.

I’m often asked at author visits how I get into creative mode.  Well, creating characters within the barks and leaves of the trees is definitely a creative process for me. But what of those who don’t have a forest?

dmr combo 715I have suggestions.

–  Listen to music, especially classical music, to get your right brain stimulated–scientists have proven this.

–  Write and doodles with the opposite hand you usually write or doodle with.

–  Do an art project. I am an artist, so I paint while listening to music. This really stirs up my creative juices    and I can write wonderful things after a session of art.

– Meditate or deep breathing with your eyes closed for at least 20 minutes.

– Dress in a costume relevant to what you are writing about.

– Dance nude under the moonlight. Okay, this one I don’t suggest if you live in a town or city. (Okay, I’ve never done this, but my writer friend swears by it).

#1 Suggestion that guarantees a NY Times Bestseller?   Ride a unicorn in an enchanted forest until  fanciful characters race behind you like the wind, trying their darndest to get in the story you don’t even know you are about to write – but they do.  So listen with your heart, write with unabashed zeal, and be careful of fire-breathing dragons.***

This is me in my creative forest.

dmr4 715

Visit my author’s website: http://www.dragonsbook.com

Visit my author’s really cool blog:  http://www.dianemaerobinson.com

View the original post AND COMMENT here:  http://www.dianemaerobinson.com/2013/05/creativity-in-forest.html



***NY Bestseller suggestion is not Diane’s original work.  No, no, no.  It belongs to me, the KLR cat burglar.  he-he!

KLR is a Versatile Blogger

We need to pause the review schedule to announce one very nice people who has honored Kid Lit Reviews.

Diane Robinson, author of The Pen Pieyu Adventure Series has given The Versitile Blogger Award.

This comes with a few strings attached.  Yes, the blog world mimics the real world at times.  So, let’s quickly pull off those strings.

The Versatile Blogger

First, as polite bloggers always do, I must thank the presenter, Ms. Diane Robinson  webite   blog.

“Thank you, Diane.”

Next, the strings.

First, seven things about myself you may not know.

  1. I love dogs, but have cats.  (I love them also, but . . . please do not tell the cats about my love of dogs.)
  2. I accidentally drove my car two years without updating the tags – because I forgot.
  3. (not really about me, directly) My mother was raised in an orphanage because of the fall-out of The Great Depression.  Her father had been wealthy and her parents had been married.
  4. My father—I have his nose and do not care that I have his nose.
  5. I learned how to draw in college.  It was required for graduation.  No draw: no pass.  I passed.
  6. When I was a almost a teen I wanted to become a professional bowler.  I’m not.
  7. I love to swim as long as I have fins and a short board.

Second, I am to pass this on to a shopping fifteen blogs.  Who’s idea was that?!  I am personally involved with all of these sites as either a follower or receive a newsletter, or both.

  1. Daily Writing Tips @ http://www.dailywritingtips.com/  This great site is made up of five writers headed by Mark Nichol, Editor.  On the site you will find wonderful, up-to-date tips on everything writing.  As the name suggests, signing up for the daily writing tips gets you useful tips that you need to think about and may not be.  Not a day goes by that I do not learn something from the newsletter.  They also have a forum.
  2. Fiction Notes @ http://www.darcypattison.com/.   Run by Darcy Pattison who also has a should-not-miss newsletter.  She is also a prolific writer in both books for kids and writing on the craft itself.  Her recent release Wisdom, was reviewed here at Kid Lit Reviews.
  3.  Wordsmith @ http://wordsmith.org/awad/index.html  has a daily Word-of-the-Day.  Founded by Anu Garg in 1994, the site has lots of cool this to check out.  The best, for me, is AWAD.
  4. Cat Versus Humanhttp://catversushuman.blogspot.com/ is the website of Yasmine, an illustrator who loves cats.  She sends out her cartoons about living with cats (who always win) by email subscription.  She also has a line of items for the cat fans of the world.  A While back Yasmine’s book Cat Versus Humans was reviewed here at Kid Lit Reviews.   She is one of the nicest people on the Internet.
  5. Nathan Bransford http://nathanbransford.com/ is Nathan’s blog about publishing.  Once a literary agent for Curtis Brown, Nathan now writes novels and blogs about the publishing side of the writing business.
  6. Children’s Book Insider @ http://cbiclubhouse.com/ is run by Jon Bard and Laura Backes.  The headline descriptor reads, “World Class Training for Children’s Book Writers.”  I joined this a few years back, and it was pretty terrific.  Now, it is out of this world with experts, a step-by-step- class to get you to your first book submission and through that as well.  . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . .  . . . . . . ..  .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .C.B.I. has a forum, critique groups for all genres, a monthly newsletter with agent and publisher requests, one of the best communities in writing, and much more.  The Fightin’ Bookworms, our mascot, will let you join for only $4.49 a month.  Pay for a full year up front and the cost is discounted, plus there are archives to search and more.
  7. The Institute of Children’s Literature @ http://institutechildrenslit.com/ is where myself and a few other authors that were reviewed at Kid Lit Reviews, learned to write for kids.  The best part of this program is the one-on-one instruction from an established writer or editor, and sometimes the mentor is both.  There is also a division for those interested in writing for adults.
  8. Liz Brownlee’s Poet Blog @ http://lizbrownleepoet.com/ is the blog of Liz Brownlee.  She is a poet extraordinaire who I met during the A—Z Challenge.  She makes poetry fun and interesting.  During the challenge, she wrote her poetry on a different endangered species each day.  Liz is a smart, creative, friendly, and approachable poet.
  9. Library Thing @ http://www.librarything.com is not a blog, but it is all about books, cataloging books, meeting others and talking about books, and there are some special treats like the Early Reviewer Program.  This is a monthly space were publishers offer books for review, mostly pre-release.  There is also a Member Giveaway were members can pass on books they have read and would like others to enjoy.  There is no cost to  join.
  10. The Book Muncher @ http://thebookmuncher.blogspot.com is the first writing blog I followed and still do today.  This prolific writer started as a teen and is now in college, I believe, at New York University.  She will one day write, edit, publish, agent, you name it and she will be able to do it.  This is a young adult review blog with giveaways and occasional contests.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . I think she is “Miss ARC” because of the number of ARCs she obtains going to book signings all over New York.  I am also jealous of The Book Muncher.  Actually, she is the one who helped me get my site up and running answering every question I asked.  She is one of the tops in the Interne writing world, if you asked me.
  11. Story Fix @ http://storyfix.com/ is the blog of Larry Brooks who developed a course around the six core competencies.  He has online workshops, a newsletter, and knows more than most.  I read his newsletter each and every time it hits the inbox.
  12. The Working Writer’s Club @ http://www.workingwritersclub.com/ is owned by Suzanne Lieurance.  When I first meet Suzanne she had a site devoted to children’s books and I won her book The Lucky Baseball: My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp, which came to me signed with a personal message.  Between Suzanne and The Book Muncher, I gain enough confidence to envision myself with a blog about writing.
  13. Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe @ http://ramblingsofawannabescribe.blogspot.com/ is author Shannon Messenger.  I joined her site for the Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays, where she and other bloggers, highlight some of the best in middle grade books.  Shannon is a middle grade author.
  14. Larasalas @ http://laurasalas.wordpress.com/ is a children’s writer and poet.  Not long ago her book A Leaf Can Be . . . was reviewed here at Kid Lit Reviews and I loved every word and illustration.  Laura has written the Educational Writing Workbook for those interested in writing non-fiction books for educational markets.  Then there is the Mentor-for-Rent program.  Laura also sends out an email with a poem a day.  I never miss that.
  15. Whimsical Publishing @ http://whimsicalpublishingblog.wordpress.com/ is the site belonging to author Trina Ayling and artist Micheline Ryckman.  Their most recent collaboration,  Miss Emily Goes to Bat was reviewed her at Kid Lit Reviews and one of my very favorite books since starting the review site 110 reviews ago.  Their site is loaded with things for the kids to do, pages about each other well worth the read, and a store selling Whimsical Publishing items.  . . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   .    .   .    .       .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    .    .   .    . .. ..  .  ..    ..    ..  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .  .One reason I have nominated these creative women, other than their wonderful book and the hopes of reading their next creations, is their generosity.  A couple of days ago, I received a print from the book Miss Emily Goes to Bat gorgeous and ready for framing.  . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . I do not charge for reviews and never will, and this lovely piece arrived over a month after the review was posted, so this was above board.  They did not need to do this, yet I love the piece and the gesture.  Although number 15 on this list, they are far from last.


This, thankfully, concludes the requirements for The Versatile Blogger Award.  I apologize to the sites above.  I believe you deserve the recognition, but it is much more work than a recipient should need to do in order to accept a blogger award. I ran into trouble and fudged it a little myself.  A couple of the above would be considered websites, but they are wonderful places most everyone who reads this blog would enjoy.

Let’s pass these nice awards around, but try to remember the recipient is most likely a writer with little time to devote to receiving an award.  Ask the questions so we can get to know those honored and ask that it be passed along to say a limit of a half-dozen.  This is only my opinion.

Thank  you for indulging me this nice summer day. –Sue