Reviews by Illustrator

If the link is broken, try the entry number [222] on Archive Page, where numbers are in descending order. {these numbers are a work-in-progress} If any of these links have errors, are wrong, or not working, please tell me. BB – board book; CB – chapter book; PB – picture book; MG – middle grade book;  *Starred Review. Thank you for your patience.

Ahearn, Luke – Secrets of the Black Forest #2 (Prince Dustin and Clara) [1237] artist
Aiken, David – All About Boats: A to Z
Alcántara, Jacqueline – Freedom Soup [1240] artist
Alexander, Claire – Back to Front and Upside Down!
Arkhipova, Anastasia – The Teddy Bears’ Christmas Surprise [1227] artist

Bagherloo, Afsaneh – Bedtime Stories from the Animal Kingdom [1251] artist
Baltazar, Art – Dueling Doodles (Drew and Jot, #1) [1233]
Bell, Susan – My Name is Jake
Blackwood, Karen – Farfalla
Bye, Alexandra – The Only Woman in the Photo: Frances Perkins & Her Deal for America [1249] artist

Cain, Zachary – The Mountain and the Goat [1243] artist
Chaud, Benjamin – I Didn’t Do My Homework Because… [508] PB
Chaud, Benjamin – The Bear’s Sea Escape [606] PB
Chaud, Benjamin – The Bear’s Song [426] PB
Chaud, Benjamin – The Bear’s Surprise [730] PB
Chaud, Benjamin – The Truth about My Unbelievable Summer . . . [906] PB
Christopher Weyant – We Are (Not) Friends [1215] PB
Collier, Kevin Scott – Babysitting SugarPaw
Crip – Romeo and Juliet (Dance Class, #2)
Crump, Juliane – Cryptozoology for Beginners [1242] artist

Davies, Sam – The Flying Surgery (Hex Vet #2) [1229] artis
DePalma, Mary Newell – Bow-Wow, Wiggle-Waggle
Dormer, Frank W. – The Universe of Fair
Dyer, Jane– Roly Poly [1216] PB

Evans, Shane W. – Big Papa and the Time Machine [1239]

Fernandes, Eugenie – Birthday Suit
Freeman, Tor – Olive and the Big Secret
Freund, Melanie – The Wild Wombat [1225] artist
Freund, Melanie – The Wild Wombat [1225] PB

Gebler, Derek K. – Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook: A Somewhat Silly Story
Goodman, Adam – Chase Danger and the Mystery of the Special Sauce
Guilloppé, Antoine – Mephisto [1219] PB
Gustavson, Adam – Lost and Found

Hegan, Robin – Out of theBlue
Howorth, Daniel – My Pop-Up Bible Stories


Jacques, Laura – Squirrel Rescue
Jadoul, Emile – All By Myself

Kanzler, John – Sweet Tamales for Purim [1244] artist
Keba, Jamila – Beautiful Wild Rose Girl
Kramer, David – Monkey of the Month
Kucharik, Elana – What about Heaven?

Lemos, Carlos – The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse
Lew Vriethoff, Joanne – The Dancing Pancake
Lewis, P.A. – Happenny Magick

Magoon, Scott – Big Mean Mike
Maidment, Mikaila – Otter Lee Brown
Maruyama, `Yoko – The Forgotten Crayon [1250] and artist
Maudet, Matthieu – A Well-Mannered Young Wolf [NYJB] PB–Jackson, Brittany – Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment [1221] PB
MenzinMarit – Song for Papa Crow
Merrell, Patrick – Uncle John’s Kid-Topia: Bathroom Reader for Kids
Milano, Nicholas – We’re All Different But We’re All Kitty Cat
Milonogiannis, Giannis – Ronin Island #1 [1218] GN
Morrison, Frank – The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver [1234] artist
Muraki, Yasushi – Mom Loves Little Jumbo: Hello, I am Jumbo [1226] also artist



Pilicer, Ann – So You Want a Puppy? [1235] artist
Pousette, Kelly – Little Things [1222] PB


Ranucci, Zoe – What I Tell Myself First: Children’s Real-World Affirmations of Self Esteem [1250] artist
Rashcko, Chris – A Foot in the Mouth: Poems to Speak, Sing, and Shout
Rick Spears– Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide [1212] MG, NF
Rodriguez, Luis – The Klampie Mystery
Roscoe, Stacey – Nelson ‘N Deck
Rubin, Sean – Bolivar Eats New York: A Discovery Adventure™ [1213] GN
Rueda, Claudia – Here Comes Santa Cat [787] PB
Rueda, Claudia – Here Comes Valentine Cat [823] PB

Sakmar-Sillivan, Eva M. – The Silly Looking Thing
Sattem Rygg, Kathy – Animal Andy
Sebastian, Priya – Is It the Same for You? [1241] artist
Siegel, Mark – To Dance [1220] GN
Sirls, JQ – The Moon is Following Me [1238] also artist
Sorrentino, Alessandra – My Monster Burrufu
Stephen, Linda – The Day We Went to the Park [1231]

Teague, Mark – Fly! [1217] PB
Tharlet, Eve – Sharing Christmas [1230] artist
Tite, Jack – Extinct: An Illustrated Exploration of Animals That Have Disappeared [1228]



White, Rex – Stubby Pencil Noodlehead
Williams, Timothy – Zoo See Me! [1214] PB


Yelton, Lynn & Jeff – The Fight for Freedom (Buck the Chuck #1) [1232]