Markdowns & Smilies

Here is something different for a Saturday. Two ways to make your comments–or a post–shine. Markdowns let you  add bold text,  italics, links, and footnotes. Smillies let you show some emotion, which is often helpful when words alone do not convey the correct message, or could be construed more than one way. Smillies let the reader know exactly how you want the comment to be read.


all animations have been turned off by WordPress for some unknown reason.  No longer will a smilie cry, or laugh, or flip upside down. Oh, never mind, they never flipped.  Here are the newest smilies, included the so-called secret smilies / emoticons *whatever you prefer to call them).  REMEMBER:  (no space between each key)

>:D          evil grin          > : D

:-/            uneasy            : – /

😮           surprised       : – o

😛       tongue           : razz :

😡            angry            > : (           or       : mad :

o_O        mindblown          o _ O

^^’          blush                  ^ ^ ‘

❤            heart               <  3

😕          confused            : – ?

🐱        kitten              * ^ – ^ *

💡        idea               : idea :

❗           exclaim            : ! :

❓          question           : ? :

🐻       bear             : bear :

⭐         star             : star :

➡        arrow         : arrow :


:developer:     developer         : developer :

🌯          burrito             : burrito :

🍸              martini                 > – I

O_o             mindblown            o _ o

|_|              whiterussian           | _ |

(W)           large WordPress      ( W )   or   ( w )

That’s it for now. As new smilies / emoticons are found, they will be added to the list. The old ones still work, they are just static rather than animated. So the list beow still works.

Use Markdowns and Express Yourself!

In the comment area it is easy to make your comment look and say exactly what you want to say.  It is easy using a system WordPress calls MARKDOWNS. Below is the list of markdowns you can use and how to make them. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not leave a space between the markdown and your word(s).

Be BOLD:   

**  your word  **    Remove the space between the star and your word(s).

Lean a little with ITALICS:  

  •  you word(s)   *         Remove the space between the star and your word(s).


*** your word ***               Remove the space between the star and your word(s).

Add a Link  behind a word or phrase:

Try this site for the best [word(s)] ( “Title”)  (eliminate the space between two sides)

The above will look like this:   Try this site for the best word(s)

Add two links into a comment:

write out your comment to [word(s)][1] and continue your sentence [word(s)][2]

[1]:          ( “Title”)

[2]:           ( “Title”)

Place only one space between [1]: and  (link “Title”)

Add a Footnote:

Comment needing footnote 1    [^ number of footnote] then add this on the next line       [^same number]:  the footnote

The footnote will be in the comment box under a short divider line (eg at bottom of post)

Here is an example of combining a list with a link:

markdown sample fr




  1.  “Title, Author, page 2, 12990″ 

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